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Today Litelines came to visit our office to show us some of their new and updated product lines.  They are a family owned and operated company based out of Toronto.  Their focus is on interior lighting.  Providing multiple recessed down lights, cove lights, step lights, track and under cabinet lighting options.

The Slim Series is a low budget recessed downlight product line they offer.  All recessed downlights they provide are canless.  Instead they have a large plate with an attachable driver, making an easier installation process on site. The Slim series include Slim Classic, Pro, Indirect and Luna.

The Slim Indirect can dim to warm, dimming from 2000K - 3000K.  One question we had was at what angle someone would be able to see the nodes, which are slightly visible on the side of the curve at.  This would be helpful if we were to spec the product.

The Slim Luna is a new, cheaper alternative to their most popular series, Sigma.   Adjustable recessed downlight with a 45 degree beam spread.  They do not provide a Solite lens as of now, but it is in the works.  It costs around $40-50 per fixture.

All their standard product has a 120V driver with an ELV dimmer that can dim down to 5-10%.

The Forum LED Panel light has two dip switch on the driver allowing user selectable 3000 K, 3500 K or 4000 K color temperature, site selectable watt and output. It sits flush within the frame, and is provided at a 110 degree beam spread, a 0-10V dimmer, 85 CRI and it can dim down to 10%.  2' x 2' costs around $65 and 2' x 4' costs around $85.

They also offer a zoom series track fixture, adjustable from 18 degree beam spread to 50 degree beam spread.  It comes in 10W, 20W, 30W, and 40W.  It is also dimmable to 10% as well.  There are other track head series as well, with a nice set of accessories.


Vode Lighting

Vode Lighting specializes in small scale LED extrusions. They stopped by our office to give us a closer look at the extrusions they offer. For most of their fixtures, they are available as a 2' fixture with 1' increments up to 6'. They all require remote drivers, with standard dimming to 1% and can be provided with 0.1% dimming for an adder. The driver can be located up to 72' away. An interesting feature to Vode's fixture is that they are all made from recycled aluminum.

There are two LED boards with LEDs from Nichia. The zipper board is a tightly spaced LED board for even illumination. The button board has a wider spacing and is used with optics.

The Zip 1 was originally designed with a slim profile perfect for undercabinet installations. It features a glowing side on the diffuser to push light onto the back of the vertical surface. It can be installed with magnets or tape.

The Zip 2 takes the Zip 1 form factor and includes lens accessories to customize the fixture including a glowing lens extrusion and an aluminum extrusion with a lens on the bottom. There is also a mounting clip that allows you to mount to the bottom of the t-bar ceiling structure with either a flat diffuse lens or an asymmetric lens.

Zip 3 is a wall mounted fixture that is designed to be a direct/indirect distribution. There is a bracket for new construction that allows for a trimless installation, and a surface bracket for existing or wood surfaces. The mounting height and the width of the fixture actually block the surface bracket from view.


Product of the Day: Q-Cap from Q-TRAN


Chameleon Lighting

Chameleon Lighting was our second presentation of the day, they are a St. Louis based company.

They specialize in decorative fixtures with color tunable capabilities with an free app with Android or iPhone, or a remote.  Available in tunable white from 750 lumens to 5,000 lumens.  There are 2 LED's in the driver, one cool and one warm and provide color rendering above 90.

Chameleon Lighting stresses the importance of proper light and color can create a positive effect from schools to hospitals and retirement facilities.  Their product provides an easily adjustable light source which can promote learning and reduce agitation as well.  The shade finish is a hospital graded acrylic linen that can be washed with soap and water.  They also provide a transformer series that can custom print any print or logo onto the acrylic linen.

The p59- Natural is another product they offer.  This pendant fixture offers up to 14,000 delivered lumens with a 39, 64, and 90 degree down light beam spreads.  It can be also customized with an up light or side lights.


Philips Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics is a north of Boston based brand within Phillips.

Intelehue is their new approach to color mixing, utilizing red, green, blue and mint LED colors.  They have also modified their fixtures with a shared mixing chamber, eliminating the mixing distance.  This helps provide precisely controllable light, and millions of saturated colors, pastels, and uniform white light.  Unlike their competitors, their specifications will also provide lumen output at different color temperatures.

Intelehue's technology can be incorporated in a number of different lighting fixtures.

The ColorBlast IntelliHue Powercore gen4 is their newest wallwasher.  Powercore gen4 offers a range of accessories that allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing. There are five different diffuser lenses allowing the fixture to be customized to produce 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and a 10° x 40° asymmetric beam angle.  The lens uses a holographic material laid on polycarbonate.  Because they do make their own line of accessories, it will be easy to customize lenses and color chips at no additional cost. The housing can be provided in black white or grey and there is the option to add or combine a louver, rock guard, full glare shield, and half glare shield as well.  Color Kinetics strive for a 4:1 uniformity ratio with their fixtures.

iColor Accent Compact a direct view linear LED fixture ideally suited for displaying high resolution media.  It is low voltage, with a cheaper price as well.  The fixture is both indoor and outdoor rated.

Color Kinetics are also releasing a new Powercore flood light fixture by the end of the summer, which is going to be a new cylindrical design.  It has a high output and high punch with 3° native beam angle. 6 standard secondary diffuser lenses allows the fixture to be customized to 8°, 13°, 23°, 43°, 63°, and 5° x 17° asymmetric beam angle. The on access candela will then be doubled compared to the current generation.

PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore is a concealed interior linear LED fixture with intelligent white and color light. Due to its compact size and an extremely short mixing distance, PureStyle can excel as a cove light for shallow 6-8" coves. The lumen output ranges from 3000-5500.  It's available in 305 mm (1 ft) and 1219 mm (4 ft) extruded anodized aluminum housings, as well as a range of beam angles – including wide (100° x 100°), medium (30° x 60°), and narrow (10° by 60°).

ActiveSite is also a technology that Color Kinetics and Philips provide it is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting system for managing, and maintaining large scale architectural LED lighting installations.  Allowing designers to make changes, remotely monitor and have updated reports on the cloud.   They pride themselves on not only being a lighting fixture company but also a service lighting company and Active Sight allows them to be on-site and active to aid at any moment.



FLOS/LUKAS lighting stopped by our office to present their products. The decorative fixture line has an impressive collection of world renowned designers. You can view these products in their SoHo showroom on Greene Street.

LUKAS specializes in creating custom light fixtures from a "napkin sketch" by working collaboratively with architects and lighting designers. Many of thier projects have required the collaboration of other disciplines such as acoustic engineers, sound technicians, and security network engineers.   LUKAS is a Spaniard architectural and decorative light manufacturer with a manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Long Island City. All products are manufactured in Long Island City  with resources and capabilities to out source components locally, if need be. On the custom fixtures, LUKAS is able to provide UL listing. The images show two custom fixtures. The one on left is for a Converse Store and the one on the right was developed for a Capital One lobby space.


FLOS architectural lighting products include:

The Running Magnet a 1 -3/8" slot, available as a recessed, surface mounted, or pendent system. It is a 24V DC remote driver, one circuit, 0-10V/DALI dimming capable rail system. The components are powered magnetically and just slide into the track in one swift motion. It is available in 3 inch, 5.5 inch,  or 6.6 inch runs as well as able to be cut in the field. The DN cost is about $115 LF. The components come in 2700k or 3000k and in 80 or 90 CRI. Compatible with: 8W LED Strip, 8W Spot Modules, 10W multi-spot, and 7W GloBall. The finishes for the track and components are available in black or white, with the ability to paint the outside, not the inside.


The Track Magnet System is 1/2" slot  available as a recessed, surface mounted, or pendent system. It is a 24V DC remote driver, one circuit, track system. The track does not dim but the components have the potential for onboard dimming. Each fixture comes with a dial that can dim the fixture as low as 20%. It is available in 39 inch, 59 inch, 78 inch runs as well as able to be cut in the field. The components come in 2700k or 3000k and in 80 or 90 CRI. Compatible with: (varying output) LED Strip, (varying output) Spot Modules, and (varying output) Anthony Spot. The finishes for the track and components are available in black, white or chrome, with the ability to paint the outside, not the inside.


The Blackline and Circle of Light are systems of multi-lamp recessed down lights available in 2700k or 3000k and in 80 or 90 CRI. They offer 0-10V dimming. The Blackline is available is 8 inch, 14 inch, 27 inch, and 39 inch lengths and the Circle of Light is available in 12 inch,  24 inch, and 36 inch diameters. Only black finish.




DMF Lighting

DMF Lighting is a downlight company based out of California. They have based their company similarly to a tech company with the use of parts and pieces that can be combined to make multiple downlight styles. One of the main highlights of their downlights is that for the lower outputs, the driver is integral to the LED module. They have a standard CRI of 93 across the board. They also use the same chip in both their low and high output fixtures so the color matches throughout. The distribution of light is a basic blob of light with a 120° beamspread and a smooth beam and no harsh edge.

The OneFrame fixture is a unique downlight in that it is equipped with a small housing which is IC rated and fireproof for up to 2 hours.

There are a series of different trim options to choose from starting with a bevel round and bevel square trim. The square aperture has an 18% light loss due to the design of the module relative to the opening. DMF also has developed a set of acrylic dropped lens trims; one with a frosted ring and frosted center, a frosted ring and clear center, and a frosted ring and open center. We took a look at the acrylic ring and it did a nice job of pushing light up higher on the wall. It would be a good option for corridors if there was an interest for a decorative element.

The original downlights that DMF started with have a 4" aperture, however, they are coming out with a 2" aperture version with a remodel housing. It is wet listed and offers 13°, 25° and 40° optics.

The standard downlights are reasonably priced with the low output coming out less than $100 DN. It would be a good option for corridors and closets or other projects with budget restraints looking for a basic downlight. Because the components are all able to work together depending on the configuration, DMF stocks their parts in their warehouse in California and are able to ship within 24-48 hours.


Ledi Lighting

Ledi Lighting is a Houston-based family lighting company specializing in LED tape and channel lighting.  Their products are manufactured in both Houston and overseas.

The Inspired Series features a 12 mm wide LED tape light, it is the first coated, cuttable, and reconnectable LED tape light. It comes in a variety of colors from 1800K to 4000K.

Ledi has it's own patented connector called the Zeus.  which allows the product to be cut at every 4 inches and reconnected back seamlessly to limit waste with a secure connection.

The Nano SKN is damp rated.  The High Brightness is priced at $19 per foot, and the Regular Brightness is priced at $10 per foot.

The Nude is dry rated.   The High Brightness is priced at $10 per foot and the Regular Brightness is priced at $5 per foot.

Both the nude and the Nano have an RGB option.

Their outdoor product has a rubber mounting channel that can be can be attached to any surface using screws or construction strength glue.

Lead time for the tape light is 2 days.

Quantum is their channel linear diffuse fixtures that can be recessed, mounted or suspended

They carry a squared, circle, trapezoid, angle and recessed channel.

The product ranges from 2400K - 4000K

Aircraft cable is used for their suspended fixtures and they can powder coat the flange to any color.

Lead time for Quantum is 2 weeks.

All their products come with a 5 year warranty.  Because Ledi pride themselves on service, they have a team that can help calculate any design needs with the product as well.



We-ef stopped by to update our office with their latest products. These updates include a new family of factory sealed in-grade uplights. There is a new wall wash lens that sits at the top of the fixture and provides a wide, even spread of light across the perpendicular surface. Because of the efficiency of the distribution, they are able to use a 1.75 center spacing from side to side.

For the fixed version the LEDs are regressed below the lens creating good glare control. They have redesigned their concrete pour housings so that they are shallower. There are three sizes in the family and the outputs range from 1200-3900 lumens. Standard color temperatures are 3K and 4K, however, they can provide 27K and 5K for an adder and longer lead time.

Within the family, We-ef has developed a series of downlights and flood lights that use the same LED to ensure color matching across the board.

The PFL540 LED is a post-top fixture we took a look at. It is intended for lower mounting heights of 12'. There are multiple optics available including one they developed for bike pathways. The fixture is $700 DN, but the offer a deal when the fixture is bundled together with the pole for $1000 DN.

We also took a look at the FLC200 series family which are large scale flood lights. The design features individual lenses on each node, which results in greater control of the beamspread as well as glare control. There are three sizes.


Lucifer Showroom

We recently visited the Lucifer Lighting pop-up showroom in SoHo. The showroom displayed the recessed down light families and the surface mounted cylinder, squilinder, and track lighting. Lucifer hopes to have twice as many products in the market by the end of the year. Lucifer has recently changed out most of their LED modules from XICATO to Citizen. This has allowed for their products to be contained in smaller housings because the smaller heat sinks provided by Citizen. Citizen has provided a contract with Lucifer to guarantee all binning of their products to be within 2 McAddams ellipses. Citizen is also more accepting of different drivers. They have also redesigned their optics to gather more light in the center and provide maximum lumen delivery. Most of their cut sheets have been updated to reflect these changes. Warm glow dimming is now available for most products. All of the fixtures in the space were 3000k. The showroom has three (3X) three walled spaces of varying ceiling heights to showcase the recessed fixtures.

2 Series 1300 lumen output- ceiling height of showroom 8.5'
Does not have the option for warm glow dimming yet
Smaller apertures
White baffle or black


3 Series  2800 lumen output - ceiling height 9.5'

Down light and wall washer housing height is 2.1 in with a .5in collar to accept different ceiling thicknesses
Ability to change driver in field. Drivers are adhered using Velcro however this does not void the UL listing
The waterproofing and IC rating slightly effects lumen output
Wood trimless-not available


4 Series 8040 lumen output - ceiling height 12.5'
Deep regress for thicker ceiling with
8040 delivered lumens
Adjustable down lights adjust to 40 degrees


Cylinders & Squilinders Surface Mounted
Cy3-1 wet location but must be specified
Cy2- damp location
360 adjust-ability
There is 7mm difference between Cy2 and Cy3
Exterior fixture must be powder coated
Can be provided with (2) knockout holes to accommodate surface mounted conduits

Cylinders & Squilinders Wall mounted
IP66 wet loaction
No visible hardware
Field changeable optics
Working on asymmetric lens

Cylinders & Squilinders Pendent
Pendent version
Stem 1'-6' field cuttable but needs to be rethreaded
Driver in the pendent housing and shallow canopy

Track w/ Cynlinder & Squilinders
Track can be Recessed or surface mounted
Option for cap to cover channel
Each fix has it own driver
Single circuit


Standard dimming driver : Philips TRIAC - down to 1% with single fixture more than one fixture will dim to 2%.
Philips - 0-10v-2-5%
Eldoled - 1%
Lutron Hi-lum-highest premium 11 year warranty - fades to black

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