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Lucifer Showroom

We recently visited the Lucifer Lighting pop-up showroom in SoHo. The showroom displayed the recessed down light families and the surface mounted cylinder, squilinder, and track lighting. Lucifer hopes to have twice as many products in the market by the end of the year. Lucifer has recently changed out most of their LED modules from XICATO to Citizen. This has allowed for their products to be contained in smaller housings because the smaller heat sinks provided by Citizen. Citizen has provided a contract with Lucifer to guarantee all binning of their products to be within 2 McAddams ellipses. Citizen is also more accepting of different drivers. They have also redesigned their optics to gather more light in the center and provide maximum lumen delivery. Most of their cut sheets have been updated to reflect these changes. Warm glow dimming is now available for most products. All of the fixtures in the space were 3000k. The showroom has three (3X) three walled spaces of varying ceiling heights to showcase the recessed fixtures.

2 Series 1300 lumen output- ceiling height of showroom 8.5'
Does not have the option for warm glow dimming yet
Smaller apertures
White baffle or black


3 Series  2800 lumen output - ceiling height 9.5'

Down light and wall washer housing height is 2.1 in with a .5in collar to accept different ceiling thicknesses
Ability to change driver in field. Drivers are adhered using Velcro however this does not void the UL listing
The waterproofing and IC rating slightly effects lumen output
Wood trimless-not available


4 Series 8040 lumen output - ceiling height 12.5'
Deep regress for thicker ceiling with
8040 delivered lumens
Adjustable down lights adjust to 40 degrees


Cylinders & Squilinders Surface Mounted
Cy3-1 wet location but must be specified
Cy2- damp location
360 adjust-ability
There is 7mm difference between Cy2 and Cy3
Exterior fixture must be powder coated
Can be provided with (2) knockout holes to accommodate surface mounted conduits

Cylinders & Squilinders Wall mounted
IP66 wet loaction
No visible hardware
Field changeable optics
Working on asymmetric lens

Cylinders & Squilinders Pendent
Pendent version
Stem 1'-6' field cuttable but needs to be rethreaded
Driver in the pendent housing and shallow canopy

Track w/ Cynlinder & Squilinders
Track can be Recessed or surface mounted
Option for cap to cover channel
Each fix has it own driver
Single circuit


Standard dimming driver : Philips TRIAC - down to 1% with single fixture more than one fixture will dim to 2%.
Philips - 0-10v-2-5%
Eldoled - 1%
Lutron Hi-lum-highest premium 11 year warranty - fades to black

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