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Sternberg Lighting has a new fixture they are releasing called Flight.

They have developed a cooling rod system that helps the heat sink and allows them to use less material bringing the cost down from what it typically would be. There are two sizes available with varying mounting bracket options. Flight utilizes the soft view lens technology found in other Sternberg fixtures providing a highly efficient glare control lens option.


Con-Tech Lighting

Con-Tech Lighting stopped by with their 2" aperture downlights so we could take a closer look at them. They make their own optics in the factory and now have a 65° optic which had a soft cutoff when we turned it on. The optics are all interchangeable in the field.

We noticed that with the square aperture, you will be able to see the corners when the application is 8' and below. The wall wash trim had a good spread and was high on the wall. With the adjustable accent, you have to take the whole housing down in order to rotate it.

Con-Tech now offers their standard driver that has the capability to do either Triac or 0-10V dimming from the same module with no extra cost.

At approximately $100 per fixture, these fixtures are a good option for an economical option. They are coming out with trimless versions next year.


HK Lighting

HK Lighting is an exterior lighting with a strong emphasis on being able to customize their products. Almost half of their products have some type of customization.

  • Standard product is aluminum but they can do brass and bronze as well
  • developed a heatsink adapters that fit into the grooves of the Soraa lamps and extend the lamp life. With the MR16 version it allows you to use the 9watt in an enclosed fixture. Fits all of the lamps including the GU10, PAR, and AR111.
  • Angled snoot can adjust to different lengths. The standard when it ships shows the grooves.
  • Have two sizes of flood lights that use gobos.
  • Slim path lights can be customized to be different heights
  • Bollard light has a far distribution and can also be provided with a GFCI outlet integral to the fixture.
  • Can make any of their fixtures turtle rated

Orgatech and Organic Lighting Systems

Orgatech and Organic Lighting Systems are two manufacturers that are in partnership with each other, Orgatech is from California and Organic Lighting Systems is from Europe. Orgatech has facilities and capabilities to modify and customize Organic Lighting Systems products.

Line-voltage wet location tape

  • available in 12" increments
  • not field cuttable
  • 90 CRI standard
  • dimmable

Organic Lighting Systems
Linear light strips and extrusions

  • Polyurethane encapsulated version has air pocket built inside
    Can do IP68
    Side view and top view for curves
  • Multiple extrusions available including one that is filled with resin
  • Step-light potted the same way; available in square and circle
  • Lit handrails: 4 shapes- small circle, large circle, square, and rectangle is the European website for Organic Lighting Systems and has more technical info available.


Edison Price Lighting

Edison Price stopped by to give us an update on their recent fixtures.

  • Can add potentiometers to most of their fixtures which dims down to 10% and is lockable
  • The Artima 2 is a small track head that will be using the XIM modules and can be controlled through an iphone app.
  • They redesigned their lens holder to have a ball spring instead of clips to make it easier for removal.
  • A new value downlight has been released and is available without all the bells and whistles like their other downlights for $100 DN. It uses the Fortimo module which has a Lambertian distribution.
  • They are developing a wall controller for their remote-controlled track light.

Product of the Day: Q-Cap from Q-TRAN



Forma Lighting is an international company with offices throughout the world. 90% of the manufacturing occurs in China with the other 10% occuring in Milan. Typically these fixtures have been specified in car dealerships, retailers, hotels, and atrium spaces, where the program requires flexibility in product lighting or high ceilings where fixtures are difficult to reach.  The dedicated LED fixtures use Citizen modules. We saw a few of their products during their visit to our office.

 Motolux is a division of Forma Lighting that specializes in remote controlled motorized track heads. The track heads offer pan, tilt and rotating customization and can be modified using the remote controller or phone app. The pair mesh allows for up to 100 fixtures to be controlled together. Each fixture has a pairing receiver that is activated by pointing the laser from the remote controller. In the app, each fixture has an address provided by the manufacturer. The specifications are detailed like typical fixtures; however coordination with the manufacture is needed to confirm location and addressing of fixtures.

Some of their best selling products are the fully motorized track heads with lamp by other, coming in under $200 DN with a $40 remote control sold seperately. The MotoZero is one of their more attractive dedicated LED fixtures coming in at about $520 DN. They also offer recessed multi-head gimbals that are fully motorized as well. In the near future, we will be seeing adjustable motorized beam spreads ranging from 8° to 80°; as well as in ground fixtures.



Griven Lighting

Griven Lighting

  • Italian company now part of the Nordeon Group bringing product lines into the US.
  • Exterior rated flood lights designed for harsh environments such as Qatar and Russia.
  • High powered flood lights with tight optics for long throws, perfect for lighting exterior buildings and structures.
  • They have three chip types for their RGB: separate diodes; quad chip; and 4 individual diodes next to each other as a hybrid quad chip.
  • The separate chip option offers more options in terms of optics and has higher efficiencies.
  • Polar edition of the fixtures adds technology to the lens that melts accumulated snow.
  • All controlled through DMX as a standard.
  • There are spread lenses for all of their fixtures to modify the optics.

ELA Showcase 2017

FC Lighting



Lindsley Lighting




New York Digital Showroom Visit

This past week, New York Digital invited us to visit their newly renovated showroom at 5 Penn Plaza. What a success - congrats to them!
New York Digital is the NY rep for Acuity Brands, as well as many decorative and hospitality options. They are also the NY rep for Barrisol (stretch ceiling material) and Lumafilm, to work behind it.

Acuity Brands: nLight Controls

Regular and EM pack can by dimmed together. No bi-pass.
Plug-load Power Packs listen to Occ Sensor only, not switches. So if person is in room, but doesn't turn the lights on, outlets still work.
Network bridges to Gateway to create a network. Data management. For Time Clock only - if not needed, don't need to buy it.
Wireless only available for Acuity fixtures with wireless component in them, and cannot be networked.
Software available to do space management by using sensors.
Devices only take a few seconds to function once connected to a fixture.

Fresco controller also speaks to DMX. Plugs right in.


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