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Vode Lighting stopped by today to present their new products.


We first looked at ulo. 507 fixture, a portable tabletop reading light. The fixture has different features such as:

  • Proximity sensor for 4 steps dimming (this option could be added as an add-on and doesn't come with basic model)
  • 3 steps CCT control: 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K.
  • A USB port (add-on)
  • Available with add-on mounting brackets for portable wall mounting, and table mounting.

The DN pricing starts from $250 for a basic model, $300 for the table anchor model.

Available finishes are black, white, and natural anodized aluminum.

ZIP Family:

Zip 2 is a linear fixture for general ambient lighting. This fixture can be installed in both drywall and T-bar ceilings. available in 3w/ft, 6w/ft, and 9w/ft. Available in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K.

We reviewed a model with a 40° cut-off optic.

The low output configuration provides 3w/ft, approximately 300lm, 1" increment with minimum ordering length of 2ft.

On the standard (6w/ft) and LO (3w/ft), they offer an optimized output by dedicating 1 driver per 2 or 3 fixtures (depending on lengths).

The bi-directional distribution is a great option for stairs.

*The fixture is also available with batwing uplight.

we also looked at the edge lit Zip 2 with a square profile which is also available with mitered corners.

Zip 3 was another fixture which we reviewed from this family. They presented a model with 80° downlight, standard 120° uplight. Other available downlight light beams are 40° and 60°.

We found the optional edge lit sides really interesting (prismatic lens with minimally visible bright LED dots).



Today we looked at the new and updated products from Lumato Lighting in the office.

Lumato started a separate company called ALL which is dedicated to economic products with no modification. (VE products)


SQ Family:

We first looked at the SQ2 fixture, a direct/ indirect edge lite linear fixture available as wall mount and pendant. The sample we saw had a 135° batwing uplight.

The SQ2 is the smallest with 2.5" X 2.5" in Square family. This fixture has an integral driver and an integral emergency battery as an option. They use Philips 0-10V down to 1% driver as a standard (other drivers are available). The DN price is $85/ft for standard configuration.

*We really liked the slim end caps on this fixture.

In general, the lead time for Lumato fixtures is 4-6 weeks and 2 weeks for their quick ship program.


They presented the 3" and 5" (coming soon) linear recessed and pendant fixture.

The fixture has just 1 row of LED strip comparing to Lumato standard linear with 2 rows of LEDs.

There are no customizations or emergency battery available with these fixtures and it costs $65/ft for the up/down model and $35/ft for the recessed one.

The standard lead time is 2 weeks and they offer a 10 year warranty.


Deco Lighting

Today we had Deco Lighting visit our office to show us some of their new fixtures. Many of the fixtures shown are great for office environments.


The vector can be indirect/direct or just direct. It has a tight fit lens so there is no light leakage in longer length fixtures. It is available with tunable white and color changing technology.

The fixture comes in 24 different finishes without any upcharge.

The Vector is $60/ft DN for white and $100/ft DN for color.

The fixture is available with a batwing (1, 2, 3 inch widths), baffle, drop lens, and acoustic panels.

Evian 2

The Evian 2 is a pendant mounted fixture with easier and faster fixture connection. There is a trunk latch in fixture that pulls multiple extrusions together tightly so that there is no light leak.

This fixture also comes with tunable white and color changing options. Up to 1,200 lumens per foot (at 4,000K).


The Skyler is a nice soft ceiling fixture that is great for hospitals or offices. It is an edge-lit panel with a micro-prismatic lens that has a good UGR rating.

The Skyler is available in 2700K-4000K.

The fixture is competitively priced at $150 DN with the UGR lens. Deco also has a 10-year warranty that includes labor.


The Circa is available in 18", 24", and 36" diameters. It is typically a 3 cable pendant mount but also comes as a surface mount, and recessed (only in 18"). Like the Skyler, this fixture also has a UGR lens.

Flatzone (not online yet)

This product is a edge-lit flat panel that is available in 4" and 6" widths.
The Flatzone works with Armstrong products. It is a very good VE option.

It comes in 2700K-4000K CCT and has a 4-6 week lead time.



This week we got to drop by Selux to learn more about the company and their products.

Exterior Line

Marine grade aluminum. No screws.

Light Columns. 8" extruded (square or round). Use any head. Modular. Façade Module. Elo is a 6" extruded column.


Inula does not have any up lighting and has a solar top option.

Notch has a long, wide beam and is great for high abuse areas.

Post tops. Saturn and Quadro are refractor style. Ritorno is indirect. Olivo is a deeply recessed COB with integral drivers and many mounting options that can tilt and rotate.

Off-grid solar available

Exterior innovations

  • Tritec LED refractor for vertical illumination. Campus, path, or urban settings. Little up light with this.
  • Tritec- symmetric, asymmetric, and wall mount. Components: prismatic ring, hexagonal reflector cone. 100 lm/w.
  • Gen 5 optical silicone. The acrylic plate below is silicone. Cree XHP-70 chip (multi-dye chip). Shield for the back of silicone which looks very clean. Lower bug ratings in terms of glare than others.

All drivers have surge protection- they give extra as well.

They can do turtle code with either and could do dual color temp.


MLED Lens (M36, M60, M100): Flush- 2 types LW (an optimized white lens) and MI (clear lens with microprism inlay)

LMO Lenses

  • LW (general ambient): 81 lm/w; UGR:21
  • MI: 85 lm/w; UGR:17
  • A2 (WW, 20 degree beam spread, 12" from wall average): 75 lm/w
  • A5 (Grazer, 5 degree beam): 80 lm/w
  • NB (task illumination): 78 lm/w; UGR:20
  • BW (batwing/general wide illumination): 73 lm/w; UGR:21

Drop Lenses

  • LU (ceiling lx): 82 lm/w; UGR:21
  • DR (general ambient, lx on ceiling, drop lens): 90 lm/w; UGR22
  • VC (clear specular louvre): 65 lm/w; UGR:14
  • VB (Black louvre): 34 lm/w; UGR:13
  • VW (white louvre): 59 lm/w; UGR:17


  • M36: LW, MI, NB, A2, A5, BW, LU
  • M60: LW, MI, BW
  • M100: LW, MI, BW

Piix MRC: 2 ft min for dedicated piix. 20 (40), 35 (70), 50 (100) degree. Low glare comfort features: precision optics, regressed baffle, optional secondary optic.

  • 20: 86 lm/w; UGR:10
  • 35: UGR:11
  • 50: UGR:12

Optic options: clear lens, diffuse lens, hexcell louvre

Hexcell not recommended for 35 and 50 degree.

Indirect achieved with films with piix.



Today, Luminis visited the office to show us two of their new products.


Multilux just launched yesterday and is great for high ceiling applications.

Up to 22,000 delivered lumens (with 6 heads), 2400-4000 lumens each head. 30 degree tilt, 358 degree rotation. Beam spread ranges from 9-55 degrees.

Multilux comes in configurations of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 heads. 0-10V or DMX. The fixture is natatorium suitable. The driver is IP rated.

Linear spread lens and hex cell louvres are available for this fixture.

White, black, and grey standard finishes but custom finishes are also available.


3", 6", and 8" sizes available. 350 degree rotation.

Available in 2700K-5000K. Up to 6000 lumens per fixture.

Hexcell louvre, snoot, and visor are available for this product.



Today, SORAA stopped by to present their updated lamping and introduce their new luminaries.

They developed their True White LED by adding purple and the difference is visually visible comparing to other LEDs.

The Vivid LED has max 490lm, 90CRI. It is thermally optimized, 120V, and available with ELV, Eldo, and 0-10V.


Track head offers 10° and 15° as narrow beams, snap-on accessories, hex louver, and an integral driver.

*The 15° beam spread needs to be improved due to the huge surrounding hollow.

Adjustable, fully recessed, and semi-recessed downlight with 350° rotation, available as mono-point as well.

The semi-recessed model has a 2.5" J-box and soon will be available with conduit lead.

Downlights are available with round and square trims, 4.2" deep new construction housing, and 4.7" deep IC housing. Average DN price is around $125.

Driver options are Phase dimming, 0-10V, and Lutron Hi-lume.

They have Mud-in ring and butt ring for remodel version.

We reviewed the 3.5" wallwasher and it has a uniform 120 degree wash.

Coming soon: modified cylinder pendant with rigid and aircraft cable. Also available as surface mount and track mount.



Today we had Ligman stop by the office. They have many new items coming out this year so we looked at some new items and some of their current line.


This fixture is available with 1 or 2 arms and also comes in bollard form.


The visor for the Odessa is 6.75" in length.




The Marvik comes in 3 different diameters:

  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 6"

It can be just a down light or an up/down light.

Ligman also has new square flood lights coming out.

Many of Ligman's products have their MicroVos technology as seen on the upper left photo. The MicroVos technology is silicone optics that can be arranged in a variety of ways to give you the beam spread you need.

They are also coming out with 3 new post tops.

Here is their full range of bollards:

Ligman is also coming out with new intelligent bollards

With these intelligent bollards, you are able to customize a lot. You can choose which fixtures you want to use. They also come with the following options:

  • Panic Buttons
  • Cameras
  • Car Charging
  • Wifi


Aurora Lampworks

Today we visited Aurora Lampworks. It was great to get a tour of the facilities and see how high quality their products are. Thanks for having us Aurora Lampworks!





  • New Black Lens so fixtures are quieter looking (50% LLF)



  • Now has IP69K rated fixtures (which are rated for power washing)


  • New LORE downlight
  • Interchangeable optics (beam spread) the modular with
    10°, 20°, 60°, and pinhole options.
  • Now also owns Lumium
    • $70 DN for bracket fixture


Right side: Standard wall-washer
Left side: Wall-washer for a high ceiling.
  • They use the OSRAM LED chips with 97+ CRI
  • Rearranged LED chips to achieve a round beam spread
  • New Atrium downlight for high ceiling available as up/down distribution. It offers a quit ceiling.

Zoom fixture: 70° to 15°, also available in oval shape beam spread from 7°.



  • Works with Cassambi


  • Single diode instead of triple diode now
  • Acrylic fixture has stake mount and pendant mounting options and comes in smaller sizes. Can customize the size of the diffuser.




  • Luxflux
    • Field cuttable
  • Backlighting
    • 1.5” spacing from acrylic


  • Mimicks daylight
  • Cannot see through it


  • Next Gen cylinder and track available now


  • There are new mounting brackets and visors available for the Lumenfacade fixtures


  • Now have High-Efficacy options
  • Part of leader brands: also available in 16".
  • Matrix and Matrix Plus
    • Come in 12x12 or 2x12 options
    • 134lm/w, back lighting solution 2x12


  • Chisel Fixture
    • Comes in Warm Dim, Statics White, or Tunable White
    • $300 DN for tunable white fixture


  • They also have ceiling fans


  • 1-inch pinch custom size up, up to 4 ft
  • Nova flex is a great option for low cost and acceptable quality fixtures.


  • The hex cut around 45% of light
  • Available in different configurations as down, up, and up/down.


  • New sloped ceiling options
  • 6.5” housing options
  • New Armstrong ceiling tile fixture


  • Good heat dissipation


  • New post tops





  • Pre-made coves
  • Wooden fixtures


  • 24V Track


  • One mounting ring that fits everything
  • Interior Only
  • Back mounted ring for millwork
  • Remote drivers that dim to 1%
  • Using SORAA
  • Higher price point


  • New picture/Art Light



  • The new 200 series with competitive pricing (under $200), more output compared to 400 series coming in July.
    • mud in option comes soon (5 to 6 months).
    • Color tuning coming soon in all series (2 to 3 months).
    • $180fix + $20 extra for warm dim 30° adjustability, over 18 different optics.
    • IC housing is $20 adder.
    • Color tuning is around $50 adder.
    • Soraa lamping
    • 2.5 inch deep, a solite lens, wet location.
    • Luminet lens glass with optical potential for linear spread.


  • Can light a whole ceiling and is clear when off


  • 0-10V Dimmable
  • Cuttable to the inch
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • $40 DN/ft.
  • Have a 10 x 60 Grazer



  • Lattice
    • Screwed in rather than tension mount like TLS
  • Origami
    • Can lay things right on it
    • IP65 Rated (maintains rating when cut)
    • 866 lumens/sq. ft.
    • 12W/sheet


Smallest is 6" but they can do a longer one.
  • Braille printed on the lens


  • New Cipher System (fall product)
  • Adjustable every inch
  • Depth less than 3/8” required


  • Beam control expanded the range in added sizes.
  • Mini800 lm
  • Micro 550lm ( good for display lighting)
  • Snap-in track
  • Dali- 0-10 lutron
  • A new range of LED module
  • warm dim and tunable white
  • chip onboard
  • 0-10V, EcoSystem, and Dali controls.
  • Down to 2000k on 1%
  • The mini trim cut the price and make it a competitive option


  • New flexible outdoor FOT options (what does FOT mean?)
  • New fully flat lens


  • New Optisculpt line



  • Available in 24" and 38" diameters. 8500lm for 38" model.
  • Remote driver in the canopy.
  • There are lines on the shiny finished surface but having a matt finish prevents that.

A fixture made out of nonorganic material (no mold). It is cleanable, vacuumable, recyclable, and printable.


The 24v track heads also available in the warm dim.




Exterior fixture made from concrete fiberglass.

It has a nice horizontal distribution. Built based on the Florida code requirement. available with switching between amber color and standard white.

There is no shadow of the bracket on the surrounding. The blade part can be used to have signage and pattern since the light is thrown out from sides.



In RMZ Series the 2 micro LED is around $150 and $250 for 4 micro LED models. Available in timeless with integral driver recessed option

DL33R Downlight: Right side can be considered as an efficient fully adjustable/ flush option around $150 to $175.


  • Symmetric and asymmetry distributions.
  • New wood bollard
  • New 3w basic flood light interchangeable optic no accessory, available in 15 20 40 50 degree optics. Using new silicon lens offer 15% optical output comparing to acrylic.
  • Walli family now have wall-washer option,110 degree 120 and 130 degree optic
  • They stoped sainless steel finish and intrediuced new PVD black finish





  • Skydome is an edge-lit fixture with optional uplight.
  • The pendant mount comes with separate control for up and down individually .
  • available in 2',3', and 4' (18000lm) diameters.




Today, We-ef stopped by to present their updated exterior pole lights and bollard light.

They presented the Flood-light, FLC 230 model, the second smallest in this family. It has a powder coated graded aluminum body with 4 standard colors; Black, white, grey, and dark grey.

The flood-light family has a wide range of beam spreads, 5.8, 8.2, 14, 30, and 60 degrees.

The lensing is designed as a tray of individual lenses and is field replaceable and sits right on top of the LED board without having to glue it.

The fixtures can accept up to 2 internal accessories. a snoot and a hex louver which seats on top of the snoot without cutting off too much light.

The Smallest of the family is 7.5”, FLC 220 (7.97" diameter).

They also have a linear spread lens accessory. A great option for pedestrian and pole lighting.

The linear spread lens can be used with Hex louver.

Available in 3000K and 4000K are standard static whites. The 2700K, 3500K are new additions.

This fixture is also available in tunable white (2700K-6000K) as FLC 220-TW family.

The 5.8 degree spread has a different LED board.

30 degree + hex is around $1200 DN

30 degree + linear spread (presented)

larger size fixture has DN price of $1800

One of the great features of this fixture is modularity and control of the beam angle.

Comes in static white, warm dim, and tunable white.

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