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Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge Lighting has thin led products that are all UL listed. The material itself is a heat sink so you don't need any extrusions or additional material. You can simply mount straight to your material of your installation.

There are different sizes available starting with 1.4". The strips are field cuttable with rolls up to 30'. For the thinner strips there is not a way to add lengths to the end of the run so a new power supply would have to be run from the other end.

Cooledge also has sheets that are 12" x 12". These sheets can also be cut in the field. The great thing about the sheets is that they are connected with snaps to one another which makes for an easy installation. Because the LEDs are close together you can get uniformity backlighting materials with 2-3" depth. All of their products are 0-10v dimming standard.

Cooledge provides their products with a reasons price point making them a standout to their competitors and worth consideration.

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