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LEDucation 2016

Oblaney-Rinker Associates

Barn Light Electric

Dado Lighting has a new fixture called Floatline which allows you to create a cove at the molding and in the walls. They can do any custom lengths. The LEDs are in cartridges separate from the extruded housing so they can be accessed in the field for maintenance.

Duralamp have updated all of their LED-retrofit lamps since we last saw them and they are all dimmable now.

Forum Lighting has a new fixture called Frame. The version we saw had internally lit lenses, but you can change which surface has the lenses. They also have a linear pendant that has an uplight component as well as downlight spotlights. Forum is offering a more economical fixture that is made out of steel instead of extruded aluminum. Their integrated knife-edge cove fixture comes with a telescoping tray on the end to allow you to do custom lengths adjusted in the field.

Holm Lighting (a branch of FX Luminaries) is a new manufacturer that is offering commercial grade exterior fixtures. Some of them are line voltage. Holm also has their own proprietary control system called Luxor. It can control the dimming as well as RGB fixtures. Holm offers a control cube that can interface with fixtures from other manufacturers and Luxor to incorporate them on the controls. There is also a retro-fit MR16 lamp that can be used in other manufacturers fixtures in lieu of the cube.

Intense Lighting are adding a 4" aperture to their Gravity downlight series. They already have a 6" and an 8" version. They have also added a Shallow (less than 4" depth) housing to their line.

Lucent Lighting have a monopoint fixture called the TUBEled. It can be track mounted or to a canopy. Although they are from the UK, they have a factory here in the U.S. that builds the fixtures. They are open to customs. They have a nice copper trim finish, which is not something we've seen before. Also, in additional to the typical XICATO modules and their custom board offering, they are working with the new SORAA modules for integrating into integral LED fixtures.

Lumafilm is a decently priced option for LED panels (with IP65 rating) and only requires a minimum of 1-1/4" depth depending on the backlit material. You can cut the LED sheets in the field to provide a completely custom design. Lumafilm can program the drivers if the project has wattage limitations.

Lumino has tested all their product for TM-30 (one of the first companies to do so) with impressive results. They have added RGB to their line-up and have finally brought the track and knife-edge cove detail into the US.

National Lighting is a local (NJ) company providing both front and back of house LED and fluorescent product. They had a new wood texture fixture that looked great.

V2 Lighting specializes in round and square pendant fixtures, and they can also mount to the wall as a sconce. They offer multiple sizes as well as the option to cut out a custom logo in the side of the body. There are 32 standard colors available as well as the ability to do custom colors for an adder.



Alights have a new fixture called the Apex. It has a bevel regress black trim with an internal baffle. They can modify the reflector to have a white finish, but the black is recommended to quiet the aperture and reduce glare. The fixture is not out yet but will be later in the year. They are also developing a linear wall washer with a black reflector.

Anolis is a new company for us. They had a mini projector with field adjustable beam spread via DMX.

iGuzzini have added two new finishes to their Laserblade family, gold and black chrome (this is in addition to their standard white and black). They also have released a large Laserblade fixture with a 2-7/8" aperture which is a nice addition. They recommend using the trimmed version for metal or wood applications.

N°8 Lighting have released their 400 series, which is a more economical version of their regular 800 series. The fixtures can be retro-fitted from below or installed as new construction. The adjustable version has a vertical tilt of 35° and can rotate 360° degrees after installation. The fixtures are 5-1/2" in height. Right now they only have a fixed downlight and an adjustable accent. They are working on a wall wash version. The flat trim is larger than the 800 series, but can also do the mud-in installation. N°8 has a 5-10 day shipment program.
They have been working on the mono-point as well, now offering a 2" diameter mount for wood/stone. A flush version should be available next year, along with a smooth body.

Oxygen Lighting

Tempo Lighting has a new cove that comes in 3" increments and has a serpentine form allowing for curved applications. They are also using the same LED in all their fixtures to guarantee color matching throughout a project.

TMB provides DMX controlled marquee lights and offers a variety of string lights. The string lights are LED at 2500K, which is a great option for hospitality work.

Vision Quest Custom Lighting is a full custom shop located in Long Island. They have a standard line of fixtures to choose from but can also do any custom fixtures. We can request specific LED brands when designing the fixtures.



Design Plan are now offering thin profile linear case lighting fixtures at 3000K or alternating 2700K & 45000K (for jewelry highlighting). They also had a unique down light that offered air purifying qualities.

Ecosense has acquired Journée Lighting which offers recessed lighting fixtures as well as track mounted cylinders. The finish options are black or white and have varying beam spreads from 15° to 45°. The fixtures offer an aggressive pricing.



JLC-TECH now offers linear signage lighting, along with their typical t-bar technology. It is certified such that a GC can install it, with no electrician needed.

INTER-LUX Whitegoods is now offering magnet mounting for their S20 profile.

Linear Lighting are now offering recessed downlights with LEDs. All housings have an IC rating as standard and the integral driver can dim with either 0-10V or triac. There is also an integral battery backup available. They make all of the components in house. There is a fixed downlight, an adjustable accent and a wall washer. The price point is aggressive for the quality of the fixtures.

USAI are releasing their new version of the SliverLED which has a dedicated LED instead of the retrofit version previously available. Standard dimming is 0-10V to 10-15% depending on the dimmer. They are also going to release a new LED retrofit fixture that is able to be installed in existing 6" can recessed lights. It will be available with warm glow dimming technology.



Eklipse Lighting has a new mini linear track fixture called Lifeline. You can use linear LED strips or spots on the track. The version we saw for the linear light has visible nodes, but they are redesigning the lens to remove that. We also saw their Mili light which is a linear shelf light with an asymmetric distribution. Eklipse offers good options for linear LED as well as case lighting.

Flos have acquired Lukas Lighting. This addition allows for more customization in their fixture lines.

Prudential Lighting are being represented by themselves here in the city. Their fixture, Stream, is an integrated architectural fixture that uses uplighting into the built channel. The fixture can be pendant or recessed slots. They offer an option called Prubin which ensures a tighter bin selection than the normal fixtures offer. The fixtures are built from GFRG and look beautiful and sleek.

RAB Lighting have updated their recessed light fixture family with a 2" aperture, 700lm, IC and wet location rated down light. They will be releasing a 1" and a 3" aperture soon. The DL, AA, and WW are all in one housing and can be changed in the field to each position. The new recessed fixtures are aggressively priced.


Metro Lighting Sales

Klus Lighting are an aluminum extrusion company. They can provide their own tapelight or can be used with any other manufacturer's tape.

Lighting Science Group is now offering 98 CRI and 90+ R9 value for some of their LED lamps. The PAR30 lamp is available with 10°, 25°, and 45° beam spreads.

Tokistar have released their new micro series case lighting. The fixtures are all dimmable either together or individually on each fixture. There are three beam spreads, 16°, 24°, and 30°, which are all field changeable.


International Lights

Acclaim Lighting is now offering an exterior rated linear cove light that has warm dim technology as standard. The fixture dim from 3K to 18K. The fixtures are aggressively priced.

Bega have a new collection called Home and Garden, which is geared more for residential projects. They also developed a new app that allows you to use an iPad to show the fixtures in real life installation situations.

Kreon has a linear wall washer with a chrome reflector and is available in 2-1/2" increments.

Lucifer Lighting are now offering a semi-recessed mounting option for their cylinders that lets the driver component be regressed into the ceiling and the adjustable light portion be below the ceiling. This is offered for flush into plaster, with wood following shortly. There is a new cylinder track fixture that they are hoping to have available by October of this year.

MP Lighting has a new surface mounted interior fixture. It can also be mounted as a wall sconce with direct/indirect distributions. They are also incorporating integral photo cells into some of their fixtures including the surface downlight, step lights and the linear light strip. The integration is clean and neat. There is a new monopoint fixture that can be specified with a snoot. The stem can be modified up to 20" when mounted off the wall and longer if mounted from the ceiling.



Auroralight showed us two new fixtures, the Cyclops and the Sonoma. The Cyclops is a small flood light with a machined ball socket and can be mounted into millwork, on a pole or with mounting stakes. The Sonoma is a step light that can be altered to change the distribution path.



Focal Point is now providing a new trimless down light starting at 500 lumens with incremental increasing options. The fixture is very competitively priced.

KKDC is a linear light strip company based out of the UK. The LEDs are all assembled by them so the color is consistent across the products. The 007 fixture is a node free extrusion. They can also customize extrusions.


Light Abilities

Aion is now offering a 1200 lumen per foot fixture. In the 400 series with their small extrusions, it is node free.

Louis Poulsen


Electric Lighting Agencies (ELA)

Bartco have a 5/8" deep fixture that installs right into the cutout drywall. The driver housing is on a track so it can slide across to accommodate the joists. They also have a steel housing fixture that is more economical than their typical fixtures.

Lindsley Lighting specializes in cylinder fixtures; pendant, wall, and surface. They can customize the cylinders and make them up to 6' long.


Lites on West

Academy Light



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