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New York Digital Lighting Show

At the New York Digital Lighting Show manufactures presented their new products and we've highlighted some of them here.

Impact Architectural Lighting

From left to Right are Yo.Yo, Mere,, Slikk, and Ula pendent above them.

The Yo.Yo comes in 12" and 16" diameters and 14 powder coat paint colors. Direct/indirect lighting (optional back light with porcupine lens)

The Slikk has an interesting  hour glass figure. It has a glossy white acrylic diffuser, custom LED board in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K (80 CRI).

They offer 4 weeks quick ship for a customized finish.




Barrisol is a leader in stretched ceiling, wall, and any back lighting with a wide variety of 3D patterns, textures and recognized artist's prints to choose from.


The Acoustic light is Acoustically managed general lighting ceiling system which provide an efficient reduction noise coefficient. (diffiser and then LED diode system on top gives general illumination membranes and track system.)

Barrisol uses 2 layers of  membranes and systems, printed translucent sheets for 3D printed ceiling or wall back lighting to achieve a more realistic appearance.

Barrasol system can be installed with cove and  translucent ceiling.

They also offer a concrete finish design (print concrete on a translucent surface and back light it).

The biggest sheet of printing 3 sizes 17, tall 3000ft length 10foot translucent Normal barrisol is 8’




The Archetype is cone shape fixture with a 12.2" aperture, an Aluminium painted body, a polycarbonate silkscreened shade.


The Honeycomb has hexagonal modules in groups of 3, Clip-in connection, form a self-supporting, direct and indirect lighting , 0-10 Dimming system, 2700K and 3500k color temperatures, and the driver is placed in canopy.

Their fixtures are all manufactured in overseas and stocked in US. Therefore, lead time for available items in stock is  5 to 10 business days and for customized products or not in stock, it takes 4 to 5 weeks production time and 2 weeks delivery to job site.



Their reading and bedside lighting products have a minimalist look and great range of sustainability.

From top to bottom are the 2 of Fuse family, Tosca in the middle and Digit on the bottom.

The top right side one comes with on/off switch and the left side one is non-switched. The fixtures have built in driver, 2W, 80lm, 3000K, 330º rotation, 90º tilt adjustable angle.

The Tosca and Digit reading lights have integral jamb switches so they will automatically turn on/off when opened and closed. The Tosca has 1W, 61lm, 80CRI, 2700K, 180º rotation and 135º tilt adjustable angle. The Digit is similar to tosco with the exception of higher output of 3W and 114lm.

Olympus Trimless LED, 1W, 39lm with dimmable driver.



The luma film LED panels can be used in conjunction with the Barrisol system. It has minimal thermal output, great for thin spaces. It can be cut smaller or connected in tiling.

Adding foam for acoustic purpose.

It is available in White tuning, RGB W ( the W can be selected) Usually the 1.9watt/ft with 3000K 350lm/ft con go up to 40watt/ft with 5000K and 4000lm (It is field changeable.).

It can go down to 0% on a 0-10v dimming system depending on driver for performance.



The X-Tent is an outdoor rated stainless steel mesh fabric. It forms a diamond pattern as it is installed. Diamond sizes range from 20mm to 200mm and cable diameters from 1.0mm to 4.0mm and has 60 m/200ft expanded length.

The X-LED is an LED module system designed for the X-Tent and has the following features:

  • 1 side or 2 sided light spread.
  • 50ft span.
  •  compatible with DMX programming
  • Each node is individually addressable.
  • Clear and frosted lens options. (Frosted lens seat over the clear lens)
  • 37mm on center distance for vertical version.


They design and enginer everything and it costs around $250 with everything per 100mm spacing . For half of this spacing, the price goes up by 4 times.


Diode led

This company make the driver and LED chips in house. They have 10 years warranty for LED and 5 years for drivers.

The Neon Blaze LED strip has up to 250 lm/ft, IP68, 100w remote driver. It is available in variety of options such as:

  • horizontal and vertical installation
  •  Side and top emitting flexibility.
  • 2400K to 6000K and RGBW.
  • Potentially acceptable for harsh and extreme conditions (hot sauna)
  • Fully or partly diffused.

The LED Strips:

Fully dimmable adjustable clip on LED strips, 24v.

It can have occupancy sensor( hard wire has junction box with sensor attached to it)

Standard dimming down to 5%, 0-10v, Lutron system.

Cost wise, it is comparable and even less expensive than Lumini.

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