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SDA Showroom

Today we stopped by the SDA Showroom to see what is new from their line card.


We stopped by alphabet to look at many of their new fixtures. We looked at their Nu Vector Downlight series which has beam shaping technology. The fixture shown below on the right is adjustable with 0.5" aperture, 600 Lumen output, provide illumination to upto 25ft. It's a great option for a quiet ceiling. The DN price is around $155.

The standard track head is around $150, dim to dark, 1%. 0-10, DMX, Dali. Line voltage into extrusion. Each part has it’s own driver. Optic down to 10°, wallwasher, different snap-able diffuser. Offer a quiet ceiling.

They have a nice concrete fixture and surface mounted fixture with a mirror in the middle.



ALW showed their super plane twist open products. A triangle, square, and rectangle are available. However, soon their ring fixtures will have sections like these products too. These fixtures are great for wrapping around columns and have surface mounted options as well.

1.5 profile fixture: Super plane 25 ft continues run recessed mounted. Comes in fully frosted, half, and clear.

It comes in 3 standard shapes,  straight, triangle(2 open sides, 1 joint) square (2 open sides, 2 side joint)

Open side allows twisting, 30° tilt


The 1.5 moon ring: Can go up to 16 ft section recessed go around a column.

Go figure series: Linear light fix and connection hub. 2 and 4ft linear, one side and 2 sides illuminated. There is amiable hobble with screws. They have 2 to 6 joint hubs.


All of their fixtures are 90+ CRI. We looked at the pendant lights and 3 watt small downlight. There is a 4 week lead time and everything is made to order.




The ring pendant that we viewed can be a single direction fixture. It comes in many different finishes like

leather, wood, perforated patterns.



We looked at many of their outdoor fixtures (as shown below).

We looked at a larger version of the pivot that has an adjustable beam and is exterior rated.

We were also very impressed by the quality of the Buzzi and Buzzi products.


Designplan also informed us that they do have a steam room rated fixture. (what is it called?)


Ecosense is coming out with their own control system- the lore driver. The image below shows the road map of what the company is striving towards- though some of it is not yet realized.



ERCO is coming out with a new line of wall washers. A nice feature of this line is that their wall washers can be closer to the wall (1 to 5 ratio for the wall to ceiling). These come in black matte as a standard finish. They come in flanged and trimeless. These fixture should be coming out in January.

ERCO also has new bollards coming soon. (the last 2 on left come in smaller size.)


We looked at the monorail system.

There is a pendant fixture for the little track that had a 1,000 lumen output.

We also looked at the FLX Stix.



Tunable white pendant fixtures. Smaller fixtures with 0.5" aperture are 266 lumen output. Medium fixtures has 1,000 lumen output. Large fixtures with 2" aperture are 2,000 lumen output.

Hevi Lite

We looked at their sconce and their retrofit unit. The strip in the retrofit unit rotates and adjusts.



Intense Lighting

Lens Vector Technology.  Liquid crystal beam shaper.  They have shallow 2" housing. Up/Down sconces are wet rated.



We looked at their dual brightness v-stick. They have an app called saco switch.



Tri-tech. They now have silicone optic that allows for customizable optics. They have a variety of mounting options. They are also trying to minimize hardware on their fixtures.


The Lighting Quotient

We looked at their track system. They have both a wall wash fixture and a spot fixture for the track.

They also now have a bi-asymmetric distribution in their louver.


Luminaire LED

We took a brief look at their products. They offer a battery pack for their surface mounted linear fixture.






NovaFlex showed us some of their new products including the neon led and the field curvable products. The bend radius is shown the photo.



Tivoli showed us their dedicated color mix fixtures. The new tape is 97 CRI. 1 5/8" increments cut. 5/32" spacing between led chips. This tape is less than $20/ft.

*A great option for the back of a mirror. Clear uniform lighting with no dotting.

We also looked at their hand blown festoons.




They make marine grade exterior fixtures. Everything is modular which makes it all easy to replace in the field. We-ef also showed us their fixtures that take gobos.







Ketra have added to their line of retro-fit LEDs with a PAR30. It is available in either 800 lumen or 1010 lumen packages. The beam spreads available range from 15° to 60°.

They have also updated their A lamp to include a semi-directional distribution with 800 lumens and an omni-directional distribution with 600 lumens.

They also have been developing a series of recessed dedicated fixtures. Initially their focus is only fixed downlights and adjustable accents, but they are working on a wall washer as well. The downlight and accent lights have the same housing and can be modified in the field with a different trim to switch applications. The housing is standard with a shallow profile of 3-5/8" plus ceiling material thickness. The beam spreads that will be available are the same as the PAR lamps already in their lines. Ketra hopes to have the recessed fixtures available later in the year.


Targetti and Duralamp

Targetti stopped by the office to show us some of their recent fixtures as well as introduce us to Duralamp which is a recent company they have included in their brands.

Duralamp has a series of retro-fit LED lamps and tapelight that are now available in the U.S. with UL labels. All of the lamps are dimmable. They have an A lamp that delivers 1300 lumens and is completely omnidirectional making it look a lot a traditional incandescent A lamp. They also have LED filament lamps.

Their MR16 lamps are dimmable as well with either traditional dimming, or dim to warm. Both options dim down to 10%. Both lamps can handle accessories and are available in either 25° or 40° beam spreads. They are currently developing a tighter beam spread as well.

The tape that they offer is a high quality linear tape light that is field cuttable in 4" increments with both interior and exterior rated versions.

Duralamp also has a UL listed string light that can be cut in the field.

Targetti showed us their new downlight fixtures, the CCTLED and CCTLED MINI which are 6" and 4" apertures. The fixtures can be trimmed or trimless. They have a fixed downlight, an adjustable accent and a wall washer. For the downlight, there are three options that we got to see: an open reflector, a secondary reflector which also tightens the beam spread, and an insert that blocks the direct view of the LEDs. With all of the options for the downlights, the the light that was produced was nice and smooth.

We also got to take a look at some of their exterior rated fixtures. The Keplero is an in-grade uplight that is available in 2 sizes and are both adjustable. There are three platforms for the Keplero: the zoom which is the most flexible, the gimbal which is the most precise, and the high efficacy which has the most output.

The zoom platform uses one LED includes a tool-free focusing with 4 different beam spreads but is only adjustable with 20° tilt. The gimbal has 40° tilt and has four LEDs which allows for a higher performance. The HE is only available in the MINI fixture but offers 3 set optics and the highest output per wattage out of all of the Keplero families. Additionally, Keplero can also be provided as a wall wash which boasts a wide through allowing for a 10'-12' on center spacing.



Solais is a new company that we were introduced to. They started out as a retrofit LED company and have expanded to providing dedicated LED fixtures as well.

They offer varying sizes in medium screw base lamps. What is unique about Solais' lamps is that they incorporate active cooling rather than passive. With the integral fan from the active cooling, we were able to hear a slight noise when we were close to the lamp. The highest CRI the offer is 85.

We also took a look at a couple of their fixtures including track and recessed multiples. They have a version of their LED board that can be used in both track and recessed fixtures that use a violet LED in the center of the board. This imitates the look of a metal halide source.

Their recessed multiple fixtures are offered in single up to quad configurations. All fixtures are dimmable with forward phase dimming.

They have a list of several projects that have their lamps and/or fixtures installed in the city that we could visit and see them at work in real life applications.

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