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Nulite Lighting

Nulite Lighting

Nulite stopped by to show us the products that they have been developing recently. They are known for their fluorescent fixtures primarily, but are starting to put more of an emphasis on their LED products. The first products we looked at were their troffer fixtures. They have both a regular version as well as a shallow plenum version. With the shallow plenum, we were able to see the nodes but they said that there is an additional insert that can be placed on the lens to correct this. However, this lens would reduce the light output. The troffers are all dimmable with 0-10V out of the box. The dimming is built into the price already.
We also looked at their recessed linear LED fixtures that are being released within the next week or so. They will offer three different width options with different light outputs for each. All of their recessed LED products come with integral emergency options.
Another product that they are releasing soon is a pendant called YC-R. It is a direct/indirect LED pendant with a unique thin horizontal profile.
They have put in a lot of thought and care to the design and performance of their fixtures. Right now because of low sales (only 5%) for their LED products, however, the price point for their fixtures is double that of their fluorescent versions. With more sales and/or a big project that price could potentially go down.

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