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Zaniboni stopped by our office today to present their new products.

Starting from their downlights, They have increased their lumens output from 400lm to 600lm.

*they are expecting to reach 700 delivered lumen by the end of the year.

  • The downlights require no equipment for interchanging optic and lens in the field.

On Cylinder Family:

The top part in older fix/adj downlight is reduced to 0.25" height, right beneath the J-box.

20° internal adjustability

The warm-dim has a nice, smooth dimming. It goes down to 0.01%, Bluetooth control.



The narrow optic

*The narrow optic  has large fading ring

The Trimless for Millwork:

The design is interesting. It allows the adjustment after the mudding from the behind to move the optic forward and back.

It's available for 1/4" to 1" and 1" to 3" thick ceiling installation options.


*The 2 knife edge in this fixture is unique!

Pinhole Downlight:

  • Comes in adj/fix options.
  • Mud-in, flagged, flangeless.

The multi-head fixtures:

Wet and anthurium rated

It's not feres

3 sizes: 500lm, 1000 lm, and 2000lm.

Recessed, surface, pendant, and corner mountings.

On cylinder family, the M series allows variable heights, from 4".

The smallest cylinder shape fixture has 350lm. It can be from 4" to 9'! long.

Accept different accessories on the bottom. ( clear, milky, sanded,...etc Acrylic part from 1" to 3' long)




General Notes:

Not in stock products has a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

All products use the 2-steps Cree chip onboard LED.







Today, the LightArt stoped by to present two new products in acoustic family.

The Echo:

TTHis fixture can comes as a single pendant or a grid. It has a 1/4" clear base and 16” sides made out of resins.


Screws in with plastic cap to join pieces.

Available in 6” and 8” heights.

It has a seamless installation in the ceiling (requires the contract to do it correctly)

*Resins on sides looks like metal.

The Acoustic Lighting:

PET material with acrylic on center piece. It’s a nice decorative solution for open spaces.

*based on their report the actual test shown better ACT comparing to standard acoustic materials.

4’ to 8’ length

available with standard Philips and Hi-lume dimming down to 1%.

*we noticed, the LED nodes were visible,

They use Chia LED board for the Ring family.

6’,12’, and 16’ diameter in Ring family.


Airey Thompson

Today we had Airey Thompson visit our office. Airey Thompson is a California based company that uses locally sourced materials.

We looked at their 13L and 62L series.

The 13L is their under cabinet fixture with an extruded aluminum body. The fixture is made with Samsung chips LED line voltage with lots of dimming options. Typically hardwired without conduit. Everything is made to order and has a 2 week lead time.

Lots of customization is available. You can get any length. It is 123 Lumens/Watt. 2700K is an option. It is a modular fixture. They have an outlet on them to plug stuff into it. Polycarbonate lens* on the linear fixture which is great for stairwells.

The 62L series is an architectural grad linear LED  suitable for office spaces, overhead, stairway and hospitality spaces. It's available in surface and cable suspended mounting. The Battery backup can be added on 3' and longer lengths.

They are in process of a smaller fixture and a tunable white fixture so those will be coming soon.

*Their new line has an acrylic lens. It is 124 Lumens/Watt and higher efficiency.

*They have an MRI compliant under cabinet and cove light.

*They also make marquee lights that can have an exterior rated socket.


Number 8

Today N8 Lighting stopped by our office to present their updated products.

The 400 Series:


A recessed downlight has the following features:

  • Dim down to 5%
  • Compatible with almost all the Lutron systems.
  • Cree led chip available in single color with lens and Warm dim options.
  • Cost under $300 ND

The 800 Series:


They presented the warm dim downlight with Dim 1 driver, dim to black. It is available in 4" Shallow housing, IC rated (804S housing)

* We liked the soft and nicely dimmed 1800K.



For the Wall-washer in 800 series, they recommended to use the 25° optic and use the linear spread lens to achieve a wider light spread (by 1 sqft).

The new Wall-washer delivers 800lm vs standard 350 delivered lumen.

Installation note for Wall-washer:

The lamp to be on 45° tilt, the perforated screen to be perpendicular to the wall, the axis of the magnets (90° increments) line up with the grid line on the housing (this should be done before mudding).


The MPT2 has been updated with the following features:

  • 120° light beam with 360° rotation.
  • Hex-louver (15% to 20% lumen output drop).
  • 18 different interchangeable optic.
  • Accept up to 3 media, field interchangeable.
  • The remote driver can be placed up to 120ft away from the fixture when using a remote canopy. (we won't need J-box !)
  • Cost under $300 DN

*This Mono-point is the only title 24 approved remodel fixture.

*The new 10° optic coming next year.

*A new 200 Series coming soon. It has all the optic options, trims, shallow, IC rated housing, and price around $200! It's a commercial/VE product.




Eureka stopped by today to discuss their pendants and downlights.


This product is made of thick, machined glass. 3,000K is the lowest CCT unless it is specifically modified. However, 2700K and Dim to Warm options will be coming soon. The lead time for this product is 4-6 weeks.


This product is backlit and is made of the same style of thick, machined glass as the Monk. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.



There are many mounting options for the Twin including:

  • Surface mounted
  • Semi-Recessed
  • Pendant Mounted

This is a 40 degree downlight. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. It tends to run in the $500-1,800 DN range depending on size.


Can be suspended or surface mounted. This is aesthetically very similar to the Twin but does not have the ring of light like above. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.


This product has a slight up light on it. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.


The Aperture only comes in a pendant mounted option. It comes in the following sizes:

  • 12"
  • 24"
  • 36"

Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.



The Cycle comes in a 24"-152" range. Acoustic material can go into the center. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Mounting options are as follows:

  • Wall (where the fixture turns to the side so it is parallel to the wall)
  • Surface
  • Suspended


This product has an illuminated outer ring. Available in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.

Eureka also makes sconces and have a range of other downlights. Some of their down lights are bathroom rated. They offer good low-cost retrofit options.


Optic Arts

Optic Arts stopped by the office today show show us some new products.

FLEX ACv2- Line Voltage Strip


The FLEX ACv2 was the first fixture we looked at. This fixture is unique because it has silicone encapsulation. Silicone has never been rated for fixtures, so Optic Arts is the first. Silicone retains integrity over time. It is also more environmentally friendly. Another positive aspect of silicone is that it works with saltwater (keep in mind that the hardware still does not). However, the silicone is not field cuttable because it is a line voltage fixture.

Some other things to keep in mind with this fixture:

  • This will be an IP67 system as of this October.
  • Optic Arts will correct any unintended color shifting.
  • The LEDs will be symmetrically spaced unlike the photos show.
  • The fixture has full range dimming. If there is a discernible flicker, it is less than 30%.

The image shows the 3,000K fixture. 3,000K is delivered with the shift accounted for.

We were also shown a knife edge cove fixture. The low voltage strip was in the example shown.

We also looked at the Vintage Dim fixture and the Nitelite Closet Rod (below) so we could look at them while specifying for a project.

The Nitelite Closet Rod is not completely node free- it does have a distinct line, but you do not see individual nodes with this fixture. The strip inside is cuttable every 2 inches. This fixture can be field cut. A cover for the screw holes can be available upon request. There is plastic on top of the fixture to help avoid scratching from hangers. If necessary, the fixture can be made with the STP tape instead of the FLEX DC tape.


The Lighting Group

Today The Lighting Group joined us in the office to show us some new Acolyte products.

Acolyte has a new series 2 tape light. The classic tape is still available but it is being phased out.


The diodes are closer together. The new products emphasize more lumen output and less wattage. Specifically in 5w/ft. and 6w/ft. you cannot see the nodes. However, the lower you go in w/ft., the more noticeable the nodes are.

The Lighting Group also showed us some of the decorative fixture lines they carry such as: Innermost, Parachilna, and B.lux


Visa Lighting

Today we wanted spotlight a particularly interesting product from Visa Lighting.

Visa Lighting now has 3" germicidal slot luminaires called the Linesse.


This product is available as a pendant, surface mounted fixture, or recessed fixture. They can either be used as a standalone unit or as a continuous run. The pendant can be direct or direct/indirect.

The disinfecting white fixture comes in 4,000K. The typical CRI is 85 but you can opt for a 90 CRI option.

You can choose between 0-10v or 1% dimming. This fixture is also compatible with DALI protocol or Lutron EcoSystem.

There also options for emergency drivers, batteries, or occupancy sensors.

This products could be used in many applications but schools and offices are suggested.


Precision Architectural Lighting

Precision Architectural Lighting visited the office today to show us their wall and ceiling mounted fixtures. The fixtures come in the following lengths:

  • 2'
  • 3'
  • 4'
  • 6'
  • 8'
  • 12'

This fixture can either be direct, indirect, or direct/indirect. Direct and indirect sources can be controlled separately unless it is a 2' fixture. They can customize a corner fixture of any angle. It is suggested that this fixture be at least 18" from the ceiling.

It is possible to make it a perimeter system or used as a sconce. All fixtures in this line are 3 3/8".

Approximately $60/ft DN.

The Paladia Perimeter Cove is a grazer fixture available. It has a 6 degree beam spread. We did see a line in the floor however, the line will likely be less stark if the fixture is higher up.


AUDACY (Wireless Lighting Control)

Today, AUDACY stopped by our office to present their wireless system.

There are 4 components to their system:

  • Gateway
  • Luminaire Control
  • Sensor
  • Wall Switch

There are internally mounted controllers much like the dali system

The system can control up to 600w of load and allows for zone control.

While they do have DMX control, they are still working to integrate it into their system more.

Audacy will also be coming out with a remote control relay in November of this year. There is also a tunable white and color tune system coming in the near future.

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