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Today Prizm lighting visited the office to show us their new products.

They are a new division of American Lighting. They are mostly focused on RGB with DMX control system.


Pixel Cubes


This fixture comes in IP67 rated cubes, each with X3 sections which are individually addressable through DMX. 4 channels to control colors.

Available in Gold and Silver finishes as standard. Additional powder coated finishes are available.

Power and data cables

pass through one cube to the other.

Up to 18 cubes on the power cable and 40 cubes on a DMX.

The DN price is $125, just for the cube.


Pixel Dots

RGB-W with adjustable 3" to 4" spacing between the dots.

The white CCT used at the center of the diode is exchangeable for different CCTs.

The lensing is an option, available in flat clear, flat white, and dome white.

The LED chip without lensing is IP67.

The cable comes in black and white finishes.

The cable could be replaced with X2 rows of uncrafted cable



Flexible Neon:

An IP 67 rated RGB twistable Neon LED with rigid or flexible mounting clips.

Available with end or back-feeding.

4" cutting increment in RGB and 2" cutting increment for the single color.

End caps could be installed at the job site and LED is field-cuttable with fully lit ends.

Max running length of 16'-0" per single unit.

up to 32'-0" run per each power supply.

Priced around $20/ft



5.5w/ft, IP67, individual optics with permanent lenses.

Available beam spreads are 10°, 30°, 40°, and 30°X70°.

Max run length is 32'-0".

The RGBw coming soon.

This tape doesn't come with a channel but they have a wide low profile which could be used with it.

Lead time for custom products is 6weeks for production (overseas) and 1-2 weeks for delivery.


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