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Feng Shui Lighting

We were introduced to Feng Shui Lighting a few weeks ago at the SDA showcase. Since it was just a brief meeting, they came to our office so we could get a better understanding of all that they have to offer.

Their bread and butter is backlighting with edgelit panels and their LED 'net' system which consists of strips of LEDs equally spaced in vertical rows.


Feng Shui has three types of LED panels to fit an assortment of project needs. Their Slim LED and Slim XL panels are both frameless and very low profile panels and can be edge lit from one, two or four sides. The advantage the XL panel has over the regular slim panel is that it can accommodate larger sizes. Both are available in 3K, 41K, 53K, 65K and RGB. They can also do custom shapes.

Their third type of panel is the Core LED panel and is a more robust panel with the LEDs built into an extruded aluminum frame. The frames can accommodate various material to back light.

Core LED Panel_brown

Feng Shui offers dynamic white in some of their panels that can be programmed to transition automatically between on color temperature to another.

We also learned that Feng Shui also specializes in custom fixtures with the use of wood veneer, textiles and artisan glass. They are also working on a series of downlights that incorporate decorative glass and acrylics. We saw a sample of one that is being developed that used an acrylic rod that extends out the bottom of the fixture. When the fixture is switched off, the rod appears completely transparent, however as soon as it is switched on the rod is diffuse with the light coming out of the end. We noticed rings on the ground because of the pattern in the acrylic causing the diffusion, but it could be solved by using a lens between the LED and the rod. It was a really nice piece that has a unique decorative feel in both on and off positions.

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