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Philips Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics is a north of Boston based brand within Phillips.

Intelehue is their new approach to color mixing, utilizing red, green, blue and mint LED colors.  They have also modified their fixtures with a shared mixing chamber, eliminating the mixing distance.  This helps provide precisely controllable light, and millions of saturated colors, pastels, and uniform white light.  Unlike their competitors, their specifications will also provide lumen output at different color temperatures.

Intelehue's technology can be incorporated in a number of different lighting fixtures.

The ColorBlast IntelliHue Powercore gen4 is their newest wallwasher.  Powercore gen4 offers a range of accessories that allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing. There are five different diffuser lenses allowing the fixture to be customized to produce 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and a 10° x 40° asymmetric beam angle.  The lens uses a holographic material laid on polycarbonate.  Because they do make their own line of accessories, it will be easy to customize lenses and color chips at no additional cost. The housing can be provided in black white or grey and there is the option to add or combine a louver, rock guard, full glare shield, and half glare shield as well.  Color Kinetics strive for a 4:1 uniformity ratio with their fixtures.

iColor Accent Compact a direct view linear LED fixture ideally suited for displaying high resolution media.  It is low voltage, with a cheaper price as well.  The fixture is both indoor and outdoor rated.

Color Kinetics are also releasing a new Powercore flood light fixture by the end of the summer, which is going to be a new cylindrical design.  It has a high output and high punch with 3° native beam angle. 6 standard secondary diffuser lenses allows the fixture to be customized to 8°, 13°, 23°, 43°, 63°, and 5° x 17° asymmetric beam angle. The on access candela will then be doubled compared to the current generation.

PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore is a concealed interior linear LED fixture with intelligent white and color light. Due to its compact size and an extremely short mixing distance, PureStyle can excel as a cove light for shallow 6-8" coves. The lumen output ranges from 3000-5500.  It's available in 305 mm (1 ft) and 1219 mm (4 ft) extruded anodized aluminum housings, as well as a range of beam angles – including wide (100° x 100°), medium (30° x 60°), and narrow (10° by 60°).

ActiveSite is also a technology that Color Kinetics and Philips provide it is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting system for managing, and maintaining large scale architectural LED lighting installations.  Allowing designers to make changes, remotely monitor and have updated reports on the cloud.   They pride themselves on not only being a lighting fixture company but also a service lighting company and Active Sight allows them to be on-site and active to aid at any moment.

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