Illumination WALD STUDIO



Today, Day-O-Lite visited our office to update us on their products.

In general, they are open to customization and modification. They also have many circadian products.

Curved radius products

  • 2', 3', 4' diameters are all one piece
  • Up to 20' diameter
  • Soft corners rather than just 90 degrees

Acoustic felt

  • 8", 12", 16" high panels
  • Mimicked wood finishes


Telescoping piece

  • Up to 10" adjustability with the boards without light gaps



  • Adjustable indirect cove product or undercab with little toggle switch
  • White standard
  • Wet spraypaint, enamel baked finish
  • Lots of options

Quick ship: Up to 400ft of product can be shipped in 10 days

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