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Today we had Pathway Lighting come in and show some of their new products. The two lines we looked at were:

  • Caliber- The Commercial Line
  • Caliber Plus- A line with more capabilities

Pathway Lighting focuses on refined industrial based products and modular systems. Their products can work with wireless systems.

Their recessed fixtures have smaller apertures and have the same housing regardless of whether they are adjustable or not.

The fixtures deliver up to 1,800 lumens. The narrowest beam spread is 20 degrees and the largest is 55 degrees. The color temperature range is 2700k to 4000k.

The recessed fixtures do need a 2 inch ceiling clearance minimum. They can easily become a wall washer with the addition of a lens.

The starting price is $135 DN.

The C70 series caliber cylinder line was pointed out to us in the product catalogue. The bigger extrusions of this line are in the $500 DN range.

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