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Deco Lighting

Today we had Deco Lighting visit our office to show us some of their new fixtures. Many of the fixtures shown are great for office environments.


The vector can be indirect/direct or just direct. It has a tight fit lens so there is no light leakage in longer length fixtures. It is available with tunable white and color changing technology.

The fixture comes in 24 different finishes without any upcharge.

The Vector is $60/ft DN for white and $100/ft DN for color.

The fixture is available with a batwing (1, 2, 3 inch widths), baffle, drop lens, and acoustic panels.

Evian 2

The Evian 2 is a pendant mounted fixture with easier and faster fixture connection. There is a trunk latch in fixture that pulls multiple extrusions together tightly so that there is no light leak.

This fixture also comes with tunable white and color changing options. Up to 1,200 lumens per foot (at 4,000K).


The Skyler is a nice soft ceiling fixture that is great for hospitals or offices. It is an edge-lit panel with a micro-prismatic lens that has a good UGR rating.

The Skyler is available in 2700K-4000K.

The fixture is competitively priced at $150 DN with the UGR lens. Deco also has a 10-year warranty that includes labor.


The Circa is available in 18", 24", and 36" diameters. It is typically a 3 cable pendant mount but also comes as a surface mount, and recessed (only in 18"). Like the Skyler, this fixture also has a UGR lens.

Flatzone (not online yet)

This product is a edge-lit flat panel that is available in 4" and 6" widths.
The Flatzone works with Armstrong products. It is a very good VE option.

It comes in 2700K-4000K CCT and has a 4-6 week lead time.

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