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Today, Innermost stopped by our office to present their decorative fixtures. They are based in London and Hong Kong but their products are also stocked in Connecticut. Eclectic range of products.

The Design Collection:


It's a really interesting ring pendant with micro-weave fabric and lockable mechanism. The LED comes in 90 CRI, 2700K as standard. No striations in the output. Metal trim for less glare coming soon. ADA compliant. A Great option for hotels.

For the Chandeliers they have Brass, Silver, Brushed gold as standard. Custom or bespoke finishes are available by request

The Chrome ball for the Beads pendant comes in 2 sizes with 4 standard finishes.

The Brixton is a spot pendant. It's available in 10W and 15W, 3000K (looks definitely warmer with the copper finish), available in Gloss White, Anodised Copper, and Graphite finishes.

On this category they offer fixtures with more flexibility for finishes and sizes(mix and match).

Essential Collection:

The LEDs follows Zhaga standard which allows the light source to be interchangeable with other manufacturer's LEDs.

Cobra is a wall mounted LED task light with a fully adjustable, flexible stem. The light comes with a USB charging socket. Cobra 90 with 90cm stem has a leather cover; in white or in brown leather with a gold anodized inner hood. Cobra Nude is 45cm long comes in black or white painted stem finish. 

The two other fixtures which we really liked are The Bracket and the YOY light.

The YOY wall presents an interesting shape on the wall. The fixture is available as a table lamp. YOY has Cree chip and comes in 3W, 100lm, 2700k or 4000K, and 80+ CRI.

The Bracket is a low profile high output LED wall light with a minimal slim section 


Alva Lighting

Alva might have a small list of fixtures that they offer, but what they do have are well thought out designs. They specialize in ADA compliant fixtures across the board. All of the fixtures are standard with 0-10V dimming or lumen select, which allows you to select the lumen output on the fixture in the field or in the factory.

Two of the fixtures, Betty and Bob are available with an integral emergency battery option while still maintaining the ADA requirements of being under 4". They can also have an integral occupancy sensor added to the fixture.

Most of the fixtures are in stock but they also have a quick ship program. They list their current stock on their website to aid in the ordering process.

For the interior fixtures there are available with six variations of fabric encased resin shades are available as well as a white opal acrylic shade. The two exterior fixtures they offer, the Beau and the Tex are available with three standard finishes. On orders over 500 they are able to provide custom finishes.

These compact decorative fixtures are a great option for energy efficient corridor lighting. All of the fixtures are offered with a 10 year warranty.

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