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Today, we got updated on the Halo HL3 recessed product line.

  • 4" deep housing, IC Rated, Airtight, 23 watts fixture.
  • $100 DN Range
  • Low budget or BOH
  • Round or Square
  • Adjustments:
    • One housing (universal for WW, Adjustable, and DL)
    • 365-degree rotation
    • 0-45 degree tilt
    • Square easier than round for horizontal spin not adjustable.
  • 90 CRI
  • 95 Lumens per Watt (4000K)


  • Has an extended depth collar
  • Mud-in plate

  • All trims magnetically held in place, installed in 0.7" to 0.25" thick ceiling.

  • Basic model: 40° flood optic, 20 watts, open trim is $100 DN
  • Lensed wet location trim
  • TIR Optics,$8-$10 DN per piece
  • Can do a RAL with an upcharge


  • List compatible dimmers available
  • Halo Home Dimmer (to 5%), suitable for residential projects
  • Bluetooth available
  • 20W Driver
  • 0-10V to 1%
  • Forward Phase/Reverse Phase cut to 1%

Wall Washer:

  • 15 degree angle and 40 degree optic ideal for WW
  • 95lm/W and 55lm/W (with a lens)
  • Mud-in flange  model with lensed WW is $140 DN
  • They will aim and lock WW tilt in factory if it is a large project
  • Must align trim and module for WW

  • Warm-dim coming
  • 10W and 15W version coming
  • ELDOLED coming too
  • Remodel will be coming in 2020


Today, Day-O-Lite visited our office to update us on their products.

In general, they are open to customization and modification. They also have many circadian products.

Curved radius products

  • 2', 3', 4' diameters are all one piece
  • Up to 20' diameter
  • Soft corners rather than just 90 degrees

Acoustic felt

  • 8", 12", 16" high panels
  • Mimicked wood finishes


Telescoping piece

  • Up to 10" adjustability with the boards without light gaps



  • Adjustable indirect cove product or undercab with little toggle switch
  • White standard
  • Wet spraypaint, enamel baked finish
  • Lots of options

Quick ship: Up to 400ft of product can be shipped in 10 days



Today, we looked at some of the ERCO updated products.


Available in silver and black trims

2 distributions: oval and oval flood (perpendicular)

IC rated housing (standard), mud-in trim

The 3" fixture costs approx. $375


Available in square, round, pinhole with 45° tilt.

The downlight is available with 60° and 90° optics, 40° cut off, and matt finish reflector.

Silver is the standard finish.


QUINTESSENCE lensed wall-washer requires a 1/3 spacing ratio between O.C to ceiling height.

Flood and wide flood lenses are interchangeable.


This is a glare-free downlight with black anti-glare cone shape bevel, suitable for high rooms.

Available distributions are narrow downlight distributions, or as wall washers.

For rooms with inclined ceilings, a recessed version is available that compensates for incline angles up to 30°.



This fixture comes as surface and pendant mounted,  available as indirect and direct/indirect.

The bottom component could accept a downlight or a wall washer.

This pendant could be mounted in an inclined ceiling.

We looked at the 5", 2500lm model.

Available with 1 or 2 circuits for dimming.






Today, ZANIBONI stopped by to give us a brief preview of their updated products and the upcoming ones for the beginning of 2020.

We looked at the 1" and 2" aperture downlight and adjustable fixtures. The 1" adjustable is wet listed and delivers around 750lm. Available with baffle and hex louver.

They also upgraded their wall washer (Luna family, 3QW):

available in 2" (800lm delivered), 4FT spacing and 3" (1200lm delivered) with 4' distance from the wall and 1.5X spacing O.C.

Their STELLA 3 family fixtures are for trimless installations in millwork and stone surfaces.

We looked at BONGO 1 cylinder fixture:

It's adjustable from the ceiling plate. Mud-in and surface mounted flanges are available for mounting.  An integrated driver in the j-box is available as an option as well.

TIBI, decorative slim tube fixture:

  • 300 delivered lm, can be used as a single fixture or multiple to create forms.
  • Available in WarmDim and 2200K besides standard CCTs.
  • The metal part comes in 6" to 4' long. (4" is also available, but then it will be a driver onboard LED)
  • The acrylic lens can be up to 3' long.
  • Available beam spreads are 10°, 24°, 36°, and 60°.
  • Canopy is available as an option for mounting.




We looked at another integrated lighting solution in the mirror from MATRIX MIRROR. The fixtures feature an anodized aluminum frame, built-in light diffusion, and 1/4in anti-corrosion mirror glass. An optional anti-fog demister, Night Light, and touch sensor are also available.

The L3 Model is a direct or both a direct & indirect light source.

They also offer a Tunable white with max 6w/ft and “Touch Sensor” option on the mirror by standard and is also available with alternative control options.
”Touch Sensor” is unavailable for in sizes larger than 36”x48”.


We noted the followings in regards to their products  in comparison to what we've seen before:

Side lightings could be done all the way to the edges (top and bottom).

Because of their unique aluminum back frame and heatsink, they could go up to 250watts.

illuminated opal sections had uniform intensity with no dark edge or visible node (we noted these with the Electronic Mirror)


Lower shipping cost as their facility is located on East Coast. (almost by 50%, $800 vs $1400)

The light sources are directly behind the opal sections, lighting outward vs the other brand which uses indirect side lighting.

Standard and Tunable white (6500K to 200K) CCTs.

Their solution is not available for a medicine cabinet mirror door.

The largest single mirror size available is 60" X 118". *Great option for a fitting room.

Available with flushed insulated and trimmed recessed mountings.

**In the model shown in the above photos, the width of the illuminated area could not exceed 2" (shown 1.5" in these photos).

BUT! there is no limitation on width when frosting starts from side edges, MODEL L4. This would be the same as ELECTRIC MIRROR lighting system. (side illumination/indirect lighting)







Boca Flasher

Today, Boca Flasher visited the office to update us on their products.

The biggest changes that were made across all of their products are concerning controls. They now have 0-10V and Wireless DMX driver modules. In addition, they have changed their connectors so that there are joiners underneath the fixtures that look cleaner and provide more flexibility than the previous twist lock connections. The flexibility of these new connectors allows them to go around corners. The connector length is a 12" minimum.

Here is the list of products that we viewed:

  • NanoLume with a new reflector. 650 Lumens/ft
  • Nano Warm Dim. Can use any two colored chips.
  • NanoX - Wet Location. 1', 2', and 4' lengths. Tempered glass lens (opal lens can be used to make it fully node free). Good for spas, restrooms, exterior products. Grazing optics also available now. This fixture is also an option for a custom stove hood.
  • Lumeline is rated for a steam shower.
  • NanoMix- RGBW. 4 channels. DMX. Replacement addresses itself. Foot by foot control.
  • HPFB- Double version that is a direct view. 18W/ft. Opal lens for exterior makes it fully nodeless. Lens is Satinice typically.
  • NanoTune - Tunable white. 3 chip system. 2 channel 0-10V or DMX.
  • Boca Flasher also has two new closet products:
    • The NanoWedge is a closet light that has a motion sensor.
    • Closet Rod. It is now smoother than the sample that was shown. $95 DN/ft


Today, Zaneen visited to show us their newly acquired partner: Letroh

We specifically looked at the Nodo.

The line of products is UL Listed and is good for spaces with power access challenges. It would be particularly good for hotels, corporate spaces, or retail.

It is a surface or suspended track that can be hardwired (3 circuits) or cord and plug (1 circuit).

The track has multiple different accessories that can be used to configure the track how you want it. Some of the accessories include:

  • Receptacle with power module

  • Stand to hold items while they charge

  • Gooseneck Light with touch dimmer

  • Linear strip light

  • Track heads

To switch circuits, there is a switch on the back of the fixture. Once selected the fixture gets put on to the track and then locked into place.


3G Lighting

Today, we looked at 3G Lighting updated and upcoming products.

LINA Family:

we just recapped on this previously saw fixture. What's unique about their linear line is that they use one housing for all the trimmed, trimless, and grid installation.

Available with flushed and 1" or 2" dropped lens.

Surface, recessed, pendant mountings.

*They have 2 LED strips in the 2" and 3 LED strips in the 3.5" fixture.

Distribiutions are available in Direct and Direct/Indirect.

Wide batwing distribution for 1.5" and 2" fixtures are coming soon.

Average DN price for direct distribution is $50 to $65 per foot.


Their trim/ trimless Multi-cell downlight, available in single, 2, 4, 8, and 12 multi-cell configurations.

Available in MATT! black and white finishes.

Great for when a quiet ceiling is desired.

Wallwasher is coming soon. We looked at the prototype of the 4 cells and liked its clean cutoff line. It has remodeled housing with butterfly clips for mounting.


Available housings for their ZOIE fixtures are: IC rated, NC, and shallow housing.

*All multi-cells come with integral driver and are dimmable, except the single-cell model.

The Single Cell is non-dimmable as an individual but could be dimmed if multiple quantities are put together.

*Quick ship is available for 2, 4, and 8 cells.

Approx. DN pricing is as follows: $160 for 2 cells, $180 for 4 cells, and $250 for 8 cells.


Madison is their well-recognized downlight. In general, downlights come in 30mm (NEW), 50mm (max 2200 delivered lm), and 70mm (4000 up to 5000 delivered lm).

Trims are available in white, black, and custom finishes.

Available configurations are single, X2, X3, X4 and continius run.

The NEW 30mm model delivers 1000lm and available in.3 square and round trimmed and trimless.

The 3.3" fixed 70mm deep cell downlight is their economic model with DN price of $150. It has a remodel housing with quick connect for mounting and accept up to 2 media (Solit lens for wet location).

Available with Shallow, NC, and IC rated housings.

*We noticed a visible halo.


The 4.5" model (the largest) has 2 internal screws for 360° rotation and lateral adjustment (twist and lock system).


At last, we looked at the NEW 4" wallwasher. the back of the lens is speculated, therefore this not only illuminates the wall but also has lateral distribution.






Today we looked at Lumetta's updated products in the office.

What is unique about them is their wide variety of finishes. They updated their printed patterns and finishes to be multistaged prints that are UV and fade protected, and fire-rated (in some).

The printed finishes and acoustic materials could be washed and wiped down with commercial soaps.

Their products are great for hospitality, corporate offices, educational centers, and commercial projects.


We looked at their Dome fixture, it features acoustic material on the internal wall (or could be outer finish).

Available in 4 radius (18", 24",32", 42") and customizable.

Available CCTs are: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3250K, 3500K, up to 5000K.

The 18"X13" is the smallest and delivers around 2130 lm. The centerpiece is a solid laminated shade. They are switching to Lumenedge LED for this product.

A diffused cover is available for the back and the front, though it will omit the noise cancelation.

*This fixture used in medical centers.



This wall sconce comes in 2 sizes: 8"X8" and 8"X27" as standard, standard CCTs and warm dim controlled by 2X 0-10V driver. This fixture is compatible with the Casambi system.

*This fixture has 2X Sylveinia LED strips.


We very much liked this sconce's look and finish!

Available in 18", 24",32", and 42".

Available CCTs are: 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K

Standard 0-10V dimming to 10%

1050lm and 2100lm packages. Around $280 DN price.


This pendant is fully made of acrylic (no metal structural piece) a washable Lumenate diffuser.

Available CCTs are: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3250K, 3500K, up to 5000K.

Available dimmings are 0-10V 1% UNV and 120V Phase.


A combination of light + geometry + pattern to create a 3D effect look. It's available in different products.

We looked at the SLOP sconce. What we didn't like much was a solid piece on the front and LED nodes were kinda visible in some angle (on the sample we reviewed).


New Star Lighting

Today, New Star Lighting visited the office.

New Star is a Chicago based company. Most of their products are made in house in Chicago.

They make products that are for the following:

  • High Impact
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Confinement
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare

They are flexible with modifications.

They offer a lifetime warranty on the body and lens of the fixtures with the exceptions of bullets and spraypaint.

They also have a laser cutter in house.


  • Impact Rated
  • Sealed well so no bugs will get it (but is still serviceable from below)
  • Available in a multitude of sizes

Star Tile

  • Flush with grid
  • 2700K-6500K color tuning
  • Edgelit
  • Nice uniformity while dimming
  • 4x4 sometime soon
  • 1x1 up to 2x4
  • This fixture is not specifically vandal resistant but if needed they can add a lens in front of the fixture to make it vandal resistant. It will ultimately have a slightly larger flange to accommodate this.
  • There are many decorative panel options available for this fixture including:
    • Linen
      • Linen can be laminated in acrylic or polycarbonate so it can be cleaned.
    • Laser-cut patterns
    • Specialty suction cup films that have decorative patterns on them.
    • They have a special relationship with Vara Kamin Images to create decorative panels that can go in the fixture. This is specifically good for healthcare applications.

Acoustic Felt Tiles

  • 21 colors available
  • Anti-microbial spray for felt
  • They have worked with other manufacturers products to incorporate felt into a fixture.


Lampa Sconces

  • ADA Compliant
  • Wet Location
  • 1', 2', 4'
  • Up to 7,300 lumens
  • 0-10V to 1%
  • Vandal resistant
  • Integral emergency pack available


  • 5 degree rotation
  • 32" long
  • Up to 3,880 lumens
  • Vandal resistant
  • There is a locking mechanism that holds the rotation in place
  • Wet listed even when upside down

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