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Vision 3

Vision 3 Lighting stopped by to give us an update on their products. They boast a 2-3 week lead time for all fixtures as a standard and can possibly do 1 week depending on the fixture and quantity.

Their line voltage fixture has a 1200 Lumen package with the driver on board and 0-10v dimming.

They have tested their low-voltage fixtures with Soraa for dimming compatibility with their transformers. There are various standard finishes available as standard including polished stainless steel.



There is a new profile that has been added to the Finelite repertoire called the HO4. It is an inverted U shape measuring 4x4 in section. The sides are edge lit allowing them to achieve the thin form factor. There can also be an uplight component added controlled on a separate circuit.

We did notice a harsh cutoff line when we held the fixture parallel to the wall at 6’. One nice feature of the HO4 is that because of the lens material, it can be continuous even when multiple fixtures are butted end to end. The fixture is available in 1’ increments.

Finelite has a surface and recessed version as well. O-10V dimming is standard with the driver integral to the fixture.

We also got to take a look at the E2 fixture which is a direct/indirect fixture they have added to their family. Because of the small profile, it does require a remote driver. They have designed the power cable and support to appear the same so they match both sides. There are multiple recessed boxes depending on the driver size required and all utilize a magnetic canopy attachment for a seamless appearance. The canopy for the structural points has the same magnetic canopy as the power side, however, they can provide a smaller canopy for the non-powered points if desired.


Holm Lighting

We got a chance to see a new steplight designed by Holm Lighting called the Nook. It’s a large recessed steplight with a unique feature that lets you adjust the distribution in the field. Right now their optics only include forward throws but they are in the process to develop wider distributions. The Nook can also be installed higher on the wall as an up light or in a box to become a bollard.


Visa Lighting

Visa Lighting stopped by to introduce two of their new exterior fixtures; the Zume and Laterna.

The Zume fixture is a globe-shaped  light with a metal top that has linear perforations. The perforations can be eliminated or changed to a custom pattern at their factory. The diffuse globe is available in either opaque or slightly translucent options. There are two different sizes to choose from.

The other fixture is the Laterna and has a modern glowing cylinder surrounded by crisscrossing braces framing the fixture. It is also available with the opaque or slightly translucent diffuser and two sizes.

Both of these fixtures are available with different mounting options including a catenary installation. Visa provides all of the recommendations for connection to the catenary system and can advise the structural engineer but are not providing the catenary system themselves.



Erco is focusing on interior fixtures this year by bringing some more of their European fixtures to the North American markets.

One of the new fixtures we looked at was called the Compar. It is a miniature celled fixture that can come on different groupings from 1 to 12. The deep baffle helps minimize the glare. There are different optics available for the Compar family including a 60, an 80, a 55x90, a 35x90, and a wall wash optic. The 55x90 is designed to spread the light further perpendicularly to the fixture and the 35x90 spreads it further parallel to the fixture. This gives you options for different applications such as an open office and a conference table, respectively. We also took a look at the wall washer. As usual, erco designs their optics for high performance and this fixture is no different.

The fixtures are trimmed or trim less with a standard finish that is off-white but they can do a custom RAL color for no extra charge.

The other fixture we took a look at is their new track head called Oseris. It has a round aperture and rotates on an angle from the stem. There are two sizes and it is available with all of their optics available to the other track head families.

ERCO also announced that they will provide 27k as a standard color temperature for their lines and 35k is available upon request.



ALW stopped by our office to show us the SuperPlane with ControlRoll optics. It is the new linear family of slot, suspended and surface luminaries. It is available in two widths, 2.5" and 4", and provided with lumen packages of up to 1200lm/ft with dimming capabilities of 0%. There are Tuneable White, RGB, and RGB White options.  There is an option of adding integral down lights or sensors. The ControlRoll Optics is a great feature that provides seamless illumination with the continuous lens. The ControlRoll lens rolls out and snaps into a 'C' channel on the fixture. Maximum length of the lens is 250'.   The LED boards and drivers can be removed as one unit which provides flexibility during shipping and installation of slot applications.



Douglas Lighting Controls

SDA hosted a Douglas product presentation about DIALOG, their Bluetooth enabled control system. The system is to be implemented as a whole building ecosystem but can be integrated in existing or renovation projects.


Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has developed a new post-top called Capsule. It has a frosted side as well as top for a soft glowing appearance and incorporates LEDs with special optics on the bottom for a more directed light.

They have also updated their LP Circle fixture line to offer a slim version in the surface, semi-recessed, and pendant variations.

Another new fixture is their Ripl fixture that features an acrylic lens with ripples on the inside creating an optical illusion of movement as you interact with the fixture.



Xeleum is a manufacturer that specializes in utilitarian fixtures but also has developed a wireless control system. During the commissioning, they provide a dongle that connects to a computer and contacts the fixtures it finds locally to set up programming. The technology is integral to their stairwell fixture and can be added to most of their fixtures as an add-on.



Sternberg Lighting has a new fixture they are releasing called Flight.

They have developed a cooling rod system that helps the heat sink and allows them to use less material bringing the cost down from what it typically would be. There are two sizes available with varying mounting bracket options. Flight utilizes the soft view lens technology found in other Sternberg fixtures providing a highly efficient glare control lens option.

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