Illumination WALD STUDIO




We liked the dome series.



15 days lead time. Made in Brazil.



0.5 inch by 0.5 is the smallest channel with screws in the end-cap. It goes down to 1/4" increments and over 8ft is available as one piece.

3/8” wide 800lm/ft 30, 40, 60,80 degree optic available. Node free on full and mid. Minimal visible node on a low level.

1/4” deep, 400lm/ft, node free

Variety of channels, walk over mud-in closet rods, shelves, recessed and surface mount all available.


Cool looking pendant.


We liked the finish and textures that look like ceramic.


Liked the new finish.



Interesting looking light panels.



Round fixture looked good. Acrylic all around.



New ELV Dimming. 3 and 3.5”

  • Fixed and adjustable wet location fixture.
  • upgradable to tunable, Bluetooth controllable.
  • Field replaceable optics



New sconces and wall washers were shown.



We really liked the forms and designs.


Interesting glass wet listed sconce:






48v tracks recessed, trim and trimless

Step lights:


Wood finishes for linear and new profiles:

New slim direct/indirect pendant mounted fixture. Lumium also had a new pendant mounted oval fixture.



Lightstick is a nice looking dropped lens fixture. Probably a good option for vanity lighting. But it's only available in 3000K.



Good Mono-point options.




Another lensed linear option but available only in 3000K.


Liked the mounting options.


Had a nice wrap around lens.





Custom fixture attached to hardware. Direct/ back light to a cove.

Globe mounting bracket for the light available as a pendant too! Globe, in the ground, spotlight.

  • General 5-6 weeks lead time
  • Linear products are made to order.
  • Different lenses, opacity, remote power supply.
  • A great option for shelf lighting, available in warm white and grazing.

Brand new step light, Corian face plate different colors, interior rated, different shapes, junction box with internal driver.











  • New Black Lens so fixtures are quieter looking (50% LLF)



  • Now has IP69K rated fixtures (which are rated for power washing)


  • New LORE downlight
  • Interchangeable optics (beam spread) the modular with
    10°, 20°, 60°, and pinhole options.
  • Now also owns Lumium
    • $70 DN for bracket fixture


Right side: Standard wall-washer
Left side: Wall-washer for a high ceiling.
  • They use the OSRAM LED chips with 97+ CRI
  • Rearranged LED chips to achieve a round beam spread
  • New Atrium downlight for high ceiling available as up/down distribution. It offers a quit ceiling.

Zoom fixture: 70° to 15°, also available in oval shape beam spread from 7°.



  • Works with Cassambi


  • Single diode instead of triple diode now
  • Acrylic fixture has stake mount and pendant mounting options and comes in smaller sizes. Can customize the size of the diffuser.




  • Luxflux
    • Field cuttable
  • Backlighting
    • 1.5” spacing from acrylic


  • Mimicks daylight
  • Cannot see through it


  • Next Gen cylinder and track available now


  • There are new mounting brackets and visors available for the Lumenfacade fixtures


  • Now have High-Efficacy options
  • Part of leader brands: also available in 16".
  • Matrix and Matrix Plus
    • Come in 12x12 or 2x12 options
    • 134lm/w, back lighting solution 2x12


  • Chisel Fixture
    • Comes in Warm Dim, Statics White, or Tunable White
    • $300 DN for tunable white fixture


  • They also have ceiling fans


  • 1-inch pinch custom size up, up to 4 ft
  • Nova flex is a great option for low cost and acceptable quality fixtures.


  • The hex cut around 45% of light
  • Available in different configurations as down, up, and up/down.


  • New sloped ceiling options
  • 6.5” housing options
  • New Armstrong ceiling tile fixture


  • Good heat dissipation


  • New post tops





  • Pre-made coves
  • Wooden fixtures


  • 24V Track


  • One mounting ring that fits everything
  • Interior Only
  • Back mounted ring for millwork
  • Remote drivers that dim to 1%
  • Using SORAA
  • Higher price point


  • New picture/Art Light



  • The new 200 series with competitive pricing (under $200), more output compared to 400 series coming in July.
    • mud in option comes soon (5 to 6 months).
    • Color tuning coming soon in all series (2 to 3 months).
    • $180fix + $20 extra for warm dim 30° adjustability, over 18 different optics.
    • IC housing is $20 adder.
    • Color tuning is around $50 adder.
    • Soraa lamping
    • 2.5 inch deep, a solite lens, wet location.
    • Luminet lens glass with optical potential for linear spread.


  • Can light a whole ceiling and is clear when off


  • 0-10V Dimmable
  • Cuttable to the inch
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • $40 DN/ft.
  • Have a 10 x 60 Grazer



  • Lattice
    • Screwed in rather than tension mount like TLS
  • Origami
    • Can lay things right on it
    • IP65 Rated (maintains rating when cut)
    • 866 lumens/sq. ft.
    • 12W/sheet


Smallest is 6" but they can do a longer one.
  • Braille printed on the lens


  • New Cipher System (fall product)
  • Adjustable every inch
  • Depth less than 3/8” required


  • Beam control expanded the range in added sizes.
  • Mini800 lm
  • Micro 550lm ( good for display lighting)
  • Snap-in track
  • Dali- 0-10 lutron
  • A new range of LED module
  • warm dim and tunable white
  • chip onboard
  • 0-10V, EcoSystem, and Dali controls.
  • Down to 2000k on 1%
  • The mini trim cut the price and make it a competitive option


  • New flexible outdoor FOT options (what does FOT mean?)
  • New fully flat lens


  • New Optisculpt line



  • Available in 24" and 38" diameters. 8500lm for 38" model.
  • Remote driver in the canopy.
  • There are lines on the shiny finished surface but having a matt finish prevents that.

A fixture made out of nonorganic material (no mold). It is cleanable, vacuumable, recyclable, and printable.


The 24v track heads also available in the warm dim.




Exterior fixture made from concrete fiberglass.

It has a nice horizontal distribution. Built based on the Florida code requirement. available with switching between amber color and standard white.

There is no shadow of the bracket on the surrounding. The blade part can be used to have signage and pattern since the light is thrown out from sides.



In RMZ Series the 2 micro LED is around $150 and $250 for 4 micro LED models. Available in timeless with integral driver recessed option

DL33R Downlight: Right side can be considered as an efficient fully adjustable/ flush option around $150 to $175.


  • Symmetric and asymmetry distributions.
  • New wood bollard
  • New 3w basic flood light interchangeable optic no accessory, available in 15 20 40 50 degree optics. Using new silicon lens offer 15% optical output comparing to acrylic.
  • Walli family now have wall-washer option,110 degree 120 and 130 degree optic
  • They stoped sainless steel finish and intrediuced new PVD black finish





  • Skydome is an edge-lit fixture with optional uplight.
  • The pendant mount comes with separate control for up and down individually .
  • available in 2',3', and 4' (18000lm) diameters.



New York Digital Lighting Show

At the New York Digital Lighting Show manufactures presented their new products and we've highlighted some of them here.

Impact Architectural Lighting

From left to Right are Yo.Yo, Mere,, Slikk, and Ula pendent above them.

The Yo.Yo comes in 12" and 16" diameters and 14 powder coat paint colors. Direct/indirect lighting (optional back light with porcupine lens)

The Slikk has an interesting  hour glass figure. It has a glossy white acrylic diffuser, custom LED board in 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K (80 CRI).

They offer 4 weeks quick ship for a customized finish.




Barrisol is a leader in stretched ceiling, wall, and any back lighting with a wide variety of 3D patterns, textures and recognized artist's prints to choose from.


The Acoustic light is Acoustically managed general lighting ceiling system which provide an efficient reduction noise coefficient. (diffiser and then LED diode system on top gives general illumination membranes and track system.)

Barrisol uses 2 layers of  membranes and systems, printed translucent sheets for 3D printed ceiling or wall back lighting to achieve a more realistic appearance.

Barrasol system can be installed with cove and  translucent ceiling.

They also offer a concrete finish design (print concrete on a translucent surface and back light it).

The biggest sheet of printing 3 sizes 17, tall 3000ft length 10foot translucent Normal barrisol is 8’




The Archetype is cone shape fixture with a 12.2" aperture, an Aluminium painted body, a polycarbonate silkscreened shade.


The Honeycomb has hexagonal modules in groups of 3, Clip-in connection, form a self-supporting, direct and indirect lighting , 0-10 Dimming system, 2700K and 3500k color temperatures, and the driver is placed in canopy.

Their fixtures are all manufactured in overseas and stocked in US. Therefore, lead time for available items in stock is  5 to 10 business days and for customized products or not in stock, it takes 4 to 5 weeks production time and 2 weeks delivery to job site.



Their reading and bedside lighting products have a minimalist look and great range of sustainability.

From top to bottom are the 2 of Fuse family, Tosca in the middle and Digit on the bottom.

The top right side one comes with on/off switch and the left side one is non-switched. The fixtures have built in driver, 2W, 80lm, 3000K, 330º rotation, 90º tilt adjustable angle.

The Tosca and Digit reading lights have integral jamb switches so they will automatically turn on/off when opened and closed. The Tosca has 1W, 61lm, 80CRI, 2700K, 180º rotation and 135º tilt adjustable angle. The Digit is similar to tosco with the exception of higher output of 3W and 114lm.

Olympus Trimless LED, 1W, 39lm with dimmable driver.



The luma film LED panels can be used in conjunction with the Barrisol system. It has minimal thermal output, great for thin spaces. It can be cut smaller or connected in tiling.

Adding foam for acoustic purpose.

It is available in White tuning, RGB W ( the W can be selected) Usually the 1.9watt/ft with 3000K 350lm/ft con go up to 40watt/ft with 5000K and 4000lm (It is field changeable.).

It can go down to 0% on a 0-10v dimming system depending on driver for performance.



The X-Tent is an outdoor rated stainless steel mesh fabric. It forms a diamond pattern as it is installed. Diamond sizes range from 20mm to 200mm and cable diameters from 1.0mm to 4.0mm and has 60 m/200ft expanded length.

The X-LED is an LED module system designed for the X-Tent and has the following features:

  • 1 side or 2 sided light spread.
  • 50ft span.
  •  compatible with DMX programming
  • Each node is individually addressable.
  • Clear and frosted lens options. (Frosted lens seat over the clear lens)
  • 37mm on center distance for vertical version.


They design and enginer everything and it costs around $250 with everything per 100mm spacing . For half of this spacing, the price goes up by 4 times.


Diode led

This company make the driver and LED chips in house. They have 10 years warranty for LED and 5 years for drivers.

The Neon Blaze LED strip has up to 250 lm/ft, IP68, 100w remote driver. It is available in variety of options such as:

  • horizontal and vertical installation
  •  Side and top emitting flexibility.
  • 2400K to 6000K and RGBW.
  • Potentially acceptable for harsh and extreme conditions (hot sauna)
  • Fully or partly diffused.

The LED Strips:

Fully dimmable adjustable clip on LED strips, 24v.

It can have occupancy sensor( hard wire has junction box with sensor attached to it)

Standard dimming down to 5%, 0-10v, Lutron system.

Cost wise, it is comparable and even less expensive than Lumini.


LEDucation 2018

Dado Lighting
New Exterior Fixture - acrylic glued to wood.
Also “float”
Delta Light
Edge Lighting
Electrix Lighting
Edison Price
Moving track light
Forum Lighting
Custom capabilities.
Special trick to make installation easier.
Can integrate diffusers, sprinklers, etc in the Cana
Nice new pendant: Fuga
200lumens per foot. White lens, no visible nodes. Mix and match parts.
Luminaris is 50% less expensive.
New steplights
Lucifer Lighting
drivers can be remote, but it’s one driver per fixture.
And conduit entry can be 1/2” instead of 3/4”.
KendoM Graze = 9deg
KendoS Graze = 30deg
Mercury Lighting
MP Lighting
Optic Arts
Program the driver to limit wattage
Vintage dim
Closet Rod available
And picture light
STP = Super Tight Pitch
100CRI nichia chip will be available for all products.
high output, small body.
Nice alternative for Amerlux or Intense?
Tempo Lighting
Baffles added to Pr1meFX to help with side hot-spots.
USAI Lighting
Trimless ACT
Sloped Ceiling up to 45def
V2 Lighting
Lots of finishes
Custom mounting
NOVA line is interesting, small and powerful.
100CRI tape option (94 R9) Nichia
(Visually more vibrant)
Constant Voltage for shelf
Smallest: 7SL+Pitchless+Frosted Lens




LumenPulse has added 4 new optics on all their linear fixtures including a 10 degree narrow flood, asymmetric wallwash, wide batwing distribution, and typical wide flood. The images show the wall washer and wall grazer.

Baselight has a square, mason-jar, jelly lamp.

Ecosense has launched a new line called Rise. It is an exterior floodlight with field changeable optics that are water resistant anc can withstand colder temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The fixture come in single, double or a quad head. The most unique quality is the ability to add multiple heads on a single arm and be able to focus them individually. Four quads can deliver about 11,000 lumens. It is available in 2500k-6000k. It dims to 5%.

We also took another look at the TROV L50 linear for cove applications. It is available with an asymmetric optic that allows for deeper light distribution for coves that closer to the ceiling. The TROV series dims to 1%.

Intense Lighting released a new product to their Gravity family: a 4" downlight that can be field adjusted to thickness of the ceiling material. It is also available as a pendant or track light.

The Gravity products are also available as tunable white light or dynamic warm dimming. The other products that were showcased were the MXLEDMR16 and the V-rail. The MXLEDMR16 is available in typical MR16 sizes with changeable optics from flood to spot. The V-rail is a light integrated hand rail.

The Lighting Quotient The eliptipar outdoor line is IC and IP rated. They have field serviceable divers to maintain lumen output and in the future they plan on having tunable white. They also launched a desk light that delivers 35-50 fc on the task surface and 15-20 fc on the ceiling.


LEDucation 2016

Oblaney-Rinker Associates

Barn Light Electric

Dado Lighting has a new fixture called Floatline which allows you to create a cove at the molding and in the walls. They can do any custom lengths. The LEDs are in cartridges separate from the extruded housing so they can be accessed in the field for maintenance.

Duralamp have updated all of their LED-retrofit lamps since we last saw them and they are all dimmable now.

Forum Lighting has a new fixture called Frame. The version we saw had internally lit lenses, but you can change which surface has the lenses. They also have a linear pendant that has an uplight component as well as downlight spotlights. Forum is offering a more economical fixture that is made out of steel instead of extruded aluminum. Their integrated knife-edge cove fixture comes with a telescoping tray on the end to allow you to do custom lengths adjusted in the field.

Holm Lighting (a branch of FX Luminaries) is a new manufacturer that is offering commercial grade exterior fixtures. Some of them are line voltage. Holm also has their own proprietary control system called Luxor. It can control the dimming as well as RGB fixtures. Holm offers a control cube that can interface with fixtures from other manufacturers and Luxor to incorporate them on the controls. There is also a retro-fit MR16 lamp that can be used in other manufacturers fixtures in lieu of the cube.

Intense Lighting are adding a 4" aperture to their Gravity downlight series. They already have a 6" and an 8" version. They have also added a Shallow (less than 4" depth) housing to their line.

Lucent Lighting have a monopoint fixture called the TUBEled. It can be track mounted or to a canopy. Although they are from the UK, they have a factory here in the U.S. that builds the fixtures. They are open to customs. They have a nice copper trim finish, which is not something we've seen before. Also, in additional to the typical XICATO modules and their custom board offering, they are working with the new SORAA modules for integrating into integral LED fixtures.

Lumafilm is a decently priced option for LED panels (with IP65 rating) and only requires a minimum of 1-1/4" depth depending on the backlit material. You can cut the LED sheets in the field to provide a completely custom design. Lumafilm can program the drivers if the project has wattage limitations.

Lumino has tested all their product for TM-30 (one of the first companies to do so) with impressive results. They have added RGB to their line-up and have finally brought the track and knife-edge cove detail into the US.

National Lighting is a local (NJ) company providing both front and back of house LED and fluorescent product. They had a new wood texture fixture that looked great.

V2 Lighting specializes in round and square pendant fixtures, and they can also mount to the wall as a sconce. They offer multiple sizes as well as the option to cut out a custom logo in the side of the body. There are 32 standard colors available as well as the ability to do custom colors for an adder.



Alights have a new fixture called the Apex. It has a bevel regress black trim with an internal baffle. They can modify the reflector to have a white finish, but the black is recommended to quiet the aperture and reduce glare. The fixture is not out yet but will be later in the year. They are also developing a linear wall washer with a black reflector.

Anolis is a new company for us. They had a mini projector with field adjustable beam spread via DMX.

iGuzzini have added two new finishes to their Laserblade family, gold and black chrome (this is in addition to their standard white and black). They also have released a large Laserblade fixture with a 2-7/8" aperture which is a nice addition. They recommend using the trimmed version for metal or wood applications.

N°8 Lighting have released their 400 series, which is a more economical version of their regular 800 series. The fixtures can be retro-fitted from below or installed as new construction. The adjustable version has a vertical tilt of 35° and can rotate 360° degrees after installation. The fixtures are 5-1/2" in height. Right now they only have a fixed downlight and an adjustable accent. They are working on a wall wash version. The flat trim is larger than the 800 series, but can also do the mud-in installation. N°8 has a 5-10 day shipment program.
They have been working on the mono-point as well, now offering a 2" diameter mount for wood/stone. A flush version should be available next year, along with a smooth body.

Oxygen Lighting

Tempo Lighting has a new cove that comes in 3" increments and has a serpentine form allowing for curved applications. They are also using the same LED in all their fixtures to guarantee color matching throughout a project.

TMB provides DMX controlled marquee lights and offers a variety of string lights. The string lights are LED at 2500K, which is a great option for hospitality work.

Vision Quest Custom Lighting is a full custom shop located in Long Island. They have a standard line of fixtures to choose from but can also do any custom fixtures. We can request specific LED brands when designing the fixtures.



Design Plan are now offering thin profile linear case lighting fixtures at 3000K or alternating 2700K & 45000K (for jewelry highlighting). They also had a unique down light that offered air purifying qualities.

Ecosense has acquired Journée Lighting which offers recessed lighting fixtures as well as track mounted cylinders. The finish options are black or white and have varying beam spreads from 15° to 45°. The fixtures offer an aggressive pricing.



JLC-TECH now offers linear signage lighting, along with their typical t-bar technology. It is certified such that a GC can install it, with no electrician needed.

INTER-LUX Whitegoods is now offering magnet mounting for their S20 profile.

Linear Lighting are now offering recessed downlights with LEDs. All housings have an IC rating as standard and the integral driver can dim with either 0-10V or triac. There is also an integral battery backup available. They make all of the components in house. There is a fixed downlight, an adjustable accent and a wall washer. The price point is aggressive for the quality of the fixtures.

USAI are releasing their new version of the SliverLED which has a dedicated LED instead of the retrofit version previously available. Standard dimming is 0-10V to 10-15% depending on the dimmer. They are also going to release a new LED retrofit fixture that is able to be installed in existing 6" can recessed lights. It will be available with warm glow dimming technology.



Eklipse Lighting has a new mini linear track fixture called Lifeline. You can use linear LED strips or spots on the track. The version we saw for the linear light has visible nodes, but they are redesigning the lens to remove that. We also saw their Mili light which is a linear shelf light with an asymmetric distribution. Eklipse offers good options for linear LED as well as case lighting.

Flos have acquired Lukas Lighting. This addition allows for more customization in their fixture lines.

Prudential Lighting are being represented by themselves here in the city. Their fixture, Stream, is an integrated architectural fixture that uses uplighting into the built channel. The fixture can be pendant or recessed slots. They offer an option called Prubin which ensures a tighter bin selection than the normal fixtures offer. The fixtures are built from GFRG and look beautiful and sleek.

RAB Lighting have updated their recessed light fixture family with a 2" aperture, 700lm, IC and wet location rated down light. They will be releasing a 1" and a 3" aperture soon. The DL, AA, and WW are all in one housing and can be changed in the field to each position. The new recessed fixtures are aggressively priced.


Metro Lighting Sales

Klus Lighting are an aluminum extrusion company. They can provide their own tapelight or can be used with any other manufacturer's tape.

Lighting Science Group is now offering 98 CRI and 90+ R9 value for some of their LED lamps. The PAR30 lamp is available with 10°, 25°, and 45° beam spreads.

Tokistar have released their new micro series case lighting. The fixtures are all dimmable either together or individually on each fixture. There are three beam spreads, 16°, 24°, and 30°, which are all field changeable.


International Lights

Acclaim Lighting is now offering an exterior rated linear cove light that has warm dim technology as standard. The fixture dim from 3K to 18K. The fixtures are aggressively priced.

Bega have a new collection called Home and Garden, which is geared more for residential projects. They also developed a new app that allows you to use an iPad to show the fixtures in real life installation situations.

Kreon has a linear wall washer with a chrome reflector and is available in 2-1/2" increments.

Lucifer Lighting are now offering a semi-recessed mounting option for their cylinders that lets the driver component be regressed into the ceiling and the adjustable light portion be below the ceiling. This is offered for flush into plaster, with wood following shortly. There is a new cylinder track fixture that they are hoping to have available by October of this year.

MP Lighting has a new surface mounted interior fixture. It can also be mounted as a wall sconce with direct/indirect distributions. They are also incorporating integral photo cells into some of their fixtures including the surface downlight, step lights and the linear light strip. The integration is clean and neat. There is a new monopoint fixture that can be specified with a snoot. The stem can be modified up to 20" when mounted off the wall and longer if mounted from the ceiling.



Auroralight showed us two new fixtures, the Cyclops and the Sonoma. The Cyclops is a small flood light with a machined ball socket and can be mounted into millwork, on a pole or with mounting stakes. The Sonoma is a step light that can be altered to change the distribution path.



Focal Point is now providing a new trimless down light starting at 500 lumens with incremental increasing options. The fixture is very competitively priced.

KKDC is a linear light strip company based out of the UK. The LEDs are all assembled by them so the color is consistent across the products. The 007 fixture is a node free extrusion. They can also customize extrusions.


Light Abilities

Aion is now offering a 1200 lumen per foot fixture. In the 400 series with their small extrusions, it is node free.

Louis Poulsen


Electric Lighting Agencies (ELA)

Bartco have a 5/8" deep fixture that installs right into the cutout drywall. The driver housing is on a track so it can slide across to accommodate the joists. They also have a steel housing fixture that is more economical than their typical fixtures.

Lindsley Lighting specializes in cylinder fixtures; pendant, wall, and surface. They can customize the cylinders and make them up to 6' long.


Lites on West

Academy Light




LightFair 2015

From May 5 -7, LightFair International invaded the city! As expected, the show was filled with new LED fixtures and sources. But we found that, by far, the most interesting developments were in control. Companies like Lumenetix and Ketra are developing wifi and bluetooth controls to change CCT, CRI, add color, and dim. And we saw many manufacturers partnering with these sources to take full advantage of the new technologies. We are starting to see the realities and benefits of LED, as an inherently electronic source, that we always thought were possible.

Special thanks to ALW, BIRCHWOOD, CONTECH, CORONET, FEELUX, SACO, and USAi LIGHTING for providing the evening entertainment!


































LEDucation 2015

A big thank you to the DLFNY for once again putting together a great show! LEDucation 2015 was a huge success and our team really enjoyed seeing the breadth of product on display.

Here's a list of the manufacturers we were able to stop and see:


There is a new North American facility to produce the products for the USA. They are als currently working on making their submersible linear fixture available for use here.

They are adding a new reflector in the lensed LED products to provide a clean glow of light as some complaints had been made about the visual line in the center of the fixture.

The new Noventa series is a square fixture that is designed for two lit sides perpendicular to each other. It can be hung as a pendant (diamond shape) or mounted in the corner so that the two unlit sides are hidden in the walls. The fixture can be mounted inside the corner or trimless as part of an outside corner.



All fixtures are now constant current.
They are working on new round / curved fixtures, to be announced at LightFair.

We reviewed the new DEFINE Series that should be offered mid-year (a fully developed family by the end of the year). It is a new semi-recessed fixture with the lens the only visible component. NEORAY is still working on the edge detail, but the fixture can be offered within a 1" module and cut to make any angle. Their standard color temperatures are 3K, 35K, and 4K. 27K can be provided as a special.


EPL has created a new line of fixtures called APLUS utilizing the CREE dome lens module. They offer all the CREE color temperatures, including Sunset dimming.
In addition, although EPL now offers a 10° beam with a different CREE chip, they are starting to work with the new Xicato chip to achieve tighter beam spreads.

This was a new and potentially exciting company we reviewed. They had a very large range of linear (and curve-able) product, good color and lensing (node free) options. One of their more interesting products was a linear grazer in which the optics can be shifted along the linear axis. This was done via a lever that shifted the optics altogether in a marked angle.


The X1 and X2 Blade fixtures are now available as Class 2, meaning without the large housing and with a remote driver.
New larger Blade fixtures are also available, with 30° and 50° beam spreads, the X1 cell is equivalent to the X3 cell smaller version. The fixture is offered in white or black finishes and trimless will be available next year. IP65 glass lenses are available for some versions.


Along with their typical offering, INTENSE is providing some nice trim options for the Impressions series. There is also a retro-fit option available.


The Adonis fixture was exceptionally bright for such a small package. The lens is fully opal with no imaging, and the fixture is equipped with acrylic end-caps that pick up stray light and create an almost continuous line of light when mounted end-to-end. There is a groove at the bottom of the fixture to accept wiring.
LED Linear is careful to list both the original
A new 2000K color temperature will be available in the future.

LSG has moved away from professional material and more into consumer lamps.

A new company represented by Lites on West.
They had a good collection of retail products and linear lighting.



Some exciting new developments from Number 8! A new 700mA option has been developed, providing a 1050 lumen package, along with a new 13° beam spread.
A new round bevel trim is available, which means a regressed round trim is as well.
In July, a new ELV driver that will dim to 0%.

We need to look in the consumer lamps section for more retro-fit options.


Solais had a nice set-up showcasing their different color temperature options, plus their VioLight technology. They also showed us their new 4° PAR38 retro-fit and 8° dedicated platform. These had some really great punch.
Another nice details is that the track heads have hidden power supplies within the track itself.



Nice quality exterior lighting, with modern through traditional offerings.
The SV1 lens has a 12% loss factor, and the SV2 has an 18% loss.
They were willing to do field mock-ups.



A few new surprises from TECH. They have teamed up with SORAA to provide a bi-pin replacement lamp for their decorative line.
They also have two new offerings: the RLS3 is an indirect slot detail with integral lighting and movable 850 lumen adjustable accent lights. If this series (the 3" wide slot) does well, they will consider offering wider slots. They also have a new recessed multiple series offered, in the standard 1 - 4, and grid, but also available in "fill-in" groups where you can place fixtures as needed. The fixtures have two tabs that pinch and are then used to rotate the module - you can never see behind it to the housing. Lumen packages are 1050 and 1300.


The C3 curvable fixture is offered in 240 or 330 lumens/ft. The modules are field changeable, and it is about the cost of a good tape light.





They have chosen to provide their tightly spaced LED in all extrusions. None are node free (greater dimension is required) but it does provide a good option for some details where reflection is more of an issue.

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SDA Showcase 2014

Stan Deutsch Associates had their semi-annual showcase with a good showing from their lines. A lot of the fixtures we saw, especially from Design Plan, Solavanti and Inter-lux were previously only available in Europe and other parts of the world. It's exciting to finally be able to specify some products

ALW had a few new things in their booth that we hadn't seen yet. One of them being tunable white LED strips which can go in any of their 2" or larger profiles. They also had a new pendant: Lightplane 3". The LPR3 is available in direct, indirect and bi-directional configurations.

ALW: Lightplane Round 3"

ALW: Lightplane Round 3"

Design Plan had a lot of their fixtures on display ranging from LED curved cove, pendants, bollards and recessed in-grade uplights.


Design Plan: Viviana LED

Design Plan: Viviana LED

Design Plan: After 8

Design Plan: After 8

Design Plan has brought out an LED high bay equivalent product into the market.

Design Plan: High Lite

Design Plan: High Lite

Design Plan: Illumini

Design Plan: Illumini

The curved cove light, 3D LED Flex, can bend in both vertical and horizontal axis.

Design Plan: 3D LED Flex

Design Plan: 3D LED Flex

Design Plan: Arcano Micro Movido LED

Design Plan: Arcano Micro Movido LED

Design Plan: LP3 LED Linear IP68 Fountain Light

Design Plan: LP3 LED Linear IP68 Fountain Light

Design Plan: Button

Design Plan: Button

We were introduced to a new manufacturer, Feng Shui Lighting. They provide solutions to backlighting panels with a product called Netlight. Linear strips of LEDs are attached to each other with equal spacing vertically to create a net like surface. The Netlight can either come with a frame or without for installation by others. Because of the spacing, they are able to provide a relatively shallow depth while still providing an evenly lit surface without visible nodes. We suggested the idea of a larger spacing net for installations that have more depth available but are more limited with wattage. They didn't have a solution for that, but it sounds like they would look into it for future applications.

Feng Shui Lighting: Netlight

Feng Shui Lighting: Netlight

Inter-lux Filix is now providing their Snake fixture in the US. It is an exterior recessed walk-over uplight that can be curved into different patterns. The tightest radius they can achieve is 1' circle.

Inter-lux: Filix Snake

Inter-lux: Filix Snake

Solavanti has updated their closet light so that is now available with uplight and downlight.

Solavanti: Closet Light

Solavanti: Closet Light

Solavanti: Maui

Solavanti: Maui

photo 15

Solavanti: LED Pendant

Solavanti: Hand Rail

Solavanti: Hand Rail

photo 20

Solavanti: Mirror Lighting

Solavanti: Metal Sconce

Solavanti: Metal Sconce

photo 05

Solavanti: Lichtkanal

USAI had a nice booth this year showing a lot of their fixtures in typical installations. One highlight of their booth was a new family of low profile housing fixtures. All of the houses are 4" with ceiling thickness included. Right now only downlight versions are available, but they are working on wall wash trims that will use the same housings. They are also offering higher output versions of their LED2.0 family. Another fixture we saw was a revamped sliver fixture. The new Sliver has a low wattage transformer installed and is intended for use with a retro-fit LED lamp. This way because the transformer is already a low wattage, it eliminates the need for a wattage restriction label in order to pass code. The housing was also very small which makes an even better option for retro-fit applications.

USAI: Cylinder

USAI: Cylinder

USAI: Max Output Downlights

USAI: Max Output Downlights


Dulanski Showcase

The Dulanski Group held their 10 year celebration last week by hosting a showcase for a majority of their lines. We were able to visit and see some new products from some manufacturers we are familiar with as well as a couple new ones.

Finelite: we took a look at their E1 fixture which is a slim profile pendant fixture that can come in standard configurations of a single line, a ssquare or a rectangle. They can also do custom corners of not just 90˚. All fixtures come with standard 0-10V dimming.

GVA: we got a refresher on GVA and their products. A highlight of their fixtures is the long runs they are able to do, 264m. Their technology for their diffusers is also impressive and reduces yellowing and deterioration that normally happens over time with exterior fixtures.

Iguzzini: one new addition we looked at was the inclusion of the Laserblade fixture into Systemalux track creating a unique combination system.

Oxygen Lighting: a new company to us that offers decorative options in LED. Both surface and wall sconces were available for us to look at. The larger fixtures can be customized to incorporate dimming.

Tegan Lighting: we took a look at their micro track system and their 1 watt spot. It produces a decent amount of light for such low wattage. It comes with field changeable optics of 18˚, 25˚ and 35˚. They also provide a monopoint version that can come with a flangeless installation.

Tempo Industries: the have a new fixture that is similar to their other linear high output lines. This fixture has 3 beamspread options as well as a frosted lens which makes it a good option for coves and wall grazing.

Vision Quest Lighting: was a new company for us. They do custom decorative lighting and manufacture all of their fixtures themselves. They seemed to be able to do a wide variety of products.

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