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Erco is focusing on interior fixtures this year by bringing some more of their European fixtures to the North American markets.

One of the new fixtures we looked at was called the Compar. It is a miniature celled fixture that can come on different groupings from 1 to 12. The deep baffle helps minimize the glare. There are different optics available for the Compar family including a 60, an 80, a 55x90, a 35x90, and a wall wash optic. The 55x90 is designed to spread the light further perpendicularly to the fixture and the 35x90 spreads it further parallel to the fixture. This gives you options for different applications such as an open office and a conference table, respectively. We also took a look at the wall washer. As usual, erco designs their optics for high performance and this fixture is no different.

The fixtures are trimmed or trim less with a standard finish that is off-white but they can do a custom RAL color for no extra charge.

The other fixture we took a look at is their new track head called Oseris. It has a round aperture and rotates on an angle from the stem. There are two sizes and it is available with all of their optics available to the other track head families.

ERCO also announced that they will provide 27k as a standard color temperature for their lines and 35k is available upon request.

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