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New York Digital Showroom Visit

This past week, New York Digital invited us to visit their newly renovated showroom at 5 Penn Plaza. What a success - congrats to them!
New York Digital is the NY rep for Acuity Brands, as well as many decorative and hospitality options. They are also the NY rep for Barrisol (stretch ceiling material) and Lumafilm, to work behind it.

Acuity Brands: nLight Controls

Regular and EM pack can by dimmed together. No bi-pass.
Plug-load Power Packs listen to Occ Sensor only, not switches. So if person is in room, but doesn't turn the lights on, outlets still work.
Network bridges to Gateway to create a network. Data management. For Time Clock only - if not needed, don't need to buy it.
Wireless only available for Acuity fixtures with wireless component in them, and cannot be networked.
Software available to do space management by using sensors.
Devices only take a few seconds to function once connected to a fixture.

Fresco controller also speaks to DMX. Plugs right in.




Brownlee Lighting assembles their fixtures in their facility in Orlando. As a standard, their fixtures are not dimmable, but for an additional fee, they can be. For the fixtures that offer an integral battery backup, the sensor can be located on the fixture or be remote.

There is a motion sensor called Hytronik, that is offered for several of their fixtures. It is integral to the fixture located behind the lens so you cannot see it. It is available for bi-level dimming or on/off functions.

Brownlee has spent a lot of time and effort to expand their fixture line. They have several options for hospitality applications that are very cost competitive. Their website allows you to filter various options including fixtures with integral sensors and emergency battery backups.


Kichler Lighting

We had a visit with Estrin Zirkman and Kichler Lighting in our office this week. They focused on both their main lines as well as fixtures from their Elan Lighting line.

They describe the difference between the two lines as Kichler leaning more towards the traditional style and Elan providing a more modern take on decorative lighting. We saw a sample of the Tvill from Elan. It's an LED wall sconce with an extruded acrylic diffuser. We liked the construction of the sconce with the diffuser being a solid piece of acrylic rather than an open diffuser like we have seen from other manufacturers. It helped to evenly diffuse the light more.


Elan Tvill

Elan Icekubez

Elan Icekubez

Elan Hexel

Elan Hexel

Kichler Fracture 5

Kichler Fracture 5

Most of the fixtures from Elan have a polished chrome finish to give them a more modern feel, while the fixtures from the main Kichler line have more variety with finishes and materials used. All of the LED products that Elan offers have integral drivers and are dimmable as standard. Another highlight is that the price point for their fixtures is pretty competitive for the quality that we saw from the samples they showed us.

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