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Auroralight is a lighting manufacturer that specializes in quality landscape luminaries. Most of their products are made with solid brass or copper housings. There is typically a 25%-30% price increase when specifying the solid brass. They offer a variety of finishes including powder coat without any up charge for customization. They seem to be a very accommodating company with a vested interest in delivering quality products to their customers. The typical lead time is 5-7 work days. However any products specifying a nickle finish require a 3-5 week lead time. All of their products run on 12v AC or 12v DC for non dimming luminaries. Their products are compatible with transformers however they do not manufacture them in house and allow you to specify your desired transformer.  All products with glass have a lifetime warranty. Another notable characteristic of the company is that they are happy to work directly with designers to ensure the highest quality service and products.

The Cyclops is a small, adjustable,  directional light that operates at 3 watts. The modules are field serviceable and have the option of four interchangeable optics.  The fixture is accessible from the rear and can be installed using a mini junction box.

The HPL4, La Jolla, is a pathlight and  is available with an integrated LED module or a traditional halogen lamp. The LED module with a copper core is sourced from a proprietary lighting manufacturer that produced the specific modules for Auroralight. The LED module has a 5 year warranty, however, La Jolla is compatible with any halogen lamps with a GY6.35 base. The sample we saw was 2.5 watts. It is also available in 3.5 and 5 watts. Although the 2.5 watts seemed to provide a lot of light, it passes a dark sky test.

The Meridian is a step light coming in at about $250 DN. It can be installed as a step light, downlight or uplight. It is available with a square or round trim. The image shows the interchangeable optics.

The Candela is a pendant mounted exterior fixture. It is has an integral LED driver and an aluminum housing. There is a acrylic, translucent, Lexan shade that are UV stabilized. The acrylic diffusers are available in lengths of 6",12", and 18". All of the components are field changeable. The support cables are to be provided by others. They typically suggest a fixed distance for spacing which allows for any type of configuration.

Lastly the Scepter is a new addition to the product line. It is a compact path light that provides alot of light at 5 watts. It has an integrated LED modular chip with a copper body and is priced at $150 DN. 



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