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Interlux: Filix

Today, Interlux visited the office to show us the outdoor products from Filix.

We started out by looking at some of their recessed paver products:


  • Black Glass is standard in Europe and is utilized in this product
    • Grey/Greenish glass is U.S. standard
  • Drive over rated


Zero G

  • 400 Lumens with the louver
  • 12W/ft
  • Poured optic
  • No striation when poured
  • Nice Louvers



  • 12W/ft
  • 1000 Lumens/ft
  • Surface mount
  • Adjustable bracket
  • 4" wall bracket


SQ100 Wall Wash

  • Hard lower line that they are working on softening
  • 7w/ft
  • 1 to 1 spacing



Boca Flasher

Today, Boca Flasher visited the office to update us on their products.

The biggest changes that were made across all of their products are concerning controls. They now have 0-10V and Wireless DMX driver modules. In addition, they have changed their connectors so that there are joiners underneath the fixtures that look cleaner and provide more flexibility than the previous twist lock connections. The flexibility of these new connectors allows them to go around corners. The connector length is a 12" minimum.

Here is the list of products that we viewed:

  • NanoLume with a new reflector. 650 Lumens/ft
  • Nano Warm Dim. Can use any two colored chips.
  • NanoX - Wet Location. 1', 2', and 4' lengths. Tempered glass lens (opal lens can be used to make it fully node free). Good for spas, restrooms, exterior products. Grazing optics also available now. This fixture is also an option for a custom stove hood.
  • Lumeline is rated for a steam shower.
  • NanoMix- RGBW. 4 channels. DMX. Replacement addresses itself. Foot by foot control.
  • HPFB- Double version that is a direct view. 18W/ft. Opal lens for exterior makes it fully nodeless. Lens is Satinice typically.
  • NanoTune - Tunable white. 3 chip system. 2 channel 0-10V or DMX.
  • Boca Flasher also has two new closet products:
    • The NanoWedge is a closet light that has a motion sensor.
    • Closet Rod. It is now smoother than the sample that was shown. $95 DN/ft
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