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Today, ZANIBONI stopped by to give us a brief preview of their updated products and the upcoming ones for the beginning of 2020.

We looked at the 1" and 2" aperture downlight and adjustable fixtures. The 1" adjustable is wet listed and delivers around 750lm. Available with baffle and hex louver.

They also upgraded their wall washer (Luna family, 3QW):

available in 2" (800lm delivered), 4FT spacing and 3" (1200lm delivered) with 4' distance from the wall and 1.5X spacing O.C.

Their STELLA 3 family fixtures are for trimless installations in millwork and stone surfaces.

We looked at BONGO 1 cylinder fixture:

It's adjustable from the ceiling plate. Mud-in and surface mounted flanges are available for mounting.  An integrated driver in the j-box is available as an option as well.

TIBI, decorative slim tube fixture:

  • 300 delivered lm, can be used as a single fixture or multiple to create forms.
  • Available in WarmDim and 2200K besides standard CCTs.
  • The metal part comes in 6" to 4' long. (4" is also available, but then it will be a driver onboard LED)
  • The acrylic lens can be up to 3' long.
  • Available beam spreads are 10°, 24°, 36°, and 60°.
  • Canopy is available as an option for mounting.


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