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HK Lighting

HK Lighting is an exterior lighting with a strong emphasis on being able to customize their products. Almost half of their products have some type of customization.

  • Standard product is aluminum but they can do brass and bronze as well
  • developed a heatsink adapters that fit into the grooves of the Soraa lamps and extend the lamp life. With the MR16 version it allows you to use the 9watt in an enclosed fixture. Fits all of the lamps including the GU10, PAR, and AR111.
  • Angled snoot can adjust to different lengths. The standard when it ships shows the grooves.
  • Have two sizes of flood lights that use gobos.
  • Slim path lights can be customized to be different heights
  • Bollard light has a far distribution and can also be provided with a GFCI outlet integral to the fixture.
  • Can make any of their fixtures turtle rated

G Lighting

G Lighting is a company based out of Missouri. They specialize in LED fixtures featuring static white, color tuning, and tunable white technology. They have a wide range of standard products that are mostly made with acrylic, however, they are open to customization.

The Orbis is a circular ring pendant fixture that has a unique profile from what we see from other manufacturers with a portion of the inner lit lens sticking below the outer band.

Another unique thing we discovered about G Lighting, is that because they have their own facilities where they manufacture everything themselves, they sometimes do renovation and replication projects. They have a series of traditional fixtures they offer, but can also do replications from scratch.


PMC Lighting

PMC Lighting is a manufacturer based in Rhode Island. They pride themselves as being a custom manufacturer. They have partnered with Lumenetix to provide tuneable Aura modules in both their recessed downlights as well as most of their other fixtures including linear and troffers. The modules allow you to dim the fixtures, change the color, and the hue and saturation. There is an app that lets you group fixtures and customize them. You can also tie it into a control system using DMX.

The ArcX is family of curved linear fixtures that come in standard or custom pieces. The standard shapes are able to be connected together to form custom patterns and are available as a quick ship program. Radii larger than 6', they are able to incorporate the Lumenetix Aura modules.

All of the fixtures that PMC offers can come in any RAL finish at no added cost.


Apogee Lighting

Apogee Architectural Lighting stopped by our office to show us their product lines. Their website does not show the complete story of what they offer and what they are able to do.

The first fixture family we looked at was the Lightscape family. The Lightscapes are complete luminaires that incorporate Newmat material at the face of the fixtures with LEDs backlighting it. There are several standard shapes, however where they stand out is the custom shapes they are able to do. Apogee populates their own LED boards so they are able to get the custom shapes with even illumination. 16'x8' is the largest single fixture they are able to make. There is also a sound dampening version that incorporates sound absorbing material inside the fixtures.

Apogee is also able to provide LED boards to backlight Newmat ceilings. They have the ability to use optics on each of the LED nodes allowing them to achieve a 1" depth with even illumination. An important thing to consider is that the deeper the backlight depth, the lower the cost is.

Apogee has a linear fixture that is completely encapsulated for a diffuse line of light. The standard colors range from 22-4K. The light strips are stocked and made locally.

They also have a clear encapsulated linear strip that is 120V, ELV dimmable and exterior rated. It is available up to 300' per power connection and is cuttable in 4" increments. The tape light can also be provided with a diffuser.

It was great getting a better look at what Apogee is able to do. Since they are a local manufacturer, they are able to ship quickly and provide help on-site if any issues arise.


Apogee Architectural Lighting

Apogee Architectural Lighting is a local company based in Long Island. They are mainly known for their work on fixtures for MTA, however they are a full operational shop in terms of architectural lighting.

We took a look at their Silhouette fixture. It is a linear LED fixture with no visible diodes that can be either surface mounted or recessed. The unique thing about the fixture is that it is all field cuttable in 2" increments including the extrusion and the lens. The extrusion can even be cut at an angle for custom installations. They do not have a mud-in flange, but you can install it as a millwork installation.

They partner up with New Mat and other materials on a lot of their fixtures and can do custom installations ranging from back-lit surfaces to unique back-lit luminaires. For the back-lit fixtures, they will typically use LED boards from other manufacturers, however if the fixture requires it, they can make their own boards to fit. With their recessed back-lit fixtures, they can either do trimmed or trimless. They usually only will need 2-3" of depth but it will depend on the material you are lighting.

Their website does not feature all they are capable of doing so it is best to reach out to them with an idea and see if they can do it. All of their fabrication is done in house and they thrive off of custom work. They have multiple extrusions to offer including several coves. A great thing about Apogee is that most of their fixtures can come with an emergency battery if required.

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