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Number 8

Today N8 Lighting stopped by our office to present their updated products.

The 400 Series:


A recessed downlight has the following features:

  • Dim down to 5%
  • Compatible with almost all the Lutron systems.
  • Cree led chip available in single color with lens and Warm dim options.
  • Cost under $300 ND

The 800 Series:


They presented the warm dim downlight with Dim 1 driver, dim to black. It is available in 4" Shallow housing, IC rated (804S housing)

* We liked the soft and nicely dimmed 1800K.



For the Wall-washer in 800 series, they recommended to use the 25° optic and use the linear spread lens to achieve a wider light spread (by 1 sqft).

The new Wall-washer delivers 800lm vs standard 350 delivered lumen.

Installation note for Wall-washer:

The lamp to be on 45° tilt, the perforated screen to be perpendicular to the wall, the axis of the magnets (90° increments) line up with the grid line on the housing (this should be done before mudding).


The MPT2 has been updated with the following features:

  • 120° light beam with 360° rotation.
  • Hex-louver (15% to 20% lumen output drop).
  • 18 different interchangeable optic.
  • Accept up to 3 media, field interchangeable.
  • The remote driver can be placed up to 120ft away from the fixture when using a remote canopy. (we won't need J-box !)
  • Cost under $300 DN

*This Mono-point is the only title 24 approved remodel fixture.

*The new 10° optic coming next year.

*A new 200 Series coming soon. It has all the optic options, trims, shallow, IC rated housing, and price around $200! It's a commercial/VE product.


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