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Erco stopped by our office today to present their updated and new products.



A recessed luminaire system with a narrow profile, shallow recessed depth, and different light distributions. It comes in 3 cells up to 24 cells. The 3 cell is available in 6W, 3000K standard, 30° and 70° light spread.


  • Black and silver are standard finishes. (optional Erco white is available, RAL 9006)
  • Start at 60° up to oval wide, oval flood, and lens wallwasher.
  • IC rated housing for different ceiling thicknesses max to 1" and flush mounting for 1/2" to 1" ceiling thickness.
  • 0-10V, DMX, and Dali dimming system


Comparison for visual appearance of black (left side) and white (right side) finish louvers.

*It has a very sharp clear cut off wall wash (minimal dark area from edge of the wall) and requires a minimum distance of 4" from a wall.


It is the new track head with a joint for angle adjustment. It comes in 2w, 4w, 6w, and 12w.

  • Spot, flood, and lens wallwasher.
  • Available in black, white, and silver finishes.
  • Standards 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K (new)
  • New recessed Track feeder is flangeless.

They presented the flood light model with 6W - 12W, 360lm up to 1650lm, 2700K, and 3000K.


*The 2 dots are for angle adjustment between downlight, 35°, and wall washer.



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