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Brownlee Lighting assembles their fixtures in their facility in Orlando. As a standard, their fixtures are not dimmable, but for an additional fee, they can be. For the fixtures that offer an integral battery backup, the sensor can be located on the fixture or be remote.

There is a motion sensor called Hytronik, that is offered for several of their fixtures. It is integral to the fixture located behind the lens so you cannot see it. It is available for bi-level dimming or on/off functions.

Brownlee has spent a lot of time and effort to expand their fixture line. They have several options for hospitality applications that are very cost competitive. Their website allows you to filter various options including fixtures with integral sensors and emergency battery backups.



Zaneen has a new slot system called the Magiq System. The slot is a non-powered recessed extrusion with modules that connect together in series via jumper cables. The modules are available with either downlight and wallwasher options. Both modules are adjustable with a 25° tilt. These modules are also available as standalone modules for recessed applications. The wallwasher modules stick below the ceiling plane with spoon shaped components. Because of the way the reflectors are aimed, the fixture is able to get a wider spacing than normal wallwashers can achieve.

We also took a look at their recessed slot with adjustable accents called the Imagine System. This system is also a non-powered recessed extrusion. It is available with adjustable spotlights that can be adjustable to hang below the ceiling. There is also a linear component that can be added to illuminate the interior of the slot.


PMC Lighting

PMC Lighting is a manufacturer based in Rhode Island. They pride themselves as being a custom manufacturer. They have partnered with Lumenetix to provide tuneable Aura modules in both their recessed downlights as well as most of their other fixtures including linear and troffers. The modules allow you to dim the fixtures, change the color, and the hue and saturation. There is an app that lets you group fixtures and customize them. You can also tie it into a control system using DMX.

The ArcX is family of curved linear fixtures that come in standard or custom pieces. The standard shapes are able to be connected together to form custom patterns and are available as a quick ship program. Radii larger than 6', they are able to incorporate the Lumenetix Aura modules.

All of the fixtures that PMC offers can come in any RAL finish at no added cost.


Barn Light

O'Blaney Rinker brought Barn Light to our office so we could take a closer look at what they are able to do. They are a Florida based company and offer a 2-3 week lead time for most of their fixtures. They manufacture everything themselves, so they are able to modify in-house and provide answers quickly. Barnlight offers fixtures in porcelain, aluminium, brass and copper with many standard finishes.

Barnlight now offers most of their fixtures with dedicated LED as well as their standard incandescent versions. Currently they are using CREE modules, however, they are working on developing a proprietary module with optics and warm-dim technology.


Delta Light Showroom

We had the pleasure of visiting the Delta Light showroom near Madison Square Park. Delta Light is a Belgium company, with warehouse for quick-ship products located in Florida. They recently restructured the company which resulted in about a 30% price reduction across all products without compromising on quality. All of their LED products are dimmable. Typically they suggest 0-10V but their drivers can accommodate other protocols as well. Most of the LED diodes they use are Bridgelux for the architectural fixtures while Cree is typically installed in the more decorative luminaries that do not require dedicated optics. The lumianires are within two McAdams ellipse and fall within a client specified quadrant. The lead times for most products are 4-6 weeks and any special modifications are will probably require 10-12 weeks lead time.

The SuperNova is a luminous surface that can be suspended, semi-recessed, or fully recessed. It is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

The Spy series are all of the cylindrical downlights that are available as track heads,surface, or recess mounted. The MidiSpy luminaire (1.75in aperature) is able to be installed as a recessed fixture but has an added layer of flexiblity that allows it to be pulled down and adjusted 90 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. They offer many different optics that are field changable


The Rodi Series also offers flexibility. It is a recessed adjustable down light can rotate and swivel within a dish.



The Super-Oh lumianire family is a suspended ring of light that is availble in many sizes. The light source shown in the image is small LED down lights but can also use Edison lamps.

They have a variety of exterior and interior sconces.



Apogee Lighting

Apogee Architectural Lighting stopped by our office to show us their product lines. Their website does not show the complete story of what they offer and what they are able to do.

The first fixture family we looked at was the Lightscape family. The Lightscapes are complete luminaires that incorporate Newmat material at the face of the fixtures with LEDs backlighting it. There are several standard shapes, however where they stand out is the custom shapes they are able to do. Apogee populates their own LED boards so they are able to get the custom shapes with even illumination. 16'x8' is the largest single fixture they are able to make. There is also a sound dampening version that incorporates sound absorbing material inside the fixtures.

Apogee is also able to provide LED boards to backlight Newmat ceilings. They have the ability to use optics on each of the LED nodes allowing them to achieve a 1" depth with even illumination. An important thing to consider is that the deeper the backlight depth, the lower the cost is.

Apogee has a linear fixture that is completely encapsulated for a diffuse line of light. The standard colors range from 22-4K. The light strips are stocked and made locally.

They also have a clear encapsulated linear strip that is 120V, ELV dimmable and exterior rated. It is available up to 300' per power connection and is cuttable in 4" increments. The tape light can also be provided with a diffuser.

It was great getting a better look at what Apogee is able to do. Since they are a local manufacturer, they are able to ship quickly and provide help on-site if any issues arise.



O'Blaney Rinker

20FT radius
Wet location direct/indirect pendant (lots of sizes)
Telescoping end for 1ft adjustability with cove.
Wall grazing cove! Without lens.

Boards themselves.
Control system - all info on regular wiring. Phone app. Color changing and dimming.
"Relaxed Square" form factor.
Landscape and exterior
Has own control system
color changing

Home, residential, and outdoor.
Has GRUPO MCI (downlights and linear)
Baulmann, fully customizable.
Making own boards, Southern CA
Tracks binning.
Inline 0-10V dimming.

Linear cove products
single bin LED - can specify
in-line 0-10v dimming

Color tunning!
New optics range. 19deg and 30deg.


Xicato 98 cri
Lots of finishes.
cylinder lights

Blue tooth activated.

Now offer bollards and wall sconces in US.
2:1 wall washer, Jedi
Dim to warm MR16
Bollards wall sconces commercial application
Flood light- Dark small and dark med
Daylight aiming with laser
Jedi wall washer 2x1 28ft Spot 56ft
Calipso ingrade Cloud mini - canopy mounted or recessed

Very bright 4deg PAR38.
No MR16 retrofit, recommend the small track. Yes to accessories.
On/off switch on fixtures.
violet lamp - Adds blue and broadens color
track head with 500lm 5deg built in accessory holder
New line -  wall washer all indirect light

Customizable, vertical integration.
Handmade in factory.
Ship within 2-4 weeks. Very agile.

Warm dim LINEAR, no nodes. One circuit.
Closet rod.
Integral occ sensor (diodes still a little visible)
Linear flex - California
Magnet connect with an occ sensor integrated
Vintage dim (warm glow dim) via 0-10V

Micro units.
New track heads (matching micro) 10deg to 40deg.

SDA Lighting

Micro - more
IC rated Flat housing, up to 16W
True Zero

Wood veneers, linen shades.
Artists originals.
Laminated, washable.
Fully enclosed.


Cantanary System

New v-stick
New mounting channel
V-Pix cable, 4 or 8 nodes
Outdoor v-brain, magnetized
Video streaming
Pricing is pretty cost competitive against DMX system.

Rotate ingrade IP68 linear spread lens with magnetic.
Up to 6FT by 9FT in one pieces.
New line: FOISBOIS decorative
Magnet to aim lights


Net light also available on a mounted panel.
JAWN Lit shelving possible.
Illuminated ceilings.
Partnered with Calypso.
Providing installation services.
fabric 30 50 70 translucent
Bendable slots possible.

Black and silver trims to limit brightness.
Changing second lens can change beam pattern
Mechanical connection is nice.

New fixture to replace 1000W Metal Halide. (Natatorium)
Stackable version of cove.
Dimmable wall washer to 10%
Better optics and better output.

New pendants.
Warm dim in the works.
Retrofit direct view.
Magnet mounting for Bosco
Easy link with occ sensor and hardwire box.

Custom angles
Direct or indirect only
Pendant multi-port as well.



ELS Lighting

Remote control, up to 60FT
Static white now, color changing and color tuning soon. Pan and tilt and dimming with
Potentiometer on all fixtures. 100-9%
Adjustable within 3-1/2" deep.

SLS Lighting

Square cove edge. Mount to wall - Snap on exterior.
L140 is now line voltage. Only with Frosted optics. Dimmable.
Meyer has integral drivers as well.



pr1me FX line voltage cove.


WAC Lighting

N8 Lighting
CREE module across the board.
Still only 3K.
Maybe 27K is over 100 pieces.


Plug in exterior stuff. Check out the website.



700lumen, 1-1/2" depth
Magnetic track.

Ingrade- Focus light from outside
Nice oval step light.

linear light for pools!?!? Rating expected in a few weeks.
Little tiny linear.
Nice line voltage plug in.


New mechanical connection.
Less expensive.

Sigma - offered with mud-in
1/2" SlimLED offered dim to warm.

new mat like product.


Proxi - less expensive because it is slightly wider. Also has less LEDs, although more efficient.
Still see nodes slightly.
New finishes. Beautiful.

Light Abilities

Wall washers finalized.
5watts, 4deg
1:1 spacing for uplighting.
around 3FT from ceiling, 3FT apart.

RCL (Remote Control Lighting)
800 lumens
14-20FT heights.
No copy paste with wireless, only with DMX. But can set each individually and then save all to a scene.
Most are multi-volt for use around the world.
Fully recessed available (not in US)



Kreon came by our office to present the Holon, Aplis, and Cana luminaire famies. The Holon is a cylindrical luminaire that can be recessed or surface mounted to the ceiling. It has an adjacent driver that does not need a junction box to be powered but can be provide with an IC rated casing if necessary. The Holon provides (2) sizes for their luminaires the 80(3in) series and the 40(1.5in) series. The different sizes have the same proportions which enables a uniform aesthetic.

The Aplis  The 80 series contains a XICATO LED module with 90+ CRI and delivers between 900 lumens to 3000 lumens. The 40 series contains a CREE module with 95+ CRI and can deliver between 200 lumens (at 2 watts) to 500 lumens (at 7 watts). The Aplis is the downlight family that is available in (4) sizes for their luminaires  and is available in round or square apertures.  The Aplis 40 (1.5 inch aperture) and Aplis 80 (3 inch aperture)  have the option for a wall wash optic with the potential to provide 1x2 luminaire spacing.

Finally the Cana family is a new line they are releasing. It is available in the 40, 80, or 120 sizes.The Cana is a linear channel that can be recessed, surface, or pendent mounted. Cana can be used in conjunction with the Holon, Aplis, or Ligna (linear light)  luminaires. There is no field adjustability everything is fully customized during shop drawings. All of these products are available in black or white but can provide any RAL color at an extra cost.



Arcluce is an Italian company based in Milan where they manufacture all of their products. They are now bringing some of their product lines into the US market through their partner at USALightings. Most of their fixtures are still in the process of being certified but should be available soon.

Krio LED is a recessed rectilinear steplight with a flush glass lens.

Napo is a drop lens recessed steplight that we looked at. It has a nice quality to it and would be a good option as a marker light as it does not produce a lot of useable light.

Lunio is a post-top fixture that has a mushroom shape with good glare control.

Lunio 7 is another version of the Lunio post-top fixture that is intended for road applications because of the design of the mounting that allows for a further distribution.

Deudieci is an exterior adjustable floodlight that is available in two sizes. The largest is available with 46watts at 5000 lumens.

The Tito 25 is a 2watt flood light that is IP68 rated and can be installed in water features up to 3ft in depth. There are various beam spreads available including an elliptical optic.

Ellis 2 is the larger version of two elliptically shaped sconces that can be up, down or up and down distributions.

Klou-Ik is a series of bollards that are available in three heights. They are also available with 180° or 360° distributions.


Remains Lighting

Remains Lighting is a decorative lighting manufacturer based out of Brooklyn offering high quality products with beautiful aesthetics. Their products typically house incandescent lamps but offer retrofit LEDs and dedicated LEDs as well. All of their interior and exterior rated fixtures are UL listed and are able provide wattage restriction labels. Remains offers fixtures that house gas lamps. The standard lead time is 4-6 weeks but are able to provide rush services if needed. Overall Remains offers highly customizable products and are happy to work with designers to meet performance, aesthetic and budget needs.



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