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Visa Lighting

Today we wanted spotlight a particularly interesting product from Visa Lighting.

Visa Lighting now has 3" germicidal slot luminaires called the Linesse.


This product is available as a pendant, surface mounted fixture, or recessed fixture. They can either be used as a standalone unit or as a continuous run. The pendant can be direct or direct/indirect.

The disinfecting white fixture comes in 4,000K. The typical CRI is 85 but you can opt for a 90 CRI option.

You can choose between 0-10v or 1% dimming. This fixture is also compatible with DALI protocol or Lutron EcoSystem.

There also options for emergency drivers, batteries, or occupancy sensors.

This products could be used in many applications but schools and offices are suggested.



Today we had UFO come in to discuss their fiber optic and LED products.

Fiber Optics

All of their fiber optic systems consist of three components:

The light source can consist of a color wheel, RGBW, or dichroic sources.

They offer end lit or side emitting products. The side emitting products come in two different types: side sparkle and smooth solid core.


The end lit products are typically made from glass while the side sparkle are typically made from food grade plastic.


  • 90w is the strongest fiber optic product
  • 20w products will be close to the 50w-75w tungsten market

For the end lit products, you are able to changes lenses to change the beam spread of the product.

These products do have a bend radius limitation which is important to consider when using it around corners. A large positive of these fiber optic fixtures is that the light source is the only point of maintenance.

The fiber optic products can be used for a multitude of applications. The end lit products are great for pools, museums, ceiling stars, and much more. The side emitting (the side sparkle particularly) is great for sensory systems in the medical field. The side emitting is also great for pool lighting.

They also showed us their LED products.

They had spot and wash fixtures. The wash fixtures slide into the fittings and the spot fixtures snap in to a magnetic system. The optics of these fixtures can also be changed. The following sizes are available.

  • 45mm
  • 95mm
  • 1250mm
  • 2450mm

These fixtures are not wireless. There is 1.6 meters of lead wire available. Finishes include: black and silver. The magnetic ball will always be silver regardless of finish(as shown below).

They also mentioned that they do have LED down lights (as shown below) which are essentially an LED version of their fiber optics system.



BLT stopped by our office for the first time. They have presented 2 new products from Deco.


A recessed edge light volumetric flat panel LED with low profile, prismatic diffuser, and uniform light distribution


  • Available in 40w, 48w, up to 15,000 lumen
  • Standard 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K in 80 and 90 CRI.
  •  UGR of less than 19 for glare control.
  • Suitable for 2"x2" and 2"x4" grid ceilings.
  • 0-10V dimming down to 1%

The estimated price for this fixture is 10% to 20% lower than some other manufacturers.


An edge-lit LED round flat panel pendant with 3 aircraft cable mounting, up to 6240 lumens and powder coat finish. The fixture's design is interesting. It has a slim beveled edge.

  • Available in 18", 24", and 36" diameters with 1" height and 8" canopy.
  • Delivers up to 6240 lumens
  • 3-Way adjustable LED driver provides field adjustable lumen output
  • Suitable for damp locations


Light is redirected from 60° to 90° degrees of the luminaire, UGR <19

*What is unique about this agency aside from their products, is their up to date website;

On the "featured products" section, they list all the new products. when visiting design firms, they provide a printed summary of what they are going to present, a basic info about products which we can add notes to it and eventually they will archive that with our notes on their website for later reference.





Today we had a representative from Apure visit us. He showed us a couple of fixtures that are high-end luxury items. All of these items are made by Porsche Design Products so brand recognition and quality are positives.

We first looked at the Minus.

The Minus comes in 2 options, One or Two. The Minus One is a round trimless finish, and the Minus Two is a square trimless finish. The Minus 3 was also mentioned. This will be a wall washer that is coming out soon!  


The Minus fixtures provide just over 1,000 Lumen output. They come in both 20 or 40 degree spreads. They are available in a 2700K. 90 CRI.

The fixture that we viewed was 27K, 90 CRI,  12V (not on full power).

In addition to how powerful it is, the Minus also can come in any custom finish and has a really nice inside trim. The housing is 5/8''. There are some important considerations however. If there is not at least a 12'' clearance underneath the fixture, it is not suggested that you use it. The back stays very cool, particularly because they use IC rated aircraft aluminum. However, this fixture is very powerful and needs at least that 12" clearance from the front. (so no using this in commercial shelving). The other consideration is that this fixture is not easy to fix or replace. If it goes bad, drywall will need to be cut through to change the fixture out.

You can put 5 fixtures to a driver. The driver used is typically Lutron. This product is rated for 50,000 hours.

The Minus One typically runs $460 per fixture DN, while the Minus Two typically run about $500 per fixture DN.

The next fixture was their surface mounted fixture- the Tantus.

This fixture has around a 900 Lumen output. The reflectors are interchangeable. The downside to the fixture is the overall interior finish.



There is approximately 4'' shallow housing for the recessed version of this fixture. The inside trim is nice and finished but the light source is a little too raw and unfinished. You can add an extra lens for wet locations and there are unlimited trim finish options. you can also get matching finishes for speaker systems as well so everything matches.




We had two representatives from alight do a product update with us today.


The Atlas comes in the following diameters:

  • 20''
  • 32''
  • 48''

The 20'' comes in a 2'x2' tile detail as well. It is not trimless however custom finishes are available. The fixture does have up-lighting as well.

The standard color temperature is either:

  • 3,000
  • 3,500
  • 4,000
  • Customizable color temperature is available

The lumen output for this fixture is quite impressive at a 6,000 Lumen output for the 20''.  These are also dimmable. If you are using multiple of them, they will have the same surface brightness so they are very consistent. This fixture would be great for spaces with vaulted ceilings.


This fixture's standard lens length comes in increments of 2'. It has a 45% up and 50% down distribution. While this product would not be great for residential purposes, it would be very useful in offices.


The final product was Apex. This product does come with the option of a High Efficiency lens that has just under 1,000 Lumen output. With the standard lenses it has between 1,200 and 1,300 Lumen output. It has the option of a 22 degree or 55 degree beam angle. One of the positives of this fixture is that it is recessed a bit so the light source will not be seen unless you are essentially standing underneath it. The fixture itself is 3 1/2'' deep. This fixture also has the flexibility to combine optics or use blackout panels if needed.


A final note, for projects that require it, alight does also do MRI work for any medical facilities that may need it.


Ultralights Lighting

We looked at UltraLights' new products in the office today.


A surface mounted fixture with opal acrylic diffuser in Corten Steel (very interesting texture and color), cast bronze, black, and other custom finishes.


  •  1100lm, 120 lm/w with 80% diffused lens.
  • Available in 3000K(standard), 2700K, 3500K, and 4000K.
  • Available in dry/damp and wet location options.

*They use Osram Sylvania LED since it is programmable and Philips LED for wet location products.


A pendent with 24" diameter and 36" diameter, 4x LED retrofit (20W max ea) or dedicated 30W LED, 0-10V dimming and adjustable mounting cable (15"-96").


The interior surface comes in gold, silver, and white finishes.

Wall Sconce Family:

We also looked at Modelli. A 7.4W 1160lm LED flush mounted sconce. It comes in different finishes, diffuser options (opal, onyx, alabaster, swirl), 3000K(standard), 2700K, 3500K, and 4000K. The acrylic diffuser is made with mitered corners.


Shown in: White Swirl

*Most of their products are flush mounted.

*They do not stock any product and everything is made to order.





Today we looked at the LEDi products in the office. They make linear LED strips.

There are many reasons to distinguish them among other LED manufacturers:

  • 1.4 step binned LEDs
  • An exclusive damp rated connection system
  • Competitive pricing

Inspire V4 Nude:

A coated, cuttable (every 4 " and max run of 42 feet), and re-connectable UL listed LED tape light.

  • Variety of colors from 1800K to a daylight 4000K.
  • 2.2 watts/ft  (max run 45') and 4.2 watts/ft  (max run 23') options.
  •  MLV, Incandescent, & 0-10V dimming options.
  • 25 feet gauge wire.

Nude family has next day shipping!


* Their connection system is really interesting. The "Zeus" allows a very easy, secure connection between two ends. And, it is damped rated.

The connection system has electronic connectors and a screwdriver is required to take it apart.


*They use TM 30-15 for evaluating color rendering and the difference was visible when we tested.

*Their 1800K warm White LED matches the Edison Warm white.

*They make their own Phosphor for the LED Diodes.

*Their LED strips are more sturdy compared to others. (they use 3-ounce copper per feet)

*They have a dedicated serving team for construction and electronic layout drawing, customization inquiry.

The  Inspire V4 outdoor: (IP68)


  •  2700K(99 lm/ft), 3000K (133lm/ft), and RGB
  • 5ft, 15ft, 25ft lengths.
  • Capable in field with 25ft lead wire.
  • It can be dimmed down to  approximately 3% .
  • Compatible with 0-10V, 4 phase, and Electronic driver (May 2019).
  • 1"x 1" asymmetric distribution, driverless, line voltage 122v with 24v DC input voltage.

The Inspire Outdoor Strip Channel:

It comes in 5' length and can be attached to any surface with screws or landscaping glue.

Quantum Family:

A dimmable, surface-mountable fixture with frosted lens (50%), 24V, 3w/ft and aluminum channel. It is perfect for lighting up cabinets and coves that need light at a 45 degree angle.


  • 2700K: (289 lm/ft) up to 4000K(333 lm/ft).
  • MLV, Incandescent, and 0-10V dimming options.
  • Available in 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft standard lengths.

*Channels are field cuttable, customize-able, and should be ordered separately.

**For the pricing, the LED tape is priced cheaper and very competitive to what we normally use.


VIBIA Lighting

We looked at 3 new products from Vibia Lighting in the office today:


A sphere shaped LED product suspended at different heights and attached to the ceiling via a floating tubular structure.


  • Standard 2700K (opt for 3000k and 3500K with a minimum order.)
  • Adjustable aircraft cable (the tubular structures are pre-cut in desired lengths.)
  • Hand blown Glass.
  • Acrylic diffuser.

The Flamingo:

A decorative pendent great for ambient lighting.

  • 2 × LED 5.6W,  delivered 1102 lm
  • standard 2700K, 80+ CRI
  • Acrylic diffuser.
  • Aluminium housing is available in matte gold, matte white, and charcoal gray matte finishes.
  • 0-10V, Dali and Lutron Eco dimming options.



  • A surface mounted pendent, a table lamp, and a floor lamp fixture with direct/indirect light distribiution.
  • Standard 2700K, , 80+ CRI. (opt for 3000K with minimum order)
  • Aluminium LED housing is available in matte gold, matte white, and polish chrome finishes.
  • 0-10V touch dimming control. (sensor is located on the base in a table lamp model and under the shade in a floor lamp model.)





Today we looked at Lucent's new products.


A track, surface mounted mono point or pendent cylender LED spot light.

We looked at 3 of them:

  • The Nano (20mm diameter, 1.4w to 2.6w, 70-210lm, 15°, 25°, 30°)
  • The Micro (40mm diameter, 6.3w, 550lm, 15°, 24°, 36°)
  • The Mini (60mm diameter, 6.3w, 744lm, 12°, 24°, 36°)

The Micro with hex louver

The Mini









  • The hex louver finish could match or be different than the fixture finish color. (copper, gold, black)
  • trimless, round or rectangular shape, track system.
  • Wall sconce is coming out soon. (end of 2018)
  • Magnetic connection track adapter.
  • The track adapter and the control box (0-10V dimming) fits within the track.


Line26 Cube:


Multi LED downlight with cube baffle with die cast housing and minimal trim (trimless is also available)

  • Available in 2, 5 and 10 multi LED module.
  • White and black fine texture finish.
  • 2700K and 3000K CCT options, 90+ CRI.
  • 12°, 34°, 48° light spread.
  • 40° to 45° cut off angle.



A fixed and adjustable downlight or wallwasher with "LED50" module, Non-IC housing.

  • 2700k, 3000k, 4000K CCT options.
  • 18°, 22°, 36° light spread options.
  • Phase, Dali and 0-10V dimming options.

It costs around $100. (DN)

*Not all the tray options are on the cut sheets.

*Not available in US market.



LED50 Ambiance WarmDim



  • Multi optic high output LED module
  • Cree LED chip.
  • Available as standard 80CRI or Plus version 90CRI.
  • 18°, 22°, 36° light spread options.
  • 2700K/3000K/4000K.



SLV Lighting

Today, we looked at some of the  new products from SLV Lighting.

TRIA Family:


A 1" (620lm) and 2" (1150lm) recessed light with the following options:

  • round or square aperture
  • 27K, 30K, 35K CCT
  • 15°, 25°, 40° beam spread
  • 0-10V dimming down to less than 5%.
  • Variety of reflector finishes like white, black, gold, and dark blue (very interesting).

Tria only comes with an overlap trim.

Dark Blue Reflector




A recessed adjustable downlight with  3"open aperture, 14W power, approx. 667lm, 60° light spread, and the following options:

  • round or square aperture.
  • smooth or rigid baffle.
  • variety of colors including White, Black, Steel Nickel and Bronze.
  • Triac ELV driver

This fixture costs around $40. (DN)




A ceiling mounted luminaire with indirect lighting. It is available in 5" diameter (8w, 3000K, 750lm) and 9" diameter (13w, 3000K, 850lm). The 5" has directional option with 25° adjustability.

The Structec LED


It comes in 2 options of surface mounted monopoint and track head with full rotation to aim light where needed. It is available in black or white finish, 24 watt (2200lm),  31 watt (4000lm) with 36° and 60° light spread.

The small track head comes with different accessories.


They ship from Florida and there is a 10 days lead time for custom color and 2 days for delivery.

FLATZ Family

A surface mount low profile luminaire with an architectural look and low glare optics. It comes in 4", 6" and 8" round and square shapes, 700 to 1200 lumens, standard 90 CRI with 2700K and 3000K options.

This fixture is wet listed and also is a great option for closet lighting and utility room.

We took a quick look at their 3N1 Under-cabinet lighting. It has a switch to change the color from 2700k, 3000k, and 4000k (mood setting). It is available in white and bronze, 12" length, and hard wired.


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