Illumination WALD STUDIO



Zaneen has a new slot system called the Magiq System. The slot is a non-powered recessed extrusion with modules that connect together in series via jumper cables. The modules are available with either downlight and wallwasher options. Both modules are adjustable with a 25° tilt. These modules are also available as standalone modules for recessed applications. The wallwasher modules stick below the ceiling plane with spoon shaped components. Because of the way the reflectors are aimed, the fixture is able to get a wider spacing than normal wallwashers can achieve.

We also took a look at their recessed slot with adjustable accents called the Imagine System. This system is also a non-powered recessed extrusion. It is available with adjustable spotlights that can be adjustable to hang below the ceiling. There is also a linear component that can be added to illuminate the interior of the slot.

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