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BLT stopped by our office for the first time. They have presented 2 new products from Deco.


A recessed edge light volumetric flat panel LED with low profile, prismatic diffuser, and uniform light distribution


  • Available in 40w, 48w, up to 15,000 lumen
  • Standard 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K in 80 and 90 CRI.
  •  UGR of less than 19 for glare control.
  • Suitable for 2"x2" and 2"x4" grid ceilings.
  • 0-10V dimming down to 1%

The estimated price for this fixture is 10% to 20% lower than some other manufacturers.


An edge-lit LED round flat panel pendant with 3 aircraft cable mounting, up to 6240 lumens and powder coat finish. The fixture's design is interesting. It has a slim beveled edge.

  • Available in 18", 24", and 36" diameters with 1" height and 8" canopy.
  • Delivers up to 6240 lumens
  • 3-Way adjustable LED driver provides field adjustable lumen output
  • Suitable for damp locations


Light is redirected from 60° to 90° degrees of the luminaire, UGR <19

*What is unique about this agency aside from their products, is their up to date website;

On the "featured products" section, they list all the new products. when visiting design firms, they provide a printed summary of what they are going to present, a basic info about products which we can add notes to it and eventually they will archive that with our notes on their website for later reference.





3G LIGHTING stopped by our office to present some of their new products.


Elegant, recessed  luminaries designed for continuous runs for a variety of ceiling types. Available in linear, right angle, square, and rectangle configurations with square and round aperture.


It comes with the following options:

  • Citizen LED chip
  • 3 standard colors; black, white and paintless.
  • recessed, mounted and pendent  with trim and trimless options.
  • aluminium flange screw into the housing
  •  Standard (80+CRI). Optional (90+ and 97+CR)
  • 1', 2',3' and 4' lengths with continuous run option.
  • applicable in wood ceilings with mechanical.
  • quick connectors on all product for ease of adding accessories in the field.

The round shape can be configured as 2 heads, side by side. The 50mm size has 3000lm and the larger one, 70mm has 5000lm.


They have a 5 to 7 days turnover for typical drawing for RCP with mechanical, sprinkler and duct.

A great feature in continuous runs is, that the heads are lockable and can slide within the channel for maximum adjustability and flexibility. (12" to 18")

The DL3500 cost around $135 and the DL4500 cost around $165 to $170, delivers up to 4000Lm. both fixtures have Osrom driver, 0-10V down to 1%.

Also, by using a screw driver the head can be rotated 360° and tilted 40°.


The Lina is another linear fixture comes in 2" and 3.5" with extruded lens, glued cap ends. The 2" is the deepest drop lens which they can do for the linear family.

The 3.5" costs around $55 to $65 and has 10 days delivery turnover for delivery.

The 1" and 2" dropped lens, flushed lens. The LED tray hinge for easier access to the electronic parts behind the board.

D Lina is another configuration in their continuous run linear family which is a combination of linear + down light.

6", 12" and 24" on center placement.


This fixture has been developed from corner light. It has the following options:

  • Linear and square shapes with different mounting options.(6", 8", 12" single square, 8" and 12" vertical, 10" multiple, etc.)
  • Available in 27K, 30K, 35K, and 40K
  • A 12" LED board in linear option.
  •  Standard 4' x 4' in size and upto  4' x 8'.
  • Aircraft cable in pendent model
  • Additional RGB and RGB-W options.
  • Flush lens from 1" to 7".


The new product from Kubo family

They offer different variation in drop lens and if different sizes are required to be used in one space, they will match the driver power to each dropped lens fixture to maintain a uniform illumination among the fixtures.


A round fixture with white sandblasted acrylic diffusers. It is available in various lenses (flush and 1" t0 5" drops), surface mounted and recessed on various grid, drywall and wood ceilings, 80+ CRI and 27K, 30K, 35K, and 40K color temperatures.








Dulanski Showcase




Oslo Hugger Series ceiling fan.



The FineTUNE tailored control system includes a wall mounted controller, power control, DMX drivers, cabling and Bluetooth connectivity, daylighting zone , changing from one zone to another.. It doesn't require programmer to do the set-up since it's pre-programmed with their Tailored control system.

It has different scenario screen time. For example, a teacher platform with different options like, fix with direct/indirect lighting, Energize and calming light levels

Bluetooth, DMX, daylighting zone , changing from one zone to another.

Online app for different commissioning (programming) is also available.


Finelite is having a new linear product.

Gaps between joints screwed are remove to make it easier connection

There is a diffuser to not let the light get out. 10 days to get out of the factory.

E2 Indirect/Direct (E2-ID). It has power supply boxes and power suspension cables that enable independent control of uplight and downlight.

HPT IS A NEW 2"x2" fixture

it’s available in fine tune. Independent intensity and has acrylic and direct board behind it.



"Aerial" is the new linear product. It has direct and indirect distribution via a clean combination of a high performance light engine and 3-D light guide.

It is available in 4' and 8' length that can be joined to create continuous row and 6.3w/ft and 12.7w/ft options.



FL Series, advanced architectural flood and spot light.

Updated Highlighter Series.

300mm/1ft modular design for curved or straight sections, 3w/ft and 5w/ft, 12°, lengths of 2', 4', 5', 6', Monochromatic or RGB & RGBW High Output LEDs with Color AMP. (Diver on board is under development.)

Color AMP, Automatic Maximization of Lighting Performance in Multicolor LED Luminaires  (right side) provides following benefits:

  • 2 to 3-time increase of light output in specific colors in four color luminaires
  • 2 to 3-time reduction in number of luminaires to achieve the same color effect
  • Significant cost saving due to lower number of fixtures required, as well as upon installation
  • Additional flexibility in lighting design
  • Automatically sets the maximum possible light output for any color or any combination of colors
  • Whereas in a standard mode, a four color, RGBW luminaire, designed for 100W total power consumption, limits each color by a quarter of its maximum power draw, in this case 25W per channel.

Amiable wall-washer/wall grazing and cove lighting with adjustable aim mounting track and brackets: 0-90° in 10° increments


This cute-able LED sheet in almost any form (ex: pixels) costs $120/ft.

For installation behind an translucent object or light box , it just needs 0.5" breathing space and service.




AETHER, a 2" downlight with warm dim, single chip, Tunable white. (1800K to 3000K.), shallow and  standard aperture options. 360° Adjustable lens, magnetic connection and there is Rotation guideline on the for adjusting Aiming angle.

The track heads come in 4 sizes and the largest one has an adjustable lens with 15° to 50°  light distribution.


The smallest (far back) deliver 900 lumen and costs 40$.


XAL Showroom

At the new XAL showroom, they presented the new commodity and boutique products.

Under the Commodity products we saw the Vela, Mino 2.5 and Baso family.

Vela Evo was launched globally in 2017 in 3 sizes of 1.5', 2', 3' and 4' diameter. The 1.5' model is priced at $540 and goes up to $5000 for 4' version which can be used even as a high bay architectural fixture due to high lumen output.

What is unique about this fixture is the double sided printed led board, for uplight. Currently, the standard color temperatures although the tuneable white is under development for European market, it is available in both tuneable and RGB for US market.

In the surface mounting installation the gap between the cone shape housing on the back of the fixture and the ceiling is just 1 inch and wont be noticed even when looked closely.

The BASO family is another product which we looked at. It is exclusively available in US market and comes in 1.5", 2.5" and 4"  wide recessed extruded aluminum profile, trimless or with trim. The Wallwasher  version has 1.5 aperture, snap-in lens, 3500K and 4500K available. It is also customization for larger projects and quoted around $90/ft. The board and cover are integrated and use snap system to be placed to the channel, aluminium board to help the heat transition. It also has the wall to wall configuration.


The Baso Cove is coming on August 2018 in 3.5" and 4" aperture. It also benefits from snap-in system to be used in trimed and trimless shape in wood ceiling.

Later they showcased the Task system and Move It system which belong to their boutique products line.

The Task acoustic is an office lighting. It is an edgeLed product in 4', 8' sections, 2'x2' corner and curved corner. They recently launched acoustical panels made out of PVD  to reduce noise. It is designed in an inlay and single mount to go with the fixture in half circle or half square shapes based on fixture shape.

The Task System is another Edge lighting product in this family. It comes in 4', 8', 12' sections and 2'x2' corner which also comes as wall mounted.  There is a linear connector between each fixture. The driver is in the first 3 set to keep the board temperature down. The optic is in 4 layers to achieve low glare. There is also an extra set of LED on the back of channel to achieve the asymmetric distribution. The ratio of direct/indirect could be between 60% to 40% and 30% to 70%  uplight. The direct/indirect lighting are controlled together (no separate dimming). Suspension head and wall to wall option are also available for this fixture. The quoted price is around $100/ft.


Their other boutique product is the Move It System. It is a magnetic track system with 1" or 2" wide suspended extruded profile channel and various inset options like; spotlight, linear light and pendent recessed light and uplight which are flexible and adjustable. The spotlight has an adjustable beam angle of 17° to 43°.

The Move It system can Also be used as a wall-washer. It comes in 1', 4' and could have spotlights on the track which are non-current dimmable (12V). There are also Opals for 1' and 2' channels. Currently, the ends are glowing but they are considering to develop a non-glowing end. The snap-in system also reduces the errors of a contractor in case of the reverse installation. The channel can be used in the architectural cove. For using grazer as a cove light, only 6" spacing is required for shooting the light. They are developing a half channel in 2018 to be used instead of an architectural cove.


Digital dimming can be used for downlights on this system and Dali for individual track heads (700 lm to 1200 lm). They are currently looking to work with US control system manufacturers to make their controls compatible with this line.

From the Move It family, the Move It 25 with multi connector node is a unique outstanding magnetic lighting system. It can be ordered as a standard parts from the cut sheet. The end cap is a around unit which is power feeder with electric connectors, remote driver, 24 constant voltage. Each power feeder can takes 6 arms (channel is not cuttable. It has magnetic part.) with possibility of rotation for each arm to achieve the desired angle. It is a time consuming and expensive fixture, since it needs a lot of customization and communication.

And finally, they presented their newest creation, UNICO.

It gives a total control and flexibility over the light shape. They achieved a very narrow 12° spot, 35° round or square spot,  55° and 75° flood light, wall washer and symmetric/asymmetric light distribution all in one fixture. It has 2 mounting option, 6 design shapes, 9 light insets (up to 420 lm each) and three control options which can be individually combined.



Folio Lighting

Folio Lighting is an Italian company specializing in edge-lit lighting panels. All of their fixtures are manufactured in Italy and have a 6-8 week lead time that includes shipping. They pride themselves on custom work so they do not have any standard sizes. The panels can come in 35K, 4K, 65K or RGBW.

You can either use the lit panels on their own or with a diffuse panel in front of it that they provide. Another interesting thing they can do since they are so custom oriented, is curve the LED panels.

They also provide their own stone panels that are 3mm thick with 3mm of glass on one side. The thickness of the stone allows light to be transmitted evenly when installed against their edge-lit panels. We are not sure if the stone comes installed onto the LED panels or not though.

We also took a look at their Rego Line and Frame fixtures which are built fixtures with edge-lit LED technology. The fixtures come in options of 2", 4", 6", 8", or 12" widths. Custom lengths are available as well as lit corner pieces.


Cooledge Lighting

Cooledge Lighting has thin led products that are all UL listed. The material itself is a heat sink so you don't need any extrusions or additional material. You can simply mount straight to your material of your installation.

There are different sizes available starting with 1.4". The strips are field cuttable with rolls up to 30'. For the thinner strips there is not a way to add lengths to the end of the run so a new power supply would have to be run from the other end.

Cooledge also has sheets that are 12" x 12". These sheets can also be cut in the field. The great thing about the sheets is that they are connected with snaps to one another which makes for an easy installation. Because the LEDs are close together you can get uniformity backlighting materials with 2-3" depth. All of their products are 0-10v dimming standard.

Cooledge provides their products with a reasons price point making them a standout to their competitors and worth consideration.


Visual Lighting Technologies

Visual Lighting Technologies have been updating their fixtures as well as developing new ones and stopped into our office so we could look at them.

We are always looking for solutions for backlighting surfaces. VLT has two different panels for these types of applications, ELP-L and ELP-G. Both have been revamped to offer the same light output as before but with lower wattages. Both panels offer different qualities to accommodate various project restrictions. The ELP-L is preferable for backlighting materials such as onix, frosted glass and acrylic with large LED spacing, while the ELP-G is ideal for stretched fabric ceilings with its tighter spacing. For projects that require a lower wattage and have shallower depth allowance, and a larger budget, the ELP-G is a good fit. And the projects that have a lower budget but have a deeper allowance, ELP-L can also work for stretch fabric installations.

We also got a look at some display lighting they have developed. They have a new 4watt puck light that is dimmable standard and is available in 15°, 30° and 60° beamspreads. We did notice a little bit of discoloration at the edge of the beam but they said they can add some diffusion at the edges to help smooth it out.

The Orb is an adjustable accent for display cases with a 45° housing. It can come in one, two, four or six heads. The heads are fully adjustable and lockable so that once they are aimed properly you don't have to worry about someone bumping into it and having to redo it.


VLT is developing another version of their Light Run fixture, which is one that we really like and have used on several projects since it is a completely diffuse line of light with a small extrusion. The new version of the fixture incorporates a dynamic strip allowing you to tune the white to any color temperature through the use of two circuits.

We asked about a possible version of the Light Run in a 45° extrusion and they said that they are developing a prototype in the next month and should hopefully have a solution to it soon.


Feng Shui Lighting

We were introduced to Feng Shui Lighting a few weeks ago at the SDA showcase. Since it was just a brief meeting, they came to our office so we could get a better understanding of all that they have to offer.

Their bread and butter is backlighting with edgelit panels and their LED 'net' system which consists of strips of LEDs equally spaced in vertical rows.


Feng Shui has three types of LED panels to fit an assortment of project needs. Their Slim LED and Slim XL panels are both frameless and very low profile panels and can be edge lit from one, two or four sides. The advantage the XL panel has over the regular slim panel is that it can accommodate larger sizes. Both are available in 3K, 41K, 53K, 65K and RGB. They can also do custom shapes.

Their third type of panel is the Core LED panel and is a more robust panel with the LEDs built into an extruded aluminum frame. The frames can accommodate various material to back light.

Core LED Panel_brown

Feng Shui offers dynamic white in some of their panels that can be programmed to transition automatically between on color temperature to another.

We also learned that Feng Shui also specializes in custom fixtures with the use of wood veneer, textiles and artisan glass. They are also working on a series of downlights that incorporate decorative glass and acrylics. We saw a sample of one that is being developed that used an acrylic rod that extends out the bottom of the fixture. When the fixture is switched off, the rod appears completely transparent, however as soon as it is switched on the rod is diffuse with the light coming out of the end. We noticed rings on the ground because of the pattern in the acrylic causing the diffusion, but it could be solved by using a lens between the LED and the rod. It was a really nice piece that has a unique decorative feel in both on and off positions.


Bandis Vision

We had the opportunity to see a new LED panel manufacturer at our office yesterday, Bandis Vision.

Bandis Vision speciallizes in acrylic panels that are etched vertically and horizontally then are edge lit with LEDs for a luminous surface. Both various color temperatures as well as RGB are available. Most of their products are made in Toronto where their headquarters is, but they do have a less expensive version made in China. Although it is only 10% less.

They can provide the panels by themselves with multiple U channel options that can accommodate varying sizes of panels. Or they can offer it with a frame that can capture materials such as signs or graphics to be backlit. The frame can open up to easily replace the material in front.

They are open to customizing the panels to fit site requirements. The size of the individual panels can get as large as 5' x 10'. However, the panels can be butted up next to one another by removing the the channel along those sides. You can increase the light output by having the LEDs on more edges instead of the typical single edge for small panels. Shapes are also a part of their wheelhouse, but does add a longer lead-time.

All of the panels are dimmable and come with a pre-programmed remote for the RGB panels that allows the users to control the colors as well as set scenes. There is also an app available.

We have seen several LED panels like this before from other manufacturers, but it's always good to have another option to do a side-to-side comparison. According to Bandis Vision, they have the upper hand in terms of output they can produce.

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