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DMF Lighting

DMF Lighting is a downlight company based out of California. They have based their company similarly to a tech company with the use of parts and pieces that can be combined to make multiple downlight styles. One of the main highlights of their downlights is that for the lower outputs, the driver is integral to the LED module. They have a standard CRI of 93 across the board. They also use the same chip in both their low and high output fixtures so the color matches throughout. The distribution of light is a basic blob of light with a 120° beamspread and a smooth beam and no harsh edge.

The OneFrame fixture is a unique downlight in that it is equipped with a small housing which is IC rated and fireproof for up to 2 hours.

There are a series of different trim options to choose from starting with a bevel round and bevel square trim. The square aperture has an 18% light loss due to the design of the module relative to the opening. DMF also has developed a set of acrylic dropped lens trims; one with a frosted ring and frosted center, a frosted ring and clear center, and a frosted ring and open center. We took a look at the acrylic ring and it did a nice job of pushing light up higher on the wall. It would be a good option for corridors if there was an interest for a decorative element.

The original downlights that DMF started with have a 4" aperture, however, they are coming out with a 2" aperture version with a remodel housing. It is wet listed and offers 13°, 25° and 40° optics.

The standard downlights are reasonably priced with the low output coming out less than $100 DN. It would be a good option for corridors and closets or other projects with budget restraints looking for a basic downlight. Because the components are all able to work together depending on the configuration, DMF stocks their parts in their warehouse in California and are able to ship within 24-48 hours.


Ledi Lighting

Ledi Lighting is a Houston-based family lighting company specializing in LED tape and channel lighting.  Their products are manufactured in both Houston and overseas.

The Inspired Series features a 12 mm wide LED tape light, it is the first coated, cuttable, and reconnectable LED tape light. It comes in a variety of colors from 1800K to 4000K.

Ledi has it's own patented connector called the Zeus.  which allows the product to be cut at every 4 inches and reconnected back seamlessly to limit waste with a secure connection.

The Nano SKN is damp rated.  The High Brightness is priced at $19 per foot, and the Regular Brightness is priced at $10 per foot.

The Nude is dry rated.   The High Brightness is priced at $10 per foot and the Regular Brightness is priced at $5 per foot.

Both the nude and the Nano have an RGB option.

Their outdoor product has a rubber mounting channel that can be can be attached to any surface using screws or construction strength glue.

Lead time for the tape light is 2 days.

Quantum is their channel linear diffuse fixtures that can be recessed, mounted or suspended

They carry a squared, circle, trapezoid, angle and recessed channel.

The product ranges from 2400K - 4000K

Aircraft cable is used for their suspended fixtures and they can powder coat the flange to any color.

Lead time for Quantum is 2 weeks.

All their products come with a 5 year warranty.  Because Ledi pride themselves on service, they have a team that can help calculate any design needs with the product as well.



We-ef stopped by to update our office with their latest products. These updates include a new family of factory sealed in-grade uplights. There is a new wall wash lens that sits at the top of the fixture and provides a wide, even spread of light across the perpendicular surface. Because of the efficiency of the distribution, they are able to use a 1.75 center spacing from side to side.

For the fixed version the LEDs are regressed below the lens creating good glare control. They have redesigned their concrete pour housings so that they are shallower. There are three sizes in the family and the outputs range from 1200-3900 lumens. Standard color temperatures are 3K and 4K, however, they can provide 27K and 5K for an adder and longer lead time.

Within the family, We-ef has developed a series of downlights and flood lights that use the same LED to ensure color matching across the board.

The PFL540 LED is a post-top fixture we took a look at. It is intended for lower mounting heights of 12'. There are multiple optics available including one they developed for bike pathways. The fixture is $700 DN, but the offer a deal when the fixture is bundled together with the pole for $1000 DN.

We also took a look at the FLC200 series family which are large scale flood lights. The design features individual lenses on each node, which results in greater control of the beamspread as well as glare control. There are three sizes.


Lucifer Showroom

We recently visited the Lucifer Lighting pop-up showroom in SoHo. The showroom displayed the recessed down light families and the surface mounted cylinder, squilinder, and track lighting. Lucifer hopes to have twice as many products in the market by the end of the year. Lucifer has recently changed out most of their LED modules from XICATO to Citizen. This has allowed for their products to be contained in smaller housings because the smaller heat sinks provided by Citizen. Citizen has provided a contract with Lucifer to guarantee all binning of their products to be within 2 McAddams ellipses. Citizen is also more accepting of different drivers. They have also redesigned their optics to gather more light in the center and provide maximum lumen delivery. Most of their cut sheets have been updated to reflect these changes. Warm glow dimming is now available for most products. All of the fixtures in the space were 3000k. The showroom has three (3X) three walled spaces of varying ceiling heights to showcase the recessed fixtures.

2 Series 1300 lumen output- ceiling height of showroom 8.5'
Does not have the option for warm glow dimming yet
Smaller apertures
White baffle or black


3 Series  2800 lumen output - ceiling height 9.5'

Down light and wall washer housing height is 2.1 in with a .5in collar to accept different ceiling thicknesses
Ability to change driver in field. Drivers are adhered using Velcro however this does not void the UL listing
The waterproofing and IC rating slightly effects lumen output
Wood trimless-not available


4 Series 8040 lumen output - ceiling height 12.5'
Deep regress for thicker ceiling with
8040 delivered lumens
Adjustable down lights adjust to 40 degrees


Cylinders & Squilinders Surface Mounted
Cy3-1 wet location but must be specified
Cy2- damp location
360 adjust-ability
There is 7mm difference between Cy2 and Cy3
Exterior fixture must be powder coated
Can be provided with (2) knockout holes to accommodate surface mounted conduits

Cylinders & Squilinders Wall mounted
IP66 wet loaction
No visible hardware
Field changeable optics
Working on asymmetric lens

Cylinders & Squilinders Pendent
Pendent version
Stem 1'-6' field cuttable but needs to be rethreaded
Driver in the pendent housing and shallow canopy

Track w/ Cynlinder & Squilinders
Track can be Recessed or surface mounted
Option for cap to cover channel
Each fix has it own driver
Single circuit


Standard dimming driver : Philips TRIAC - down to 1% with single fixture more than one fixture will dim to 2%.
Philips - 0-10v-2-5%
Eldoled - 1%
Lutron Hi-lum-highest premium 11 year warranty - fades to black

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3G Lighting

3G Lighting is a Canadian company based out of Toronto.  All their fixtures are manufactured in-house, vertically integrated and custom friendly.

Linia is a LED linear surface or pendant mounted fixture.  It is manufactured in a 3" or 2" profile.  The base is extruded aluminum with a 1" or 2" drop lens. They can install a drop and flush lens on the same run, for a unique texture ceiling design.

In a 6" module they can also install a downlight at the base, with up to a 2000 lumen output.

Priced at $65 a linear foot.  It is sealed with glue with a lit end cap.

10 days or less turn around in the 3" profile with the 1" drop lens.

Kubo is a single or multiple square surface mounted or pendant fixture. It has a white sandblasted acrylic diffuser with miter corners. Manufactured in 4", 6", 12", 24" with a 7" drop but can also be made a customized size as with their other products.

The product can be color changing.

Mira is a decorative pendant, resembling the Kubo but replaced with mirrored acrylic.  When turned off it looks like a mirrored box.

Madison is an adjustable surface/recessed mounted luminaire. 1000 - 5000 lumens.

The aluminum housing is a solid, machined aluminum.  Quick connects, all accessible from below the ceiling. Extruded aluminum frame is designed to have the same thickness as try wall for a clean finish.

The gimbal snaps to the rail and can be locked in at any length and a snoot can be installed in addition as well. The housing of the fixture is in black or white but can be custom painted.

They provide a latch mechanism for extension and a plate can be added to the troughs and frame the light for a seamless finish.

Downlights come in 3.3" for $155 or 4.5" for $200.  Black or silver reveal

They have an interesting "snap bracelet" like retro fit install. The 3.3" downlight has up to a 3000 lumen output and the 4.5" downlight has up to a 5000 lumen output.  40° tilt, 360 rotation all around with markings inside.

The lens stays in place in a ridge with gravity.


Eaton Controls: WaveLinx

Eaton has developed a new brand of controls called Wavelinx. It is a wireless system that implements the use of an app and wall box keypads instead of a larger complicated control system. The system uses control boxes that have a range of up to 200' and can be combined with other boxes to increase the range.

Eaton has sensors that can be integral with their fixtures or they can provide a relay switch pack to use with fixtures from other manufacturers. They also have dimming relays that can control any fixture as well as receptacles. The standard dimming protocol for the Wavelinx components is 0-10V, but they do have a module that can be added to handle other types of dimming.

Wavelinx is designed to be an easy solution for new spaces as well as retrofitting existing spaces without the need to run extra wires. The app automatically commissions the zones to meet title 24 when you create them and you can tailor them after the fact.

Eaton is planning to have training programs in order to help the contractor and specifier know better how to implement the system.

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Tempo Lighting


Tempo is an industrial, architectural and theatre California based LED lighting company.  Their architectural line showcases mostly linear based products for interior and exterior spaces.   Most of the fixtures they offer can be made custom to accommodate different designs.   Tempo uses a 2-step MacAdam Elipse binning with 80+ CRI. All LEDs used are NICHE to maintain CCT throughout the products. Many of their modules can be replaced in the field with compression pins.

The C3S is a 3” low power, rigid and serpentine LED linear accent light.  It has a silicone track that can be flat or positioned with a stationary clip at a 10 or 20-degree angle.  This can be assembled both screwed or stapled to mount the fixture at any interval.  Because it is a module linear fixture the spacing between each LED board can be adjusted to fit what is needed per design.  RGB is tunable to 3 shades of white and dim effortlessly to 0 since the company is primarily theatre base.  $15-25 per ft.

The C4S is a 6” mid power, serpentine LED linear cove light.  It has a remote driver and a higher output compared to the C3S. The modules pivot at a +/- 90-degree angle.  $25-35 per ft.

C5R is a rigid linear, mid power, interior cove light.  Driver on board, it can have up a 790 line voltage and 60 x 115 wattage.  Track lengths range from 1’ increments up to 8’ per driver.

C6 High lumen, interior or exterior light.  The C6RX is IP66 rated.  It ranges from 2200-2700-3000-3500-4000K.  The design is more open to make the wire way more accessible.  The Modules can be made at a minimum of 1’ and maximum 6’ and has an anodized or painted finish. 

Prime FX is a asymmetric cove light.  It is designed to be mounted at the same height as the lip of the cove.  Recommended 4” away from the wall and 12-18” off the ceiling.  The fixture is 2.3”H x 1”D with a continuous run.  The telescoping spacers allow the wires to loop around itself and can be adjusted for custom lengths in the field.  They have new fabricated cove extrusions coming soon that are PVP type material and spackled. 

SPL is a step and path light.  CCT available, 2700- 4000K temperature options.  The exterior face finish can be made in black, white and espresso, with a black inner finish.  This can be surfaced as well. 

All fixtures have a 4-6 week lead time.


Lightfair 2017

Acclaim Lighting

Altman Lighting

American Lighting

BK Lighting

Contrast Lighting



Intense Lighting

Key Art

Kreon Lighting

Kuzco Lighting

Lamp Lighting

Lee Filters


Lux Lighting

Mercury Lighting

MP Lighting


Pur Edge



Spectrum Lighting

Tech Lighting


USAi Lighting







Auroralight is a lighting manufacturer that specializes in quality landscape luminaries. Most of their products are made with solid brass or copper housings. There is typically a 25%-30% price increase when specifying the solid brass. They offer a variety of finishes including powder coat without any up charge for customization. They seem to be a very accommodating company with a vested interest in delivering quality products to their customers. The typical lead time is 5-7 work days. However any products specifying a nickle finish require a 3-5 week lead time. All of their products run on 12v AC or 12v DC for non dimming luminaries. Their products are compatible with transformers however they do not manufacture them in house and allow you to specify your desired transformer.  All products with glass have a lifetime warranty. Another notable characteristic of the company is that they are happy to work directly with designers to ensure the highest quality service and products.

The Cyclops is a small, adjustable,  directional light that operates at 3 watts. The modules are field serviceable and have the option of four interchangeable optics.  The fixture is accessible from the rear and can be installed using a mini junction box.

The HPL4, La Jolla, is a pathlight and  is available with an integrated LED module or a traditional halogen lamp. The LED module with a copper core is sourced from a proprietary lighting manufacturer that produced the specific modules for Auroralight. The LED module has a 5 year warranty, however, La Jolla is compatible with any halogen lamps with a GY6.35 base. The sample we saw was 2.5 watts. It is also available in 3.5 and 5 watts. Although the 2.5 watts seemed to provide a lot of light, it passes a dark sky test.

The Meridian is a step light coming in at about $250 DN. It can be installed as a step light, downlight or uplight. It is available with a square or round trim. The image shows the interchangeable optics.

The Candela is a pendant mounted exterior fixture. It is has an integral LED driver and an aluminum housing. There is a acrylic, translucent, Lexan shade that are UV stabilized. The acrylic diffusers are available in lengths of 6",12", and 18". All of the components are field changeable. The support cables are to be provided by others. They typically suggest a fixed distance for spacing which allows for any type of configuration.

Lastly the Scepter is a new addition to the product line. It is a compact path light that provides alot of light at 5 watts. It has an integrated LED modular chip with a copper body and is priced at $150 DN. 





Hoffmeister is a German lighting company that stopped by our office to give us an overview of what they offer. About 75% of their products are interior and 25% are exterior. A big portion of their work is in museum lighting. They have seven different track head families, each with three sizes in each family. The largest in the families, the Lonely, can provide up to 6700 lumens. They have their own global track that is customizable to accommodate various control types and multiple or single circuits.

Across the board, their fixtures are very customizable with various options to add on. They can offer up to 3 accessories.


They are in the process of making all of their products available in the US with UL listings.

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