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Today, i2 visited the office.


i2Cove Series

  • 100L/Watt
  • 12, 18, 24 increments for fixtures.
  • Programmable wattages available.
  • 3000K standard
  • Universal voltage engine.
  • Line voltage 0-10V directly to fixture.
  • Phase dimming getting released this year.
  • 200 ft with only 1 power feed

Mounting system for the product is shown below. Flat front mud-in. 2 inches wide, 1 1/4 inches high. Mitered corners.

Minimum of 6 inches for clearance.

For linear fixtures, there is a frosted lens that you can snap on to avoid hard line issues that would otherwise be addressed with Blacktak.


We looked at a large variety of different mounting options including:

  • 30 and 45 knife edge.
  • Wall mount extrusion.
  • Gravity dependent- fixture just pops in.
  • Wall washer extrusion and adjustable bracket.
  • Universal mount.

They also partner with Armstrong.

Extrusions are in stock.


V-Line Gen2, Gen3, and Gen4

Not line voltage, but the Gen2 will be available in line voltage later this year. The Gen2 is 1 1/2", The Gen3 is 1", and the Gen4 is 1/2".

  • Gen2 Beam Spreads: 10, 30, 60, 80
  • Gen3 Beam Spreads: 10 (coming soon), 30, 60, 80
  • Gen4 Beam Spread: 65

There is thermal management on diodes. It is a very robust line.

We also looked at the AT1S egress path light:

*New cut sheets will be out by the end of the month

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