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XAL Showroom

At the new XAL showroom, they presented the new commodity and boutique products.

Under the Commodity products we saw the Vela, Mino 2.5 and Baso family.

Vela Evo was launched globally in 2017 in 3 sizes of 1.5', 2', 3' and 4' diameter. The 1.5' model is priced at $540 and goes up to $5000 for 4' version which can be used even as a high bay architectural fixture due to high lumen output.

What is unique about this fixture is the double sided printed led board, for uplight. Currently, the standard color temperatures although the tuneable white is under development for European market, it is available in both tuneable and RGB for US market.

In the surface mounting installation the gap between the cone shape housing on the back of the fixture and the ceiling is just 1 inch and wont be noticed even when looked closely.

The BASO family is another product which we looked at. It is exclusively available in US market and comes in 1.5", 2.5" and 4"  wide recessed extruded aluminum profile, trimless or with trim. The Wallwasher  version has 1.5 aperture, snap-in lens, 3500K and 4500K available. It is also customization for larger projects and quoted around $90/ft. The board and cover are integrated and use snap system to be placed to the channel, aluminium board to help the heat transition. It also has the wall to wall configuration.


The Baso Cove is coming on August 2018 in 3.5" and 4" aperture. It also benefits from snap-in system to be used in trimed and trimless shape in wood ceiling.

Later they showcased the Task system and Move It system which belong to their boutique products line.

The Task acoustic is an office lighting. It is an edgeLed product in 4', 8' sections, 2'x2' corner and curved corner. They recently launched acoustical panels made out of PVD  to reduce noise. It is designed in an inlay and single mount to go with the fixture in half circle or half square shapes based on fixture shape.

The Task System is another Edge lighting product in this family. It comes in 4', 8', 12' sections and 2'x2' corner which also comes as wall mounted.  There is a linear connector between each fixture. The driver is in the first 3 set to keep the board temperature down. The optic is in 4 layers to achieve low glare. There is also an extra set of LED on the back of channel to achieve the asymmetric distribution. The ratio of direct/indirect could be between 60% to 40% and 30% to 70%  uplight. The direct/indirect lighting are controlled together (no separate dimming). Suspension head and wall to wall option are also available for this fixture. The quoted price is around $100/ft.


Their other boutique product is the Move It System. It is a magnetic track system with 1" or 2" wide suspended extruded profile channel and various inset options like; spotlight, linear light and pendent recessed light and uplight which are flexible and adjustable. The spotlight has an adjustable beam angle of 17° to 43°.

The Move It system can Also be used as a wall-washer. It comes in 1', 4' and could have spotlights on the track which are non-current dimmable (12V). There are also Opals for 1' and 2' channels. Currently, the ends are glowing but they are considering to develop a non-glowing end. The snap-in system also reduces the errors of a contractor in case of the reverse installation. The channel can be used in the architectural cove. For using grazer as a cove light, only 6" spacing is required for shooting the light. They are developing a half channel in 2018 to be used instead of an architectural cove.


Digital dimming can be used for downlights on this system and Dali for individual track heads (700 lm to 1200 lm). They are currently looking to work with US control system manufacturers to make their controls compatible with this line.

From the Move It family, the Move It 25 with multi connector node is a unique outstanding magnetic lighting system. It can be ordered as a standard parts from the cut sheet. The end cap is a around unit which is power feeder with electric connectors, remote driver, 24 constant voltage. Each power feeder can takes 6 arms (channel is not cuttable. It has magnetic part.) with possibility of rotation for each arm to achieve the desired angle. It is a time consuming and expensive fixture, since it needs a lot of customization and communication.

And finally, they presented their newest creation, UNICO.

It gives a total control and flexibility over the light shape. They achieved a very narrow 12° spot, 35° round or square spot,  55° and 75° flood light, wall washer and symmetric/asymmetric light distribution all in one fixture. It has 2 mounting option, 6 design shapes, 9 light insets (up to 420 lm each) and three control options which can be individually combined.





We got the chance to see some of the updated fixtures Metalumen has been working on; the Rail, the Grande and the Caledonia.

The Caledonia is offered in a pendant, recessed, recessed vertical and surface applications. The surface version currently is not for wall surfaces. The Caledonia requires a remote driver and is only available in LED. The recessed versions are available in flanged and flangeless with mud in ring options. Dimming is standard.

We noticed with the Rail you can see the LEDs on the large version but on the thinner profile, the lens was evenly illuminated.
Quick ship is available for some of the fixtures in their lines.




Architectural Lighting Works stopped by with Stan Deutsch and Associates so we could take a look at some of their products they have been improving.
They highlighted their linear fixture lines which all come in increments of 1’. All of the linear products are dimmable through either 0-10V or Lutron A Series. The lumen output can be specified for the linear fixtures.
One fixture they highlighted in particular was their surface mounted linear wall washer. Right now the fixture is mounted on a fixed bracket, however in the near future they will be coming out with an adjustable bracket providing more flexibility.
We also looked at their regular surface linear fixture as a potential for mirror lighting details. The lens is flush with the fixture which would allow it to be installed in a built channel plumb with the mirror edge.
ALW also showed us some of their down light collections. They have come out with an LED down light available in both 7watt and 10watt versions. Both versions have a 38° beam spread. This fixture is designed to be used as a replacement for the MR16 down lights when a designated LED board is preferred as opposed to the LED MR16 retrofit.
Several of their fixtures are now on a quick ship program assuring fixture availability to ten business days plus shipping time.


Nulite Lighting

Nulite Lighting

Nulite stopped by to show us the products that they have been developing recently. They are known for their fluorescent fixtures primarily, but are starting to put more of an emphasis on their LED products. The first products we looked at were their troffer fixtures. They have both a regular version as well as a shallow plenum version. With the shallow plenum, we were able to see the nodes but they said that there is an additional insert that can be placed on the lens to correct this. However, this lens would reduce the light output. The troffers are all dimmable with 0-10V out of the box. The dimming is built into the price already.
We also looked at their recessed linear LED fixtures that are being released within the next week or so. They will offer three different width options with different light outputs for each. All of their recessed LED products come with integral emergency options.
Another product that they are releasing soon is a pendant called YC-R. It is a direct/indirect LED pendant with a unique thin horizontal profile.
They have put in a lot of thought and care to the design and performance of their fixtures. Right now because of low sales (only 5%) for their LED products, however, the price point for their fixtures is double that of their fluorescent versions. With more sales and/or a big project that price could potentially go down.


Stile Lighting

Stile Lighting

Enterprise Lighting Sales stopped by with Stile Lighting to show us some new products. All products are very modifiable. Stiles Lighting is very performance driven and their optics are all customizable. One fixture they highlighted is their Lynk fixture which comes in both fluorescent and LED options. The fixture is customizable with various optic options. It also is customizable for lamp configurations and shape. The fixture has a very unique aesthetic so it would have to be for the right project but the options are very open.
Another fixture they showed us was the Zynn, a linear product with both fluorescent and LED options. This fixture can be wall mounted, suspended and pier mounted for stack lighting.
Stile Lighting has a lot of linear pendant options with unique profiles so it would be for a specific project but the performance of their fixtures is very high.


SPI and Advent Lighting

SPI Lighting

O’Blaney Rinker Associates came with SPI and Advent to show us their latest products. The Echo 1.5 is a linear LED and comes in 6” increments and has a good forward throw. The fixture comes with internal optics and comes standard as 35K and 45K, they can also provide 3K.

They showed us their cove product that can either come with T5 or LED. They are not known for their cove but offer a good option for projects with a tight budget. The regular cove product is $30/ft. and they have one for $15/ft.
They also showed us decorative fixtures from their Advent lines. Two fixtures that they showed us but have not been added to the website are ACP142422 and ACP140903. Both are pendants offered with either CFL or LED. Both offer custom sizes. Some of the decorative LED fixtures are offered with emergency options. Everything they offer is built to order and very customizable. They offer a short turn around even with customizations.


Tempo Industries

The Dulanski Group brought Tempo Industries by after Leducation so we could get a closer look at what they have been up to. Their new product is their C7100 that comes alongside the original C7000 series but is not meant as a replacement. Comes standard in 3500K and boasts 900 lumens/ft. The design of the fixture allows for good heat management. They are using CREE LEDs. Right now the fixture is using a ten or four spacing but soon they will be offering 22/ft. spacing which will provide a much tighter and cleaner line of light without the appearance of the individual nodes. This fixture is meant to be a replacement for fluorescent industrial strips. Tempo is working on getting an emergency ballast for it as well as looking at an occupancy censor integration. Their main focus has been with the design of the LEDs and lumen output; however their next area of focus will be to have more capabilities with the optics.

Tempo Industries


Tbar LED Smartlight

Stan Deutsch Associates stopped by with JLC Tech to introduce their products to us. They showed us their T-BAR LED Smartlight which allows you to have a relatively small profile while providing ample illumination. The whole module has mounting brackets that fit standard suspended ceilings so it can be installed for new and existing ceilings. The Smartlight comes with three options, a diffusing lens, cut off reflector and an asymmetric lens. The diffusing lens option has an Acrylic microprismatic de-glaring lens that is great for general illumination. The cut off reflector provides another good option for general illumination where a dark-light effect is required. The asymmetric lens is a good solution for wall washing applications. The T-BAR LED also came with an option for a directional sign. This product provided a great option for signage while serving a double function as a lighting device with ample illumination. A solid band around the edge of the sign can also be specified if just a simple lit sign is desired. The fixtures come in neutral white and warm white. RGB or single color options are also available for all T-BAR systems.

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