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Today we had a representative from Apure visit us. He showed us a couple of fixtures that are high-end luxury items. All of these items are made by Porsche Design Products so brand recognition and quality are positives.

We first looked at the Minus.

The Minus comes in 2 options, One or Two. The Minus One is a round trimless finish, and the Minus Two is a square trimless finish. The Minus 3 was also mentioned. This will be a wall washer that is coming out soon!  


The Minus fixtures provide just over 1,000 Lumen output. They come in both 20 or 40 degree spreads. They are available in a 2700K. 90 CRI.

The fixture that we viewed was 27K, 90 CRI,  12V (not on full power).

In addition to how powerful it is, the Minus also can come in any custom finish and has a really nice inside trim. The housing is 5/8''. There are some important considerations however. If there is not at least a 12'' clearance underneath the fixture, it is not suggested that you use it. The back stays very cool, particularly because they use IC rated aircraft aluminum. However, this fixture is very powerful and needs at least that 12" clearance from the front. (so no using this in commercial shelving). The other consideration is that this fixture is not easy to fix or replace. If it goes bad, drywall will need to be cut through to change the fixture out.

You can put 5 fixtures to a driver. The driver used is typically Lutron. This product is rated for 50,000 hours.

The Minus One typically runs $460 per fixture DN, while the Minus Two typically run about $500 per fixture DN.

The next fixture was their surface mounted fixture- the Tantus.

This fixture has around a 900 Lumen output. The reflectors are interchangeable. The downside to the fixture is the overall interior finish.



There is approximately 4'' shallow housing for the recessed version of this fixture. The inside trim is nice and finished but the light source is a little too raw and unfinished. You can add an extra lens for wet locations and there are unlimited trim finish options. you can also get matching finishes for speaker systems as well so everything matches.


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