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Tempo Industries

The Dulanski Group brought Tempo Industries by after Leducation so we could get a closer look at what they have been up to. Their new product is their C7100 that comes alongside the original C7000 series but is not meant as a replacement. Comes standard in 3500K and boasts 900 lumens/ft. The design of the fixture allows for good heat management. They are using CREE LEDs. Right now the fixture is using a ten or four spacing but soon they will be offering 22/ft. spacing which will provide a much tighter and cleaner line of light without the appearance of the individual nodes. This fixture is meant to be a replacement for fluorescent industrial strips. Tempo is working on getting an emergency ballast for it as well as looking at an occupancy censor integration. Their main focus has been with the design of the LEDs and lumen output; however their next area of focus will be to have more capabilities with the optics.

Tempo Industries


Tbar LED Smartlight

Stan Deutsch Associates stopped by with JLC Tech to introduce their products to us. They showed us their T-BAR LED Smartlight which allows you to have a relatively small profile while providing ample illumination. The whole module has mounting brackets that fit standard suspended ceilings so it can be installed for new and existing ceilings. The Smartlight comes with three options, a diffusing lens, cut off reflector and an asymmetric lens. The diffusing lens option has an Acrylic microprismatic de-glaring lens that is great for general illumination. The cut off reflector provides another good option for general illumination where a dark-light effect is required. The asymmetric lens is a good solution for wall washing applications. The T-BAR LED also came with an option for a directional sign. This product provided a great option for signage while serving a double function as a lighting device with ample illumination. A solid band around the edge of the sign can also be specified if just a simple lit sign is desired. The fixtures come in neutral white and warm white. RGB or single color options are also available for all T-BAR systems.

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