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Xeleum is a manufacturer that specializes in utilitarian fixtures but also has developed a wireless control system. During the commissioning, they provide a dongle that connects to a computer and contacts the fixtures it finds locally to set up programming. The technology is integral to their stairwell fixture and can be added to most of their fixtures as an add-on.


Eaton Controls: WaveLinx

Eaton has developed a new brand of controls called Wavelinx. It is a wireless system that implements the use of an app and wall box keypads instead of a larger complicated control system. The system uses control boxes that have a range of up to 200' and can be combined with other boxes to increase the range.

Eaton has sensors that can be integral with their fixtures or they can provide a relay switch pack to use with fixtures from other manufacturers. They also have dimming relays that can control any fixture as well as receptacles. The standard dimming protocol for the Wavelinx components is 0-10V, but they do have a module that can be added to handle other types of dimming.

Wavelinx is designed to be an easy solution for new spaces as well as retrofitting existing spaces without the need to run extra wires. The app automatically commissions the zones to meet title 24 when you create them and you can tailor them after the fact.

Eaton is planning to have training programs in order to help the contractor and specifier know better how to implement the system.

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Ketra Lighting

Ketra is a new company from Austin that stopped by our office. They specialize in a control system that allows you to have total color control of their fixtures as well as limited control of fixtures from other manufacturers. Ketra's control box can be used on its own or incorporated into a larger control system coordination.

Ketra offers both a linear fixtures and LED PAR lamps. With their control system you can change the color temperature and CRI along the black body curve as well as static colors. Output is maintained regardless of color temperature. Their proprietary software is available to download and program scenes and settings for your lighting design, or fixtures and lamps can come preprogrammed from the factory.

Working on a closed loop system, Ketra allows you to calibrate color and temperature amongst the fixtures providing consistency across the board.

They said that they are developing a 3" downlight and hope to release it soon. We will have to see what the final product looks like, but we tend to be a little hesitant when companies that are traditionally focused on other aspects of lighting such as controls, try and get into the downlighting game.


Vantage Controls

Vantage Controls stopped by to give us a rundown on their products. All of their equipment integrates with other components, i.e. shades and A/V, so they do not need a third party company for coordination. There is less hardware than their competitors so it is easier to manage and install.

Vantage offers a series of LCD keypad options called the Equinox, and are similar in appearance to an Apple product. The Equinox 40 is a smaller keypad that offers three widgets that are customizable for user flexibility. Each keypad has 3 pages with 5 landing points on each page. Each landing point can control a scene or can take you to a new page. Vantage is proud of the fact that not only are their interfaces and controls customizable, but the user can modify themselves without needing to set an appointment with a technician. Their regular keypad options are all available with a flush and a millwork adapter allowing for a seamless appearance.

One unique thing we liked about their systems is that their components can sense the load type instead of having. This feature takes care of issues that might arise during the installation in the field.

Vantage seems to have a lot of technical resources not only within their company but within SDA as well.


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