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3G Lighting

3G Lighting is a Canadian company based out of Toronto.  All their fixtures are manufactured in house, vertically integrated and custom friendly.

Linia is a LED linear surface or pendant mounted fixture.  It is manufactured in a 3" or 2" profile.  The base is extruded aluminum with a 1" or 2" drop lens. They can install a drop and flush lens on the same run, for a unique texture ceiling design.

In a 6" module they can also install a downlight at the base, with up to a 2000 lumen output.

Priced at $65 a linear foot.  It is sealed with glue with a lit end cap.

10 days or less turn around in the 3" profile with the 1" drop lens.

Kubo is a single or multiple square surface mounted or pendant fixture. It has a white sandblasted acrylic diffuser with miter corners. Manufactured in 4", 6", 12", 24" with a 7" drop but can also be made a customized size as with their other products.

The product can be color changing.

Mira is an decorative pendant, resembling the Kubo but replaced with mirrored acrylic.  When turned off it looks like a mirrored box.

Madison is an adjustable surface/recessed mounted luminaire. 1000 - 5000 lumens.

The aluminum housing is a solid, machined aluminum.  Quick connects, all accessible from below the ceiling. Extruded aluminum frame is designed to have the same thickness as try wall for a clean finish.

The gimbal snaps to the rail and can be locked in at any length and a snoot can be installed in addition as well. The housing of the fixture is in black or white but can be custom painted.

They provide a latch mechanism for extension and a plate can be added to the troughs and frame the light for a seamless finish.

Downlights come in 3.3' D for $155 or 4.5" D for $200.  Black or silver reveal

They have an interesting "snap bracelet" like retro fit install. The 3.3" downlight has up to a 3000 lumen output and the 4.5" downlight has up to a 5000 lumen output.  40 degree tilt, 360 rotation all around with markings inside.

The lens stays in place in a ridge with gravity.

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