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Prolume came by our office to present their 2 updated products:

They added a  new RGBW


A new light-weighted fixture


Sign Lighter: CS family, 90° beam spread.

Coming soon (first quarter of 2020): Asymmetric distribution, sconce option for Sign lighter.

Their lumen packages are now updated to 60/70 km/ft.


RAL color options are available as standard.

They also updated their curve-able linear line. Now, they offer custom-built fixtures.


Interlux: Filix

Today, Interlux visited the office to show us the outdoor products from Filix.

We started out by looking at some of their recessed paver products:


  • Black Glass is standard in Europe and is utilized in this product
    • Grey/Greenish glass is U.S. standard
  • Drive over rated


Zero G

  • 400 Lumens with the louver
  • 12W/ft
  • Poured optic
  • No striation when poured
  • Nice Louvers



  • 12W/ft
  • 1000 Lumens/ft
  • Surface mount
  • Adjustable bracket
  • 4" wall bracket


SQ100 Wall Wash

  • Hard lower line that they are working on softening
  • 7w/ft
  • 1 to 1 spacing




Today Prizm lighting visited the office to show us their new products.

They are a new division of American Lighting. They are mostly focused on RGB with DMX control system.


Pixel Cubes


This fixture comes in IP67 rated cubes, each with X3 sections which are individually addressable through DMX. 4 channels to control colors.

Available in Gold and Silver finishes as standard. Additional powder coated finishes are available.

Power and data cables

pass through one cube to the other.

Up to 18 cubes on the power cable and 40 cubes on a DMX.

The DN price is $125, just for the cube.


Pixel Dots

RGB-W with adjustable 3" to 4" spacing between the dots.

The white CCT used at the center of the diode is exchangeable for different CCTs.

The lensing is an option, available in flat clear, flat white, and dome white.

The LED chip without lensing is IP67.

The cable comes in black and white finishes.

The cable could be replaced with X2 rows of uncrafted cable



Flexible Neon:

An IP 67 rated RGB twistable Neon LED with rigid or flexible mounting clips.

Available with end or back-feeding.

4" cutting increment in RGB and 2" cutting increment for the single color.

End caps could be installed at the job site and LED is field-cuttable with fully lit ends.

Max running length of 16'-0" per single unit.

up to 32'-0" run per each power supply.

Priced around $20/ft



5.5w/ft, IP67, individual optics with permanent lenses.

Available beam spreads are 10°, 30°, 40°, and 30°X70°.

Max run length is 32'-0".

The RGBw coming soon.

This tape doesn't come with a channel but they have a wide low profile which could be used with it.

Lead time for custom products is 6weeks for production (overseas) and 1-2 weeks for delivery.




Today, Insight Lighting visited the office.

C5X Linear WW

  • Board is at a diagonal
  • Powered aircraft cable
  • Micro Louver option
  • Surface, Pendant, or Extended arms mounting options. Extended arms come in 6", 12", 18", 24" options.
  • 15W version is shown
  • 17.5 degree beam
  • Nice lateral cut off
  • Traditional J-Box, Canopy, or in Wall for mounting.
  • 2'-8' lengths in 1' increments
  • 27K-4K

Pilot Family (Interior cove and grazing; exterior grazing)


Pilot AC

  • Cove Tape Replacement Option
  • 1' and 4' module lengths
  • 120V
  • ELV Dimming only
  • $36/FT for 4W option
  • On board power supply
  • 4W and 5W (higher options?)
  • 0-10V Dimming (direct to control source)
  • Line voltage
  • RGBW Quad CREE Chip for color changing
  • 12W/FT Color changing
  • No Asym option
  • 120 degree x 120 degree


Pilot Graze Mini

  • 10 different beam patterns
  • Color changing and tunable white options (DMX controlled)
  • $85 DN per foot

Pro Spot Flood

  • 5", 9", 17" apertures
  • Quad or Tri chip available in this product too
  • Many beam spread options
  • Optical Kit is also available
  • Visor and Snoots available
  • Heated Lens option
  • Can be pendant or wall-mounted as well
  • IK07 and 3G Rated Products


  • $100 DN Per foot
  • RGB Tri-Chromatic (DMX)
  • White Static Shown (0-10V)
  • Continuous, 90 degree, T shape
  • Direct and Indirect
  • 6W down, 3W up
  • 1' Increments
  • Batwing lens available for the top
  • Max 12W per foot
  • Surface mount option coming soon

*Smaller Profile Medley Products launching next year

*Medley In-Grade: Every aspect of the fixture is IP68 Rated



Today, Day-O-Lite visited our office to update us on their products.

In general, they are open to customization and modification. They also have many circadian products.

Curved radius products

  • 2', 3', 4' diameters are all one piece
  • Up to 20' diameter
  • Soft corners rather than just 90 degrees

Acoustic felt

  • 8", 12", 16" high panels
  • Mimicked wood finishes


Telescoping piece

  • Up to 10" adjustability with the boards without light gaps



  • Adjustable indirect cove product or undercab with little toggle switch
  • White standard
  • Wet spraypaint, enamel baked finish
  • Lots of options

Quick ship: Up to 400ft of product can be shipped in 10 days



We looked at another integrated lighting solution in the mirror from MATRIX MIRROR. The fixtures feature an anodized aluminum frame, built-in light diffusion, and 1/4in anti-corrosion mirror glass. An optional anti-fog demister, Night Light, and touch sensor are also available.

The L3 Model is a direct or both a direct & indirect light source.

They also offer a Tunable white with max 6w/ft and “Touch Sensor” option on the mirror by standard and is also available with alternative control options.
”Touch Sensor” is unavailable for in sizes larger than 36”x48”.


We noted the followings in regards to their products  in comparison to what we've seen before:

Side lightings could be done all the way to the edges (top and bottom).

Because of their unique aluminum back frame and heatsink, they could go up to 250watts.

illuminated opal sections had uniform intensity with no dark edge or visible node (we noted these with the Electronic Mirror)


Lower shipping cost as their facility is located on East Coast. (almost by 50%, $800 vs $1400)

The light sources are directly behind the opal sections, lighting outward vs the other brand which uses indirect side lighting.

Standard and Tunable white (6500K to 200K) CCTs.

Their solution is not available for a medicine cabinet mirror door.

The largest single mirror size available is 60" X 118". *Great option for a fitting room.

Available with flushed insulated and trimmed recessed mountings.

**In the model shown in the above photos, the width of the illuminated area could not exceed 2" (shown 1.5" in these photos).

BUT! there is no limitation on width when frosting starts from side edges, MODEL L4. This would be the same as ELECTRIC MIRROR lighting system. (side illumination/indirect lighting)







3G Lighting

Today, we looked at 3G Lighting updated and upcoming products.

LINA Family:

we just recapped on this previously saw fixture. What's unique about their linear line is that they use one housing for all the trimmed, trimless, and grid installation.

Available with flushed and 1" or 2" dropped lens.

Surface, recessed, pendant mountings.

*They have 2 LED strips in the 2" and 3 LED strips in the 3.5" fixture.

Distribiutions are available in Direct and Direct/Indirect.

Wide batwing distribution for 1.5" and 2" fixtures are coming soon.

Average DN price for direct distribution is $50 to $65 per foot.


Their trim/ trimless Multi-cell downlight, available in single, 2, 4, 8, and 12 multi-cell configurations.

Available in MATT! black and white finishes.

Great for when a quiet ceiling is desired.

Wallwasher is coming soon. We looked at the prototype of the 4 cells and liked its clean cutoff line. It has remodeled housing with butterfly clips for mounting.


Available housings for their ZOIE fixtures are: IC rated, NC, and shallow housing.

*All multi-cells come with integral driver and are dimmable, except the single-cell model.

The Single Cell is non-dimmable as an individual but could be dimmed if multiple quantities are put together.

*Quick ship is available for 2, 4, and 8 cells.

Approx. DN pricing is as follows: $160 for 2 cells, $180 for 4 cells, and $250 for 8 cells.


Madison is their well-recognized downlight. In general, downlights come in 30mm (NEW), 50mm (max 2200 delivered lm), and 70mm (4000 up to 5000 delivered lm).

Trims are available in white, black, and custom finishes.

Available configurations are single, X2, X3, X4 and continius run.

The NEW 30mm model delivers 1000lm and available in.3 square and round trimmed and trimless.

The 3.3" fixed 70mm deep cell downlight is their economic model with DN price of $150. It has a remodel housing with quick connect for mounting and accept up to 2 media (Solit lens for wet location).

Available with Shallow, NC, and IC rated housings.

*We noticed a visible halo.


The 4.5" model (the largest) has 2 internal screws for 360° rotation and lateral adjustment (twist and lock system).


At last, we looked at the NEW 4" wallwasher. the back of the lens is speculated, therefore this not only illuminates the wall but also has lateral distribution.






Today, Aron visited our office.

Aron is a Philadelphia based company that focuses in edge-lit optical systems that re-define grid lighting. They are all about simple integration.


  • Ceiling panel rests on the flange of the fixture.
  • 2" thickness. 2', 4', 6', 8' lengths.
  • Onboard driver.
  • 2700K-5000K CCT options available. Color tuning is coming.
  • Flat T option available as well.
  • Up to 4,000 Lumens
  • Dims down to 1%
  • Medium Wide, Wide, and Super Wide optics.
  • Could be spaced 12'-14' apart if used in a corridor.
  • There is also a Duo suspended fixture.
  • Emergency Battery is available. Occupancy Sensors would need to be remote.



  • Up to 750 Lumens per Quad
  • Asymmetric is available too.
  • Lens options are coming.
  • Circle and Diamond shapes are also coming.


Ace T-Bar Wall Wash Fixture

  • 2'-2.5' from wall.
  • Basically half of the Duo fixture

Edge T-Bar Slot Fixture

  • Nice, shallow fixture.
  • 100ft of continuous lens.

They are currently redesigning their product line to be able to integrate into drywall. Looking to release next year. If needed sooner, they have flange kits available.

They ship things fairly quickly. 10 days or less for up to 100 Duo Fixtures,



Today, Goldeneye visited our office.

Goldeneye is based in California and does most of their manufacturing there. Their LEDs are made in Korea.

They specialize in ceramic LED boards with 5mm LEDs where the metal conductor is silkscreened on. Almost all of their products are red list free.

All of their fixtures are low voltage and come in 2700K-4000K CCT. The fixtures are constant voltage and the driver can be tuned down if needed.

The line is made in T-Grid widths and can be physically mounted to a T-Grid. However, they also have products with mounting for pendants or undercabinet. The undercabinet fixture is magnetic based.

24 linear feet  of the 1/2" product can be on a single 100w driver. 16 linear feet linear feet of the 1" product. Fixtures can be cut in 6" increments. 

Fixtures with silicone diffusors and ceramic recessed downlight tiles are also available.

The ceramic LED boards are moisture and damp listed. They are also UL certified and can be embedded in any material. They can be cleaned with any commercial detergent.

Bus bar style in the next generation- no wires!



New Adapt Drop line is a catenary based line.

24" , 36" , 48" O.C.


Shatter-resistant glass globes:

Black cable only

1W source

Adapter kits and shades available for different products.

Shades will not make things dark sky compliant, however.


They also have smaller polycarbonate options.

120V corded version is available. Brighter output and comes in specific lengths.

Tivoli provides aircraft cable, clips, and any other mounting accessories.


New sconce coming out- The Aurora:

It is line voltage so TRIAC dimming is required.

Shown is 1 of 4 patterns. You can also print your own pattern.

3000K is the only CCT offered currently.

Available in 9"-4' heights.

$350 DN for 1' sconce. $650 DN for 4' sconce.


Node Fixture:



Outdoor rated

485 Lumens/ft. at 4" center

Used for Wall Washing or Grazing

RGBW Quad Chip


Linear Product:

Individually addressable per chip


Smart Pixel Database


.66" cut increments

Very tight pitch

Smart Pixel Interface - reduces the number of leads to 3 and runs up to 20'.

$85/ft DN

1" spacing from tape to lens required to loo smooth and diffused.


They also make a stage edge fixture that is flexible and can take roll overweight. It also has stage edge indicators.

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