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Optic Arts

Optic Arts stopped by with their product line so we could see their updates a little bit closer and in more detail than when we stopped by their booth at LEDucation last month.

They have developed a family of linear tape called STP and is available in various wattages with a very tight pitch.

One standout product was their closet rod fixture that is designed with a polycarbonate strip at the top that helps prevent the hangers from scratching the finish and leaving a mark. There is also a prismatic lens at the bottom which was visually appealing to look at.

Optic Arts has also developed new clips that help with installation in the field. They have them in both joiner and feed connector versions and they allow the installer to connect components without needing to solder in the field. There are some limits with the design in that they cannot be combined with the STP series.

There are now three types of configurations when it comes to ordering product from Optic Arts.

  1. Field Configuration: provides all of the parts separately and the contractor is responsible for complete assembly including cutting to size. Products are available with a 2-3 day lead time.
  2. Field Assembly: provides all of the components cut to the correct dimensions to the site and the contractor does final assembly such as connecting the feeds to the power supply and inserting the LED strips into the extrusions. Products are available with a 2-4 week lead time.
  3. Factory Assembly: products are built to order in the factory and ready for installation on site. Products are available with a 4-6 week lead time.

We also got to test out the dimming capabilities of the vintage dim series. The low end was a little more orange than we would prefer, however they mentioned that you can customize the dimming curve to control how fast it gets to the low end of the color range.


Orgatech and Organic Lighting Systems

Orgatech and Organic Lighting Systems are two manufacturers that are in partnership with each other, Orgatech is from California and Organic Lighting Systems is from Europe. Orgatech has facilities and capabilities to modify and customize Organic Lighting Systems products.

Line-voltage wet location tape

  • available in 12" increments
  • not field cuttable
  • 90 CRI standard
  • dimmable

Organic Lighting Systems
Linear light strips and extrusions

  • Polyurethane encapsulated version has air pocket built inside
    Can do IP68
    Side view and top view for curves
  • Multiple extrusions available including one that is filled with resin
  • Step-light potted the same way; available in square and circle
  • Lit handrails: 4 shapes- small circle, large circle, square, and rectangle is the European website for Organic Lighting Systems and has more technical info available.


Ledi Lighting

Ledi Lighting is a Houston-based family lighting company specializing in LED tape and channel lighting.  Their products are manufactured in both Houston and overseas.

The Inspired Series features a 12 mm wide LED tape light, it is the first coated, cuttable, and reconnectable LED tape light. It comes in a variety of colors from 1800K to 4000K.

Ledi has it's own patented connector called the Zeus.  which allows the product to be cut at every 4 inches and reconnected back seamlessly to limit waste with a secure connection.

The Nano SKN is damp rated.  The High Brightness is priced at $19 per foot, and the Regular Brightness is priced at $10 per foot.

The Nude is dry rated.   The High Brightness is priced at $10 per foot and the Regular Brightness is priced at $5 per foot.

Both the nude and the Nano have an RGB option.

Their outdoor product has a rubber mounting channel that can be can be attached to any surface using screws or construction strength glue.

Lead time for the tape light is 2 days.

Quantum is their channel linear diffuse fixtures that can be recessed, mounted or suspended

They carry a squared, circle, trapezoid, angle and recessed channel.

The product ranges from 2400K - 4000K

Aircraft cable is used for their suspended fixtures and they can powder coat the flange to any color.

Lead time for Quantum is 2 weeks.

All their products come with a 5 year warranty.  Because Ledi pride themselves on service, they have a team that can help calculate any design needs with the product as well.


Tempo Lighting


Tempo is an industrial, architectural and theatre California based LED lighting company.  Their architectural line showcases mostly linear based products for interior and exterior spaces.   Most of the fixtures they offer can be made custom to accommodate different designs.   Tempo uses a 2-step MacAdam Elipse binning with 80+ CRI. All LEDs used are NICHE to maintain CCT throughout the products. Many of their modules can be replaced in the field with compression pins.

The C3S is a 3” low power, rigid and serpentine LED linear accent light.  It has a silicone track that can be flat or positioned with a stationary clip at a 10 or 20-degree angle.  This can be assembled both screwed or stapled to mount the fixture at any interval.  Because it is a module linear fixture the spacing between each LED board can be adjusted to fit what is needed per design.  RGB is tunable to 3 shades of white and dim effortlessly to 0 since the company is primarily theatre base.  $15-25 per ft.

The C4S is a 6” mid power, serpentine LED linear cove light.  It has a remote driver and a higher output compared to the C3S. The modules pivot at a +/- 90-degree angle.  $25-35 per ft.

C5R is a rigid linear, mid power, interior cove light.  Driver on board, it can have up a 790 line voltage and 60 x 115 wattage.  Track lengths range from 1’ increments up to 8’ per driver.

C6 High lumen, interior or exterior light.  The C6RX is IP66 rated.  It ranges from 2200-2700-3000-3500-4000K.  The design is more open to make the wire way more accessible.  The Modules can be made at a minimum of 1’ and maximum 6’ and has an anodized or painted finish. 

Prime FX is a asymmetric cove light.  It is designed to be mounted at the same height as the lip of the cove.  Recommended 4” away from the wall and 12-18” off the ceiling.  The fixture is 2.3”H x 1”D with a continuous run.  The telescoping spacers allow the wires to loop around itself and can be adjusted for custom lengths in the field.  They have new fabricated cove extrusions coming soon that are PVP type material and spackled. 

SPL is a step and path light.  CCT available, 2700- 4000K temperature options.  The exterior face finish can be made in black, white and espresso, with a black inner finish.  This can be surfaced as well. 

All fixtures have a 4-6 week lead time.


Dado Lighting

Dado stopped by our office to offer a refresher in what they are able to do with their fixtures in terms of custom designs. They pride themselves on being able to accommodate any angles. To ensure the installations are exact, they design and manufacture the connection pieces that allow them to have varied angles and not rely on the contractor to line up the fixtures. Everything is designed in pieces so that the contractor does not have to touch the LEDs and reduces errors in the field.

One thing we discovered they can do is to provide white LEDs on one side and RGB on the other to operate with two circuits.

The SimpleLine is their standard fixture line that is the thickness of drywall and gets mudded in for a seamless appearance.

The HardLine is an extruded fixture that lets you install the fixture in applications with wood and stone.

Dado also has the capability of printing images and patterns on their lenses. This would be a great option for incorporating room numbers into the design.

We know Dado and like to use their CabinetLine fixtures for millwork applications, but it is alway good to see examples of how they use their other lines as well.


LED Linear

LED Linear has an economic version of their standard tape called Flex ECO White. It is available at about a 40% cost savings. Like with their other families of tape, it is offered in LD or HD spacing versions. The LD comes in 5" increments and the HD is a tighter spacing and available in 2.5" increments. To save cost the economy roll is available only as a full roll instead of in exact lengths. LED Linear uses different chips in the economy line than their standard Hyrda tape and is less efficient. It can still be provided with an IP67 rating fro the roll and can be cut in the field and add the connector that seals the tape again. The economy tape also extends into the encapsulated fixtures and can be found in the Nike product.

The Luna is a new complete fixture that LED Linear is branching out and providing. The fixture boasts a slim profile and can fit within 3/4" gypsum ceilings. Any of the lenses that LED Linear offers can be used with the Luna. You can remove the end caps and butt the fixtures up to one another for a continuous appearance. Unfortunately, they do not have a way of securing them together as of now so there is a chance for the fixtures to not be completely straight if the contractor is not careful with the installation.

We also got to take a look at the Mars fixture which is another new complete fixture LED Linear has developed. Mars utilises the LD version of the tape lines because it has a series of baffles and reflectors that need the looser spacing to work properly. Because of the baffles it achieves a quiet appearance when it is in the ceiling. It is available in 5" increments.

The Vesta is a new linear fixture that has an angled extruded housing. Depending on the side you install the fixture with, you can have either a 30° or 60° angle.



VLT has been in the process of updating their LEDs so that they now have 1 bin tolerance as apposed to the 5 from their previous versions. All of their LEDs come from Nichia. They also have a new pich-less board that is fully diffuse with their frosted lens even in their smallest extrusion the 7SL.

They also have a new series of extrusions that are thinner and lighter than the previous versions and have a new lens design. This new extrusion and lens allows for longer runs whereas the previous was limited to 12'.

VLT has updated their backlit panels. They now have two diodes per node. The diodes can either be the same color temperature for a higher output or can be different color temperatures for a tuneable system. The nodes are also spaced closer together, this allows you to have the material you are backlighting closer to the panel.

Another new product VLT is offering is their LED driver power panel which can house up to 14 drivers. This panel makes housing multiple drivers easier since you are able to bring in one power input for all of the drivers. These panels can be stacked up on top of each other to make organization easier.


Lumino Lighting

Lumino Lighting stopped by the office to update us on some changes they have been making to their Vector family line.

One of the great new improvements we liked is that starting with the V12 extrusion size they will now offer the strips with a fully diffused lens as standard that will be similar to their previous fixture the V20 Super Linear.

All of their Vector fixtures can be dimmed to 1% as standard but they now offer a component from eldoLED that will allow for 0.1% dimming. The interface uses 2-wire connection and can be incorporated to existing installations as well. All of the extrusions can be run up to 26ft without a voltage drop and are available in 2" increments.

The V36 fixture has been updated to incorporate optics instead of just a clear or diffuse lens. The options available are 45°x18°, 18°, and 37°. Unlike the rest of the Vector fixtures, the V36 Optic runs with constant current as opposed to constant voltage.


LED Linear

LED Linear have been upgrading their tapelight as well as their encapsulated linear strips.

There are several qualities of tape that LED Linear offers, the Hydra is the highest quality. With all of their tapes including the Hydra, they offer it in either a low density or a high density in terms of spacing. The Hydra is field cuttable in 5" and 2" increments respectfully. The benefit of the LD version of the tape is that it comes with a 30% cost savings compared to the HD. The HD, however, can be node free in an extrusion with a frosted lens and can be specified up to 1000 lumens per foot.

The ECO line is a more cost effective tape with a savings of at least 50% compared to the Hydra tape. It has the same low density and high density variations as well.

For all of their tape under 5 watts/ft, an additional heat sink is not required. Color temperatures range from 2000K to 4500K.

They are able to encapsulate their tape so that it can have an IP67 rating. However, this does shift the color to be cooler than the original tape. They have the shifted color temperature listed on the cutsheets. They recommend when specifying the fixtures that you list the desired color temperature in parentheses. For the encapsulation, it can be on the tape itself or in an extrusion. With the extrusion, the lengths are limited.

The Hydra Lux is a version of the Hydra tape that is already encapsulated to be IP67. It is field cuttable with a male feed only. It cannot be connected to other pieces in the field. It is available in a full or half reel.



Tivoli have revamped their tapelight. It all uses Nychia LEDs, have a 90+ CRI and can be dimmable with 0-10V or MLV as standard. They have an aggressive pricing for tape in the industry. All of their tape can be provided with an IP67 rating.

The big thing that Tivoli is also now providing is extruded aluminum channels. They are using the channels provided by Klus that most tape manufacturers are using. It is nice to have them all in one place and makes specifying it simpler without having to go through the third party.

Tivoli has also brought back their variable white tape. It ranges from 2200K to 3000K.

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