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Today, Lucifer stopped by our office to present their updated LED modules and accessories for series 2.0.

Series 2.0

They switched from Xicato to Citizen for LED chips.

Now they have a new optic which provides:

  • Tighter 20° spread (more close to 15°).
  • Lower price and less field spilled.
  • More driver options: 0-10V, Lutron 2, 3 wire, and Eldo LED
  • Housing depth reduced to 8"-6"
  • Accept up to 2 accessories.

They have developed a new wall-washer with just 3' set back from the wall and 1:1 spacing, field-replaceable optic. Although, it does not have a faceplate.

The new wall-washer could be used as a grazer on a wall and downlight (6" spacing required).

WARM DIM (new)

New grazer with warm-dim option. What's unique about their technology is, it starts to get warmer after 50% dimming. Dimming to 0.1%


They use Bridgelux LED chips for this technology.

  • Available in Cylinder and Series 2.0.
  • 5000K to 2700K.
  • Dimming through 2 channels of 0-10V
  • Standard Driver is Eldo LED down to 0.1%

We looked at 20° adjustable downlight. this fixture comes as:

  • single and double solite lens.
  • pinhole optic (art illumination)



The 120V single-channel track is available with a surface, recessed and AC pendant mountings.

We looked at 2 track heads in Small (900lm delivered) and Medium (1100lm delivered).

  • What is unique about this track is Self-articulating system which is a self-leveling system to avoid creaking to one side.



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