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Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has developed a new post-top called Capsule. It has a frosted side as well as top for a soft glowing appearance and incorporates LEDs with special optics on the bottom for a more directed light.

They have also updated their LP Circle fixture line to offer a slim version in the surface, semi-recessed, and pendant variations.

Another new fixture is their Ripl fixture that features an acrylic lens with ripples on the inside creating an optical illusion of movement as you interact with the fixture.


New York Digital Showroom Visit

This past week, New York Digital invited us to visit their newly renovated showroom at 5 Penn Plaza. What a success - congrats to them!
New York Digital is the NY rep for Acuity Brands, as well as many decorative and hospitality options. They are also the NY rep for Barrisol (stretch ceiling material) and Lumafilm, to work behind it.

Acuity Brands: nLight Controls

Regular and EM pack can by dimmed together. No bi-pass.
Plug-load Power Packs listen to Occ Sensor only, not switches. So if person is in room, but doesn't turn the lights on, outlets still work.
Network bridges to Gateway to create a network. Data management. For Time Clock only - if not needed, don't need to buy it.
Wireless only available for Acuity fixtures with wireless component in them, and cannot be networked.
Software available to do space management by using sensors.
Devices only take a few seconds to function once connected to a fixture.

Fresco controller also speaks to DMX. Plugs right in.



Modern Forms

Modern Forms is a performance decorative manufacturer that makes all of their own fixtures in their factory in China. All of their fixtures are designed for LEDs from the ground up. The fixture cuts will list the standard color temperatures but any color temperature is also available as a custom.

The Blade is a slim profile sconce for exterior and interior applications and is driver-less. 

The Kinetic is a series of discs that can rotate within each other to make unique forms.

Modern Forms is a subsidiary from WAC Lighting and keeps all of their fixtures in stock in their warehouse. Their fixtures offer a high quality in a low-mid price point. 


Hemera Lighting

Hemera Lighting is a decorative company from Montreal that prides itself on quality of materials and production. Lead times for most of the fixtures they offer come with a 1-2 week lead time.

We saw the Luxor fixture in person. It is an adaptable crisscrossing pendant fixture. It can be adjusted by stretching it out or compressing it together. The Luxor is available in either direct, in-direct or both. The lens we saw was frosted but you could see minimal LED imaging. They are developing a new lens that will eliminate the imaging altogether.

All of the fixtures from Hemera are high CRI and are dimmable as standard with 0-10V to 10%. There is a larger canopy that can be provided that can accommodate a driver that dims to 1%.

We also got to see the Mia fixture, which is a cylinder with a frosted acrylic tube. The fixture can be either pendant mounted or suspended. There are two diameters available and multiple lengths of the acrylic portion. From the sample we saw, there was a decent amount of light that was being projected down as well as a nice glow from the sides of the tube.



LightArt is the lighting division to 3 Form, a company known for their resin sheets. LightArt has a series of standard fixtures but they also do a lot of custom work as well. The resin that they use for the shades and forms of their fixtures comes in many different varieties ranging from various colors, infused material, images of patterns including wood, to also custom images that you provide. All of the LED fixtures are dimmable with 0-10V as standard.

Their Ready To Go line is a quick ship line of some of their most popular products that can ship within 3 weeks. They are offered with 9 material resins and 14 color resins. The dimensions are standard and either a CFL or LED source can be specified.

The LA2 set of fixtures have more options than the RTG line. The LA2 has 1000+ resin options. All of the fixtures are LED and have a 3-6 week lead time.

The LA2 Connected is similar to the LA2 but it offers a series of shapes that you can put together to create any pattern.

The Casper is a series of fixtures that are diffuse forms sealed with glue so you have a completely luminous object.

Because they make everything in house and have so many variations of resin that they can do, the range of custom work is almost endless. Typically there is a 6-12 week lead time for the custom fixtures.



Terzani is a high end decorative Italian manufacturer that makes gorgeous fixtures. They are traditionally incandescent sources, but have been working to provide LED options, or suggest retro-fit lamps. All of the fixtures are made in Italy. They do have a facility in Miami that houses some product and can offer a quick ship program dependent on availability.

The Spoon fixture is available in 2 sizes and has a dedicated LED source with 3000K and is dimmable.

Handmade crystal orbs can come in clear, gold interior or silver interior.

Argentati is available in both incandescent and dedicated LEDs.

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32" L30301__ suspension
custom sizes available
25 standard finishes
Direct + indirect version is now available and will be online soon


32” suspension L30217__
custom sizes available
25 standard finishes
Direct + indirect version is now available and will be online soon

32" L30211__ suspension
custom sizes available
25 standard finishes
Direct + indirect version is now available and will be online soon

custom sizes available
25 standard finishes
Direct + indirect version is now available and will be online soon

1” diameter: 15, 25, 40 degree

2” diameter: 25, 40 degree

D1-1100 (natural)
D1-1101 (black)


6.6W LED


Mini Signal



Fabbian has expounded their Tile collection with more options featuring textures, colors and scale. They also are offering different shape of tiles that allow you to create patterns for your installation. They also have a lit bar that can be placed throughout your tiles to up light and highlight certain parts. Since all of the tiles are handmade, they are able to do custom tiles.

We also got to see a new chandelier from them. With either lit tubes or Beluga glass globes, you can creat a custom chandelier. Fabian offers standard canopies with set placement and quantities but also has custom canopies that let you very the placement.
Fabian's series of surface and recessed LED fixtures are all dim able with 0-10V standard and are available with damp and wet location versions as well.


Some exciting things are happening at Fabbian. They have joined the LED world and are offering all of their fixtures as either dedicated LED products or as a retrofit option. Some of their fixtures that have been updated to LED from a E26 base do not have the old base listed as a standard option, but can go back as a custom if it is needed. They have also developed new fixtures that are completely designed around LEDs.

One new fixture that they have come out with is the F30 Giro. Its a a globe fixture made of looped wires. The LED component connects to one of the circles by clipping it on. It can be customized by the user by clipping the LED module on any of the circles to created different effects.



Fabbian_D27 Faretti
We also took a look at their downlights with the new LED modules and their decorative crystal trims.

A great thing about Fabbian is that they can customize their fixtures even if the quantities are small. They offer high quality decorative fixtures without the added price like some of their competitors.


Kichler Lighting

We had a visit with Estrin Zirkman and Kichler Lighting in our office this week. They focused on both their main lines as well as fixtures from their Elan Lighting line.

They describe the difference between the two lines as Kichler leaning more towards the traditional style and Elan providing a more modern take on decorative lighting. We saw a sample of the Tvill from Elan. It's an LED wall sconce with an extruded acrylic diffuser. We liked the construction of the sconce with the diffuser being a solid piece of acrylic rather than an open diffuser like we have seen from other manufacturers. It helped to evenly diffuse the light more.


Elan Tvill

Elan Icekubez

Elan Icekubez

Elan Hexel

Elan Hexel

Kichler Fracture 5

Kichler Fracture 5

Most of the fixtures from Elan have a polished chrome finish to give them a more modern feel, while the fixtures from the main Kichler line have more variety with finishes and materials used. All of the LED products that Elan offers have integral drivers and are dimmable as standard. Another highlight is that the price point for their fixtures is pretty competitive for the quality that we saw from the samples they showed us.

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